8th Nov 2010, 09:12

Well, they came out in 2006 (actual release 2005) and the 2011's are now on the ground so count it out... 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011... Huh, 6 model years! Maybe they didn't release them until '08 in your area?

8th Nov 2010, 11:21

@8th Nov 2010, 09:12

So using your logic, even if you're 30 now, thus next year you will have 31, today, you're 31, because next year you will be 31 and so on...

8th Nov 2010, 12:57

And we can't blame GM, Ford, Chrysler for building cars in Canada and Mexico can we? 20% of your domestics are actually imported from Canada and Mexico. Would you like me to name the models again? 50% of Chryslers profits go to Italy. Who are you supporting?

8th Nov 2010, 15:25

No, counting off the years of the Fusion is basic and simple. There have been 6 model years.

You can actually go out and buy a 2011 Fusion today which would be 5 model years from the original 2006. However, you count the 2006 as it was the first year of production. The car is in it's sixth version, sixth release, sixth edition... however you want to put it.

So tell me what your logic is on this? How many years of the Fusion are there in your book? Are we really arguing about this? Point is the transmission issues have come to light whether the Fusion is 6 years in the making or 4, and Toyotas were just rated higher overall even with the recalls by Consumer Reports... you know the source that relies on actual consumers for their data?

10th Nov 2010, 05:19

8th Nov 2010, 15:25

You're right, what's the point of arguing how old is a car. But the truth is you're, I would say, slightly mistaken when claiming that CR puts Toyota Camry (let's compare apples with apples) higher than Fusion. Please convince yourself:


Bottom line is, the Camry might be a good car, but this time you have to admit that Ford pulled a better one. Maybe in the future, Toyota will come up with the best model... It's called evolution.

10th Nov 2010, 15:09

How comes that every time someone rates a Camry, a dozen people rush to the review, filling the comments with irrelevant information, hearsay and misinformation.

When I'm about to buy a new car, do you really think I fall for all this stuff that is posted under these various Toyota reviews here? I'm NOT INTERESTED!!!

I'm more and more convinced that someone in either the GM or the Ford system is spamming these sites with misinformation. Just go through various Toyota reviews, and it's always the same. Just hearsay about Toyota, and how good GM/Ford is, usually the useless Fusion, that initially had some good ratings, but where the true quality of this car is beginning to emerge 5 years into production.

10th Nov 2010, 18:57

Well, you ought to check your source date there before posting it. The comments start at 1,450 days ago... yeah, like almost 4 years ago! My article from CR was posted last week, and yes they actually said despite the recalls, Toyota still ranks higher than the domestic car companies for overall reliability. That line alone would be a major clue as to when the article was written. Yours was written on the 2006 Ford Fusion.

This is an actual comment on your article..."Whoopie-do. The car is brand new. Give it two years and it will be off the list! Guaranteed!"

Brand new, meaning a new model... 1,450 days ago... ha ha ha. Nice try though!

He was a little off on the two year estimate, but with the now mounting tranny issues on the Fusion, they may drop off any high quality lists if they don't do some upgrading soon!

Next time you want to copy a link to a story, please make sure it is a current one that pertains to what is actually going on today. The worst part of that article was they had forecasted the Fusion to be a better car than the Camry and it really never has been....and still isn't, according to CR.

11th Nov 2010, 05:18

Incidentally, in the the yahoo link posted, I found about the Fusion the next:

'Ford's quality renaissance has been led by the midsized Fusion, which has been very reliable since its debut five years ago'

As well, the same article starts saying about Toyota:

'While Honda and Toyota still dominate in reliability'

But no word about Camry, and this thread is about it, and again, I have to mention that the best comparison is in-between the same fruits. Just mentioning the name of the model, proves that Fusion still rules. And again, as for an five year old vehicle, as per the article's mention, Fusion would make the top among its class.

11th Nov 2010, 10:29

Okay enough of this. The Camry IS a Toyota. They use the same exact powertrains the rest of the line uses outside of the truck V8s. Toyota ranks higher so guess what the Camry ranks higher. Get over it. It is getting old reading tired old arguments that nit-pick any minor detail of an article that gives you a little leverage toward your argument. Funny how no domestic lovers quote J.D. Powers anymore now that ALL of the facts have been researched and posted.

Just stick with the facts and stop looking at one minor detail to prove something. Toyota, as a complete car line, dominates all domestics for overall reliability. Ford has one car, the Fusion, that ranks higher than most domestics. Ford as an entire line has no chance against Toyota, period, end of story!

12th Nov 2010, 05:17

@11th Nov 2010, 10:29

I asked you about facts, and you gave me your opinion. And by the way, the Fusion is not the only renowned top product from Ford. I know for a fact, that Ford still builds, let's say, the best sold truck as well (just name a better Toyota truck, huh?!). I did not deny that Toyota would make good cars.

My argument (stirred by your obvious hatred against domestics), as per original poster's title, is that there are better and fun-to-drive domestic cars out there than the Camry. I was talking about Camry, not about the whole Toyota line. I was comparing the Camry with a similar class domestic. Even your article (your link) praises Fusion. Maybe there are some mechanical problems (your claims of Fusion's transmission problems), I don't know!

Anyway, it's a machine. And machines break. But bottom line, the Fusion is far better appreciated than the Camry. And your opinions won't change this.

12th Nov 2010, 15:03

Actually my response was filled with facts. The Fusion is mentioned in my article, but domestics overall still trail imports. That is a fact... and I really don't need an article to tell me that. Maybe you don't want to believe them, but they are facts. Ironically this "domestic hater" is currently driving a Ford and a Toyota. It is just funny to me how everyone latches onto one good domestic car that ranks above the others and gets closer to the import quality level.

As far as trucks go, yes the F-150 is king. They sell a ton of them. They are, however, used for fleet vehicles and work trucks a lot, which greatly pads their sales figures. Do I think they are better than any other domestic? Yeah I do. I've known quite a few people with them, and they have their issues just like any other truck. Even my Ford is not the best I've had of late. It has a faulty Sync system. I still need to get it back in for that. It also isn't refined like the Toyota I own. The engine is coarse and grating compared to the silky smooth Toyota.

Time will tell which one has more problems. I am putting my money on the Ford though. I just think the Toyota is a better built vehicle. We even put it up against a Ford when we bought it. It just is miles ahead in every aspect, and it is truly a fun vehicle to drive. The Ford (Escape) was a competent vehicle, and we liked it a lot overall, but it just didn't wow us like our Toyota does.