3rd Aug 2012, 16:42

13:20 is right on target. After a couple of junk imports I now own two Fords. I'll never own another import Japanese or German. They just can't compete with the new domestics as far as I'm concerned.

3rd Sep 2012, 02:38

Dependable? My best friend's wife got 180K out of hers with NO repairs... My ex G/F had a 90 when I last saw her in 2006; for all I know may still be running... WTF?

3rd Sep 2012, 02:49

If your friend KNEW she needed a fuse, since you TOLD her, why did she ALLOW them to do whatever they did, and pay $500??? I'd have called BULL****.

3rd Sep 2012, 02:57

Actually what I notice across the board (except maybe for offbeat brands like YUGO, LOL) is it's not the brand (domestic or import) but the MODEL... case in point, if you buy Honda, best a Civic/Accord, a Toyota, a Corolla/Camry, a Ford, a Crown Vic/Town Car (which is why they were used as CABS, and POLICE CARS... you knew you could beat em up, and still get 2-300K out of them)... GM had that too with the Chevy Caprice.

3rd Sep 2012, 02:59

There you go... think of how many cars are/were hot sellers based on LOOKS or ADVERTISING... not necessarily QUALITY.

3rd Sep 2012, 03:01

German cars are for rich people between the cost and reliability... IIRC a MUFFLER job on a Mercedes can run upwards of $1K!!! WTF???

8th Feb 2013, 20:26

Wow, original reviewer here. Quite a discussion we've got going on here. To each his own. I just wonder how many people that are bashing the other brands have actually driven or owned them.

And, I think it's so comical that people are still bringing up the '09 "sudden acceleration" issue that Toyota had. Come on people... Do you remember the fiery Fieros, Explorers with blowouts, Chrysler transmissions, exploding Chevy trucks, or the staggering statistics of the number of GMs that have been bought back due to the lemon law? Every manufacturer runs into recall issues. I just love how every domestic-lover has latched onto the fact that Toyota actually had a problem. But seriously, we're reviewing a '12 here guys, let's talk about the '12 Camry.

I drive rental cars on a weekly basis. I've put quite a few miles on every midsize sedan in existence. I drive and bought a Camry because I've experienced these other cars.

And one last point - why do people refuse to believe the auto review companies? Do you honestly believe they're all wrong and it's some sort of conspiracy that Japan rides come out on top? To those of you who post your own stats about how Japanese cars are bad and domestics are good, please cite them. Some of us like facts and original sources. Who knows, maybe your sources will change our minds about non-Japanese cars.

Bottom line, a lot of manufacturers make good cars. The '12 Camry is definitely one of them. Tried, true, and bulletproof drivetrain, above-class quality interior, smooth, but tight suspension, and ridiculously good reliability. You really can't go wrong with a late model Camry.

9th Feb 2013, 08:25

I went wrong with a 2009 Camry. It was the biggest, newest piece of junk that I have ever owned.

9th Feb 2013, 10:59

Many of us are going on our own experiences, which in my opinion is a lot more valuable than Consumer Reports or any other publication's impressions of a car.

I have been driving since 2001, and have only owned GM products. 2 of them were purchased with well over 100,000 miles on them, and I have never experienced a major issue with any of them, and I have owned 5 now.

Admittedly, I don't put a lot of miles on my cars; usually I keep a car for less than 40,000 miles, but I have been very pleased with my cars, and in my opinion they ride more comfortably, look better in many cases, and are usually cheaper for what you get compared to an import.

I am sure that the Japanese make good cars too; I am just not convinced that they are much better if any than the domestics any more.

Just like you stated, the domestic fans keep citing the numerous recalls Toyota had in 2009; well it's even more ridiculous that import fans mention the reliability of the big three in the 80's and 90's. It's a new decade, and in my opinion there isn't that much difference any more. Whichever way you go, you are probably going to get a fairly reliable car.

9th Feb 2013, 12:17

I too had an 09 Camry that I bought new and drove for 130k miles before selling. Ended up getting $12k for it... Not bad considering I paid just a shade over $18k for it new. Put on new tires at 70k, brake pads at 105k, and timing belt at 110k... Just preventive maintenance. Not another issue to speak of. Before that I had an 07 and an 04 with similar experiences. Are you guys that have bad luck with Camrys buying used up rentals, or just really tough on your cars? I don't get it.

28th Mar 2013, 19:17

Purchased a new 2012 Camry in August of 2012. Wife loves it! No problems at all. Gas mileage is excellent! This is the first Camry we have ever owned. I think it is a great value for the money, and am glad we purchased it. Of course time will tell if it is as good as previous Camrys! As soon as something blows up, I will update!

29th Mar 2013, 16:58

After the massive court-ordered recalls, billion-dollar plus settlements and lawsuits still being settled, you'd think people would avoid Toyota. I guess most people just don't read much.

30th Mar 2013, 13:32

Camry and Toyota's in general are SO... boring... It's for the non car person that really has no sense of style... Ugghh.

Should have got a Mazda 6, it's a much much better vehicle to drive and looks miles ahead better than any stale Plain Jane Camry.

9th May 2013, 19:33

Camrys may be "boring," but for commuting to work without ever having to think about reliability... and also knowing I can always sell it for a good price... I'm pretty darn happy with mine.

Not a revolutionary car when it comes to HP or handling, but I could have paid about the same price for an "exciting" BMW or Mercedes... I'd just be paying ridiculous cash for post-warranty repair bills and be losing resale value like crazy.

My weekend car is for thrills... my Camry is strictly the best investment I could find... but I have to admit the SE model is pretty fun too.

10th May 2013, 15:18

Although I am no fan of Toyota (too boring and grossly over rated), I do have to say that Toyota is offering amazing deals on them at present to try to offset their reputation as the world's most recalled cars. In our area a brand new, nicely equipped Camry can be purchased for nearly ten grand less than a Fusion or Malibu. At that price, many people are more willing to put up with endless recalls and poor reliability.

11th May 2013, 20:26

LOL. Ten grand less may be an exaggeration. You can't get a new Camry for under $20k, and I sure don't know anyone paying close to $30k for a dispensable Malibu or Fusion. Pound for pound, Camrys still cost more than Fusions and Malibus.

The Camry's reputation is still much better than any "American" family sedan. Let's all try to forget the Toyota recalls in '09 due to an Ohio-based parts manufacturer that messed up.

If my Camry has a recall, I don't care one bit. I'd prefer to deal with that over dealing with an inferior car any day.