7th Dec 2009, 12:06

"I'm a therapist and I am currently working with a number of import owners to "de-program" them from the years of brainwashing."

That in itself is a cause for concern.

Doesn't a therapist's professional code of ethics include something a therapist not using their position to impose their personal beliefs on their clients? In my opinion, if that isn't in the code of ethics, it should be.

7th Dec 2009, 12:25

You are a therapist and the best you can come up with is helping people decide what car to buy? C'mon now... this is ridiculous. Plus you quote ONE case where a guy can't sell his Honda and it blows the "better resale myth out of the water?" Give me a break! You sold your Fusion for a profit of $1,100? Glad to see intelligent people are buying used domestics. Of course overpaying for a used car shouldn't phase one who has already kicked in so much of their hard earned tax money supporting domestic companies should it?

You see, this is the mentality of domestic buyers. Pay too much for a used car and go see a therapist to help you make a car buying decision. This post really doesn't help your argument for buying American. It really makes me want to trade my Ford in for a Honda! If this is what America has become, we are on the sad track to doomsday people...

7th Dec 2009, 14:42

A person can love their country by certainly doing as much as possible to help the community, neighbors preserve jobs. Maybe you might like a raise or not end up on a permanent vacation by certainly doing whatever is possible to not see your paycheck totally eliminated.

We lost a large refinery about 1500 jobs and 2 big car plants recently. My children will lose funding for their school programs, many local businesses are now certainly closing. I cannot see giving even a single order today of any kind to imports.

Whatever point someone is making, we get what we deserve is not making any productive step to save thousands of non auto related businesses now. Maybe giving free tax breaks and free no payback $ to set up shop that do not need repaid to bring import businesses down south may help a few states where taking any job will do. There is no way I am buying any new import car or big flat screens from overseas now.

Maybe saying patriotic is not a way some want to hear. Maybe look around and see if you are helping your community and neighbors vs. saying I will take whatever comes.

I do not want to be in an unemployment line. Less import production in the past was not a big deal. Now over high gas and small cheap cars it has become so.

7th Dec 2009, 15:12

The code of ethics has nothing to do with talking to friends, neighbors and colleagues about the mis-information put out by Japanese companies. Many people just honestly are not savvy enough about cars or economics to make sound buying decisions. Most people think that because Honda and Toyota build cars here, that they are "American" companies. NOT TRUE. The sale of Japanese vehicles, even those built here, contribute only a minute amount to the overall auto business in the U.S. In addition, most non-car savvy individuals think Japanese cars are the most reliable. Again NOT TRUE. The top top-ranking vehicles in long-term reliability in the U.S. are a Ford and Buick.

Informing people to make wise buying decisions that help our country SHOULD be a VERY ethical thing to do.

7th Dec 2009, 15:21

Everybody knows domestics, including Jeeps, are junk. I know my Toyota is the best, and don't need anybody driving a crappy Jeep to defend me. The sooner Chrysler and GM go out of business, the better. Maybe their factories can be sold as scrap to the Chinese. We'll all be better off.

7th Dec 2009, 16:23

"Can't we all just live and let live?"

Sure. But it's hard to live when you are out of work. Buying a Honda or Toyota puts 90% of Americans involved in the U.S. auto business out of work.

7th Dec 2009, 16:41

If you actually READ the comments, you'd see that many NON-IMPORT fans are concerned about supporting businesses that only can survive by taking free money and outsourcing U.S. jobs to foreign countries. This has NOTHING TO DO with driving an import or domestic car... NOTHING!

I don't think there are any posters here that WANT the destruction of America. That is just another dramatic thing to throw in there to make your argument look better. You need all the help you can get after all. Since you only have one point of view, based on hugely flawed statistics, I guess there is no getting through to you on this is there? You'll always see your fellow Americans as the enemy, and never put an ounce of blame on the car companies that created their own problems. Sad really.

All you think about is these supposed 14 million jobs that would suddenly be lost if the car business was to fail. Give me a break! You won't even explain the logistics of such a monumental collapse or explain why you think this would happen suddenly after 30 years of import competition.

Your arguments are not surprisingly very vague and not very forthcoming with reasons or proof, other than lame reports by lame sources like economists that are so good at predictions in this country (the housing bubble is still going strong isn't it?). Give it a rest already until you want to explain things in more detail. The same cut and paste posts you keep spewing aren't really very convincing.... but I guess that is all you've really got isn't it?

And you also think the Japanese auto companies are brainwashing us. This is laughable really. So American car advertising isn't brainwashing? Aren't the American car companies the ones that forced SUVs, as the safest vehicles on the road, down our throats for over a decade? You know, the easily rolling over, overweight SUVs that clog our roadways and burn up all of our gas? Now that was a brainwashing campaign if I ever have seen one. People are still thinking they are so safe in their big hulking SUVs because of what?? American advertising!! I still laugh when I see that single commuter in their Tahoe or Expedition because they were fed all of that crap about needing more space, and having to have 4 wheel drive for those three days a year when you might get stuck in the snow.

Please, don't even start with Japanese brainwashing! If anything the Japanese countered this positively by offering smaller SUVs that were safer handling wise and better on gas! Funny thing is, the SUV boom of your precious big three is what got them into trouble in the first place. People came out of their SUV trance when gas hit $4 per gallon and it was $75 to fill up their behemoth.

I guess selling higher quality cars is brainwashing to you because you only see what you want to see. Who's been brainwashed now? Since Asian brands round out the top 5 in quality STILL, I am not thinking it is much of a brainwashing as it is an offering of a better car. Your one Ford Fusion that is technically an import itself, as it has to cross the border from Mexico to be imported into the U.S., is the only thing Ford has to offer as competition to the Asian brands...the only thing... Sorry but the Camry Solara/ Mustang comparison is apples and oranges, and not very valid to actual car buyers. Not that I don't love the Mustang. But that isn't what this is about for me. It is about honesty and integrity, those things we are lacking. If the ONLY means to survival in this country comes down to crooked dis-honest business practices, then we don't deserve to continue. You are living on borrowed time. It's like investing with Madoff really. Looks good upfront, but it won't turn out so good when all the facts are revealed down the road, and the criminals come out of the woodwork again.

Please write a letter to the CEO of Ford and ask them why they can't run a business properly so there wouldn't be any debate over losing 14 million jobs. Ask them why they can only run a business efficiently by using foreign labor too while you're at it. I'd love to hear their justification on that one.