30th Nov 2009, 12:21

Well who would buy an import for anything other than increased quality? I'd take the best car for the money over proving a point to someone.

Also, on the "losing domestic manufacturing" point. Isn't Ford and GM's continued outsourcing of jobs and $billions spent on foreign plants costing you already?? It soon will. I really hope you don't post statements like that if you drive a Fusion.... you know the Mexican Ford? That would be very hypocritical of you! Of course in your mind that would be okay to drive a car that creates exactly "0" manufacturing jobs as long as it is a "domestic" huh?

30th Nov 2009, 12:57


I wouldn't lose sleep over those "Patriotic Fordpublicans", as they seem to enjoy twisting words to suit their very flawed argument. I guess they can't see the forest for the trees.

30th Nov 2009, 14:23

Actually, other countries laugh at the Big 3 all the time. Just recently, as Toyota's CEO was laid off, the founder of Toyota actually compared his recent wrongdoings to that of the managers of GM. The British (while their cars are no better) think we're a joke. And they all I can see straight through that marketing campaign you call a warranty.

30th Nov 2009, 14:26

"If I were overseas, I would be laughing at us."

They ARE. All the way to the BANK with OUR money!!

30th Nov 2009, 14:31

Chances are good the fellow you are responding is developed in his years, and stuck in his ways. His kids are probably well out of college. He doesn't have to worry about the U.S. being a good place for his kids to live in, because he won't be around. His kids will probably have their own children by then, and be wishing that their children could enjoy the same things they once did, but no longer can because of the close-mindedness of domestic owners.

1st Dec 2009, 12:33

What gets me is all the insulting lines on here like "why don't you move to Japan" and such. You'd rather have honest hard working Americans looking for change and improvement be sent overseas and let the corporate executives that have destroyed much of what we know and love in the U.S. stay on and continue in their tried and true ways??

ANYONE who wants this to continue is the most unpatriotic citizen. It is truly sad that this is supported and not shunned by the people it has destroyed. Why don't we endorse the tobacco companies for making the "product of the year" while we're at it. Seems we live for destruction in this country, and blame everyone who doesn't agree with us for it.

2nd Dec 2009, 12:15

Actually I feel it's the very young driving their first new cheap import they like after driving grandma's 1980 hand me down domestic. Value comments are it's cheap to buy, cheap maybe to fix with the short warranty. It's all about me it seems.

I am older, and look at the big picture; in the end selfishness, buying high ticket import purchases now is losing more and more jobs. 20 years ago you could buy a new import as few were sold and many domestics and jobs remained. Now imports are higher production, which I feel started over high gas prices. Most imports were small vehicles and people wanted cheap. In the end everyone will pay, and no wonder they are laughing overseas, getting rich at our expense.

2nd Dec 2009, 12:52

Yeah and Mexico is laughing too with the profits of Ford being dumped into the new factories being built there along with the one that currently houses the manufacturing of the Fusion. Gee, never thought about that did you?

Canada has their fair share of laughing too, since they have many factories that get lots of profits from the U.S. Gotta love that new Camaro eh?

2nd Dec 2009, 13:23

Helping to save 14,000,000 AMERICAN jobs is "living for the destruction of the country???" PLEASE, give me a break!!! GM and Ford currently build the highest quality and most reliable cars on Earth (according too many reputable sources). Ford turned a BILLION DOLLAR profit last year, and GM is ALREADY repaying the LOANS (NOT gifts, as import buyers imply) that helped it save tens of thousands of U.S. jobs.

In the meantime, Honda is famous for founding the "Transmission of the month" club, and Toyota holds the rather dubious distinction of having the greatest number of major safety recalls since the invention of the wheel. That is hardly a mark of "quality".

If you want to make fun of people for supporting American jobs, go ahead. But please don't try to salve your guilty conscience with the "U.S. companies build crap and are destroying our country" argument. The two highest rated cars in the WORLD are Ford and GM.

2nd Dec 2009, 13:49

THANK YOU!! I am out of work during the holidays because no one seems to understand that buying American saves jobs. I wish everyone were as wise as you. I'd still be working. It's also funny that people are so ill-informed about American cars. I had to sell my Ford to get money for Christmas this year. It sold 30 MINUTES after posting the internet ad for the full price I was asking. The buyer had been trying for TWO MONTHS to sell their Honda Accord.

2nd Dec 2009, 14:01

Actually imports were always known for premium prices and higher quality. Now you can buy a stripper Kia for $9,995 but it has nothing extra on it. All warranties are about the same too as 5 year 60K really is essentially the same as 5 year 100K when the average driver does 12K per year.

Plus, before making any claims about the job market look at the facts. Yes today there are more domestic jobs then imports in the U.S. However, the domestic companies continue to outsource labor and spend $ billions on foreign plants. The flipside is the import companies continue to invest in the U.S. in the form of factories and job creation. It is not out of the question that someday soon there will be more import auto jobs then domestic auto jobs in the U.S. Most Ford and GM cars will be built in Mexico and Canada at the rate they are going. Seems to me the domestic car companies are the selfish ones, looking for a higher profit margin by letting foreigners have more and more of the U.S. auto workers jobs.

3rd Dec 2009, 14:36

First of all, let me set you straight. I will NEVER make fun of anyone who wants to support the survival of the U.S.!! I just don't agree you are supporting the right path to doing it is all. Because AGAIN you miss the point. THIS IS NOT ABOUT WHAT CAR YOU DRIVE, okay? It is about Ford and GM driving themselves into the ground for decades, and then asking for help so they don't fail. YES, I KNOW FORD DIDN'T TAKE ANY MONEY... that has been covered. The point is they intended to and were ready to. Instead they chose to slash their profits and offer huge incentives, which really inflated their overall sales figures. When I bought my Ford, the sales manager admitted they were only doing so well because of these facts. Ford also has been outsourcing their labor and will continue to do this until there is more foreign factories than there are U.S. factories. We'll see how much you want to support them when that happens. If this is their only course of action for survival, then they have FAILED!!

Simple economics and logic would dictate that one would not support a failed business plan as it can only lead to disaster in the end. This is why I made the statement about supporting the destruction of the U.S. by supporting these companies. You will see, sadly enough, that things will not get better but worse. The U.S. is the joke of the world. Ask any foreigner or even any U.S. traveller how they are treated overseas. We are looked down upon. One big reason is because of all of the crooked business that thrives here and the blind support of it.

I am not arguing that jobs will be preserved if the big three survives... but at what cost down the road? You don't seem to want to think about that though. Here today, gone tomorrow should be the U.S. slogan because that is where we are headed. This has nothing to do with what car you buy or even buying American. These problems are way bigger than that. Healthy foreign competition should create a thriving economy, not cause the destruction of 14 million jobs. If that is the case, then the company who is responsible for those jobs is solely to blame. You can't change that... or fix it by throwing more money at it.

Economists will attempt to predict the future and tell you that buying American helps the economy. These same economists laughed at the prospect of the housing bubble bursting, so I am not too confident in them these days. So called "experts" forecast the future of this country about as well as the weather men get weather forecasts correct these days. Not a good percentage for sure!

Oh and about GM and Ford building the best cars on the planet. The top five brands are currently ASIAN brands, so that one car in Fords line and the small line of GM products doesn't really give them "best in the world" status. It's a wonderful dream, but just not true. I would definitely buy the Mustang over the Solara though! I think it rates higher mostly because it is so much more of a sports car. A Camry is a Camry, even if it is a convertible. I also drive a Ford so obviously I don't think the U.S. builds crap. The domestic car companies just don't know how to operate a viable business! You keep attacking me on points that have no merit, and the whole "import lover" thing doesn't really fit a Ford owner, now does it?