16th Sep 2012, 00:01

Congrats on ditching the lemon Toyota. However I'd also be leery of the Nissan. All Japanese cars have fallen in quality over the past decade. They're now way below all domestic cars in quality and reliability, especially Ford.

16th Sep 2012, 08:42

Personally I wouldn't take a Ford product if it was given to me, so I guess we all have our own opinions.

16th Sep 2012, 12:06

"Way below"? I don't think so. Consumer Reports and JD Power both still give the highest marks to Japanese companies, overall. And don't look at that bogus Initial Quality Study, look at the 3-year dependability one.

The only North American sedan to earn high marks in reliability is the Fusion (and even that took a hit with its mid-cycle redesign, apparently). Everyone talks about this like it's some enormous achievement, but a) it's only one car, and b) its major components come from Mazda anyway! Oh, and c) it's built in Mexico, so, so much for preserving American jobs.

17th Sep 2012, 07:17

I did take a Ford that was given to me as a company car with a company credit card. That's up to you if you like paying the payments maintenance and fuel. Other than tires and filter changes, the only expense the company has seen is my car insurance.

18th Sep 2012, 17:37

I can't imagine how you can get more reliable than ZERO repairs. None of our Fords ever require any repairs. How can any car be "better" than perfect?

19th Sep 2012, 09:54

So buy another made in America car. I have a company car Ford Edge (no issues) and a new Corvette (no issues). My last Corvette was perfect also.

I ended up with a new Ford as a company car vs a GM, but I am happy. I know a new Vette is pretty expensive and made in America, but pick another new domestic.

I also own a new Harley Davidson fuel injected, and it's perfect also. Made in America. The newest bikes are great. If you are fuel conscious, buy a bike. High MPG.

19th Sep 2012, 12:54

Are you the same Ford owner that redesigned your air intake and then realized that your "new design" didn't work as planned? I apologize if I'm confusing you with another Ford owner. I'm thinking of a 2006 Fusion owner who bought a used Ford and says that this is patriotic & is helping America. In any case, if you altered your car like that, and it has needed ZERO repairs, I seriously am impressed!

20th Sep 2012, 17:19

Why would ANY car have a problem when putting on an after market air intake system?

I never seen or heard of any type of trouble this would cause, and probably never will.

21st Sep 2012, 10:50

I change the air intake and exhaust, keeping the cats on all my new cars.

21st Sep 2012, 18:11

It wasn't an aftermarket system - it was homemade & it apparently caused some issue (computer related perhaps?), because if I recall the comment, it was removed immediately and put on a shelf in the person's shop or garage.

26th Sep 2012, 23:24

That's why I'm reading these reviews; I'm considering this or a Honda Accord for my next car, As my current 2000 Lincoln Conti is doing great at paying my mechanic's kid's college tuition, with only 104k on the clock.

26th Sep 2012, 23:30

Once burned shame on you, twice burned shame on ME. Why on earth, if, you had a "Toyota from hell" did you buy another? I'm looking to buy a Toyota/Honda, because I've been burned by GM and FORD (last 2 cars). Enough.

27th Sep 2012, 10:30

And then there are those like my family with engine and trans issues, that switched to Ford in 2012. Goes both ways.

27th Sep 2012, 18:22

If you purchase a Toyota, maybe you will be lucky enough to have the pleasure to experience what I'm going through with my RAV-4; nothing but recalls and quality problems.

I wish you well!

28th Sep 2012, 10:11

All of our Toyotas have lasted well past 200,000-250,000+ miles. No problems here, and thus why they are still one of the most reliable brands out there.

29th Sep 2012, 12:50

I've been noticing a lot of comments (probably from the same person) who believes that every single Toyota ownership is supposed to be identical to theirs.

Sorry, but it just doesn't happen that way any more.

3rd Mar 2013, 02:20

The only car I have ever been burned on is a 1980 Toyota Celica SR5 that needed an engine and transmission replacement at less than 90,000 miles. In the 27 years of driving since, no Ford, GM or Chrysler I have owned has needed this kind of very expensive repair. Some of these vehicles have had over 300.000 miles. My current GMC truck has 140,000 miles on its original engine, and uses no oil. My 2007 Monte Carlo has 70,000 miles and has never needed any repair.

4th Mar 2013, 15:14

Apparently 2009 was not a good year for Toyotas. My best friend had a 2009 Corolla and it was a very poorly built car. It couldn't be aligned because the flimsy suspension had sagged just from the weight of the car. I've known of that problem with other Japanese cars. He just traded for a 2013 Ford Focus and is very happy with it.