23rd Jun 2006, 14:11

Seeing as in 8 years the only things that have gone wrong with your "lemon" are under $100, I'd say that you better thank your lucky stars you found a car that could be so RELIABLE in both motor quality as well as interior!

15th Apr 2007, 23:21

I Just bought a 1996 XLE V6 and it has to be the best car I've ever owned. I love this car. When I turn the key, I know I can depend on it! OH what a feeling!

27th Feb 2008, 01:57

Yet, you get a Ford, or a Chevy, and see what will happen to those cars after 8 years?

It's, nothing to see these Camry's reach 200,000Km's and not miss a beat. I have owned Ford's, English cars, Aussie cars and they just couldn't reach even half that mileage without having blown pistons, completely stuffed interiors, stuffed air con, etc etc!

My 14 year old Camry (with 238,000 Km's on the clock) is worth $3500 of anyone's money. All the other junkers I had I had to virtually GIVE away!

Just my 2c.

27th Feb 2008, 18:32

My 39 year old GM is worth $60,000; new it cost exactly $3200. Hang onto your domestic, as I have yet to see any $3500 Toyota ever appreciate to this degree. It is just another uninspired boring appliance new until the time it is sold (in my opinion).

1st Mar 2008, 00:30

Well for one thing, 39 years ago cars had a lot of real steel in them. And V8's are always popular. Tell me, how much money did you spend on your GM in all the time you had it? And may I ask, how many engines/gearboxes/diffs did you go through, after years of dragging other drivers at the traffic lights?

You watch, a few of the Toyotas from the 90's and beyond will be sought after in the future. They were just so well made (especially after 1993). I keep myself at arm's length from sporty/racing type vehicles as they are a target for thieves, among many other things.

Oh and yeah, there are quite a few Toyotas that have really jumped up in value!