20th Nov 2009, 21:46

Anyone see the latest on Toyota crash tests?

21st Nov 2009, 11:35

One of our best friends was talked into buying a used Camry with 80,000 miles on it because they were "so reliable". His wife was very ill and they were in bad shape financially. After only 3 months, the Camry's transmission failed and they were told it would cost $3000 to replace it. Not having the money, they paid $200 for a 19 year old Chevy with over 200,000 miles on it. It has run flawlessly now for 4 years.

21st Nov 2009, 17:57

No, I'd rather the 13,500,000 people lose their jobs and wake up to the reality that things need to change in the U.S. Sorry but saving Christmas this year only to have things fail next year still doesn't make sense to me. When are you going to see that looking at this from a "what's happening today" viewpoint doesn't make sense!

23rd Nov 2009, 04:56

I bought lots of new imports and I had a bad Christmas a few years back with premature failure. I quit buying imports and at least I have no more major car worries just keeping my job. Imagine losing your job at Christmas and needing a new Toyota engine this year. No thanks.

23rd Nov 2009, 15:13

I know how you feel. My Ford was giving me many problems a few years back with multiple transmission issues and more than a few engine problems. Now I can afford to get my family some gifts this year because my Honda isn't eating all my funds. =)

23rd Nov 2009, 16:18

We had the same experience with a Japanese car several years ago and switched to Ford and GM. Never a problem from either of those brands. We also totally disagree with commenter 17:57. Putting 14,000,000 Americans out of work would totally destroy our entire economy. Schools need to require courses in economics. Fortunately domestics are currently outselling imports by about 2 to 1, so apparently not everyone is sympathetic to destroying our way of life.

25th Nov 2009, 09:45

First of all I am not "sympathetic" to destroying anyone's way of life, which is why I am fed up with businesses like the big three!! You shouldn't be so sympathetic to companies that have raped the country of funds for decades! Why don't we re-elect Bush too while we're at it so we can go back to the good old days of overspending and complete incompetence. I guess we do have incompetence still in the big three though don't we.

Give me a break. Time to wake up everyone. The American dream is a fallacy and anyone who thinks that they are saving anything by buying a Chevy or a Ford is sadly mistaken. You are only adding to the problem... a long standing problem that refuses to go away. You are supporting companies who care as much about you as they do the gum on the bottom of their shoe. If they cared one shred about American life and preserving the great American way, they would have focused on being better when it mattered instead of looking for free handouts after it all fell apart.

Why are we so against change? Stop fearing it and embrace it. I guess as long as you have your big screen TV and $400 cell phone, you really don't care though do you?

25th Nov 2009, 13:45

"First of all I am not "sympathetic" to destroying anyone's way of life, which is why I am fed up with businesses like the big three!!"

Wanting 90% of U.S. auto-related jobs destroyed (that's nearly 14,000,000 U.S. citizens) doesn't seem very healthy for our economy to me. If people are "fed up" with everything American there are LOTS of other countries one can choose to live in. Maybe Japan would be more suitable.

25th Nov 2009, 14:23

So rewarding overseas mfrs will get you a raise and keep you employed? High ticket purchases help you if you do not give it to grow an overseas nation. As far as a big screen, many do not have them, and if so they may be sold used to pay mortgages. I have to work and my paycheck so far comes from America. No paycheck may be the result if you feel the need to punish your local community. New import in the drive without a domestic paycheck may happen, and is.

30th Nov 2009, 09:18

Again, twisting words to make your argument look better. I NEVER said I was fed up with EVERYTHING American!! I am only sick of companies like these that continue to destroy our way of life by running themselves into the ground, and asking for my money to bail them out. And you have the audacity to defend them? Yeah, keep supporting incompetence as long as you keep your job. Yes, you support incompetence!! Glad you can sleep at night. Maybe you should move to Japan and take all of your incompetent auto execs with you, so we can get back to business here on a more positive note.

The only one that wants to destroy 90% of the auto related jobs in this country is your very own domestic auto companies, which is why they continually put out inferior products AND continually outsource their labor. What is now 90% will sooner than later more than likely be about 50% or less. Then we will see how much you support them. Try looking past today and broaden out to the whole picture, okay?


Read this article for another point of view on the domestic auto business. Try to keep an open mind, as it goes against what you may believe, but it is factual none-the-less. I especially like the last line about "buy American", and how it is an outdated ideal that really has little relevance in the auto industry today.

I just want the U.S. to be a good place to live someday for my kids. I guess that is too much to ask though, isn't it?

30th Nov 2009, 11:47

So 9:18 do you live here or have you moved to Japan? How possibly buying yet one additional import validates your decision process blaming mfrs when you are doing exactly what you are doing perplexes me. If you are boosting the economy in your local community, that's fantastic. Teaching a lesson at the expense of your local community is not the solution.

I have 3 domestics almost all new in my driveway. If I was not satisfied with where my money is going, the last thing I would do is send the profits overseas to make a point? I do not work for any car company, but losing domestic manufacturing is going to cost me with picking up yet again more slack.

Looking at a new import parked next door makes me question who could have remained employed if even one family make a singular effort. People can buy whatever they want, just do not complain if you get laid off. If I were overseas, I would be laughing at us. I know they are not laughing at what's in my driveway... I know my warranty is better and I have less issues, so I am the one that's more pleased.

30th Nov 2009, 12:13

You must be a true American. You want everyone looking for honesty and integrity in the U.S. to move to Japan. You should be proud.

If fixing the U.S. long running economic problems is to you "teaching a lesson" then I guess you see things differently than I do. It is not logical to keep supporting a failed business plan, therefore destroying our economy further. Am I in favor of supporting Japan? Well according to you yes, although you have obviously not taken the time to read the article I pasted the link to and really just want to hear your own words as truth and the word of God.

Stop and ask yourself why is buying import cars a threat to our economy? Why is something that has been going on for decades in the U.S. suddenly such a problem? But just don't blame the manufacturers for anything. Keep on supporting them by purchasing their cars AND giving them your hard earned tax money. See how long it is before they fail again and ask for more. But hey, this is undying loyalty right? Who cares if they do the right thing and become a better business for it. Let's live in the dark ages and keep the dream alive.

Sorry but incompetency is more unpatriotic than any thing else to me. You'll never understand that doing the right thing is more important in the long run than anything else in order for the U.S. to survive. Calling me an import lover and telling me to move to Japan because I would rather see an end to the lame business practice in this country, which would undoubtedly make it better for us ALL, is just sad.

Sorry you are only in it to save yourself and not to worry about future generations. So patriotic of you... really. Oh and once again.. I drive a FORD so enough with the import lover crap okay?