20th Sep 2017, 17:55

That would help get over the Camry blues. Even without the vitamins. Convertibles are great!

21st Sep 2017, 07:24

Or a 2000-2006 Toyota MR2 convertible roadster.

21st Sep 2017, 17:51

Make sure it's a manual trans.

22nd Sep 2017, 06:48

Why would anyone order an automatic MR2?

22nd Sep 2017, 20:10

It's not really a true manual when they came equipped with an automatic clutch.

22nd Sep 2017, 20:13

The SMT versions were not true manuals, seeing how they came equipped with an automatic clutch.

23rd Sep 2017, 06:23

How about a Celica convertible manual? Even paddle shifters in some cars, which you end up ignoring after a while. Pretty boring.

23rd Sep 2017, 17:01

Mid '50s Land Cruiser convertible with a 3 speed.

24th Sep 2017, 14:56

60 year old Land Cruiser for a daily driver, great idea. To hell with all that reliability and stuff, we want excitement!

24th Sep 2017, 18:55

But wait a minute, Toyota is known for solid reliability no matter what the year, make and model is. Even after millions of recalls and declined quality the past 15 years.

25th Sep 2017, 22:10

You want excitement? All it takes is to have issues with a new vehicle with sludging and repeated recall visits to the Toyota dealership.

26th Sep 2017, 02:44

I'm a really big fan of the early 90s Camrys; almost bought one for my girlfriend last year. They had pretty good options and reliability for the time. We ended up getting a used Honda Accord instead; not as comfortable and the engine is a bit noisier, but still a good reliable car. Another great reliable boring car of mention is the Buick Century; my 2001 went on tons of road trips, had great reliability and gas mileage too. I found it much comfier, better A/C and options than the Accord we currently own. Should have never sold it, although it was to buy a pickup truck I needed at the time!

26th Sep 2017, 12:39

Every once in a while, splurge a bit more and get a car that makes daily life and the daily work routine really worthwhile. I would look out my window at work, eagerly awaiting the conclusion of my work day, to drive a really fun, new cool car home. That all started when I was 25. Hasn't changed at all in the years since.