17th Nov 2009, 19:05

Oh where do I begin... First the Altima has been more than a "basic compact car" since they changed them in '02 to a mid sized sedan. They also come standard with power equipment. You can also get a basic Altima for well under $20K as I have seen advertised and they have been selling them cheap like that for many years. MSRP is around $20K or so. Honda Accords start around $20K as well but with dealing you can get around $2K off and pay invoice like I did on mine in '08. The Accord V-6 starts at around $27K as it is loaded with sunroof and many other options by the time you get to checking off that V-6 in your order form. Mustang GT's start at right around $26K or so.

Where you're getting a $5,000 difference from a loaded Mustang to a stripped Altima (and the Altima is higher) is anyone's guess. This is an impossibility really unless you just have a knack for getting the worst possible deal on a car and the dealer tried to take you for a major ride. I used to sell cars, and I saw deals where people agreed to paying thousands over sticker because they had no idea what they were doing.

The only way the Mustang GT would be a cheaper car to purchase than a Camry or an Accord is if you load them with every last option including NAV and leather seats, and the Mustang has absolutely no options on it and is a base GT. So then you'd have a stripper Mustang vs. a fully loaded Accord or Camry, at which point most people would opt for the imports! Also, you'd have a tough time finding a base GT as they usually load them up with extras and add-ons to jack the price up by thousands.

Really, if you want to argue values and say American cars are cheaper, come up with some realistic numbers.

17th Nov 2009, 19:07

"Apparently, simply because you like the Ridgeline, or Toyota, and want to pretend they make a truck."

Apparently you should research enough before making comments... then you'd know HONDA makes the Ridgeline.

18th Nov 2009, 13:42

Maybe THAT was Ford's "better idea"!

18th Nov 2009, 18:02

Not funny as much as sad... and people come on here and praise Ford for being so patriotic! The ONLY car they make that competes globally is not even made in the U.S.

Awesome Ford!!

18th Nov 2009, 21:54

I got the Honda Ridgeline and Toyota Tacoma miniature truck discussion. What I do not get is why people find it acceptable to ship profits overseas to the parent corporation. If Ford profits comes back to the parent or GM large China sales come back to America it's great. Not throwing money away helping Japan parent co instead of our economy. Why buy?

19th Nov 2009, 12:19

Now I don't want to start a fit guys, and I'm trying to be friendly, but can import lovers at least admit that the Crown Vic, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Town Car trio are very reliable. I am twenty and have put many trouble free miles on my excellent condition 95 Marquis and 98 Crown Vic. I will admit Ford's other cars might be junk, but I have seen many police and taxi Vics with well over an average of 300,000 miles on the original motor and tranny.

Have a nice day everybody.

19th Nov 2009, 18:02

Why would I waste my time researching Honda? I'm interested in trucks, and Honda doesn't make them. That puts them in the "Who Cares?" category.

19th Nov 2009, 18:26

Those would be the ONLY domestics I would ever consider purchasing. However, as reliable as they are, they are seriously outdated and hopelessly inefficient. I like them, but can't afford what they use in gas!

19th Nov 2009, 18:34

I can't afford the repairs domestics need oh so often. That's why I buy imports. Better quality.

19th Nov 2009, 22:10

90% of U.S. auto-related jobs are provided by DOMESTIC auto companies. LESS THAN 10% of U.S. auto-related jobs are provided by Japanese companies (and this has been fully documented by private studies, university studies, the excellent CNN special on buying American and HUNDREDS of U.S. economists). So... buy a Toyota, stab 90% of your neighbors in the back. Buy a Ford or GM, HELP 90% of your neighbors. 90% is a BIGGER NUMBER than 10%.

20th Nov 2009, 07:57

The Crown Vic and all cars based on it have more than proven themselves as competent cars. The police have used them for decades now and they are also the taxi cab of choice in NYC. They also drive really well and are excellent in crash tests. I saw a show where they T-boned a Crown Vic into another car at 60 mph and the hood barely buckled on it. Amazing. The other car was totaled easily.

20th Nov 2009, 14:19

Okay already. You have cut and pasted this same exact post like 20 times... We get it already okay? It is still as shortsighted as it was the first time you posted it too! Still doesn't excuse the domestic companies for being so sloppy and poor at running their businesses. Still doesn't excuse them for outsourcing their own jobs to foreigners. If they were such great companies, they wouldn't need to do any of that and they would be competitive too.

Ford builds ONE car that competes and it is assembled by Mexicans which benefits U.S. auto workers 0%. Now the 10% of workers that are benefiting from buying a Honda seems like a lot to me.

To you 90% of bad business and lame practice is acceptable. To me it is not. I will only agree to disagree with you. The U.S. needs a healthy change... not more of the same old stuff which we will get in supporting these companies. You'll see.

Yes we may all lose our jobs, but things will turn around and get better with new and improved car companies. I hardly see the U.S. ceasing its production of autos any time soon. If the big three can't be saved, they will be split up into smaller better companies and continue to thrive in a better economy.

20th Nov 2009, 16:02

T-boning it would be a bad example. It's pure physics that the car the hits the other car on the side is going to take less damage. It acts like a wedge. If the Crown Vic got t-boned ITSELF and took little damage, that would be impressive.

20th Nov 2009, 16:53

If the previous commenter cannot afford repairs, why buy an unreliable import with only half the warranty? Can you afford a 3500 dollar engine or trans right before Christmas? Those things tend to irritate a former import only buyer. I switched out of disgust.

20th Nov 2009, 21:39

Here are some hard and fast figures that ought to serve as food for thought for ALL Americans.

The current population of the U.S. is about 308,000,000 million people. If we assume that half of that number are adults (a conservative estimate) that would mean roughly 150,000,000 working adults.

One out of every ten jobs in the U.S. is related to the automotive industry in some way. The DOMESTIC auto makers account for 90% of those jobs. That comes to 13,500,000 Americans who earn their livelihoods and provide for their families through jobs made possible by U.S. auto makers. only 1,500,000 are employed as a result of Foreign auto makers (ALL of them, Japanese, German, British and Swedish).

Now, would you rather destroy Christmas (and many other holidays) for 13,500,000 Americans or 1,500,000? The answer ought to be pretty obvious. That's why I support U.S. auto makers.