22nd Aug 2005, 09:00

I too have a 2000 Camry with a current EEC problem that is causing the check engine light to remain on. My car only has 45,000 miles on it... kind of early for an EEC failure. EEC replacements are quite expensive on these cars... and the extended warranty does not cover it!!!

Anyone else experiencing a persistent left pull issue?

22nd Aug 2005, 20:36

Wouldn't the 8 year, 80,000 mile emission system warranty cover the canister?

5th Jan 2006, 16:02

I have a toyota camry 2000 with 26300 miles on it and the charcoal canister leaked, it is expensive to replace it.

Maybe anyone knows if there is a defect in this part.

5th Jan 2006, 22:26

Same thing happened to my RAV4 only with 2000 miles on it. I heard the canisters cost around $400, but mine was replaced under warranty.

30th May 2006, 12:27

I have 230,000 on my 2000 Camry. The check engine light has been on since spring 2002. It's an EEC defect. Supposedly a tighter gas cap helps. It's nothing to worry about. And don't take it to the dealer. The geniuses will charge you $50 to run a diagnostic check and tell you what I just did when they are done!

Had one major job done to repair a trans fluid leak and spent a lot of money fixing/changing everything that broke/ needed replacement at one time. Otherwise, I drive mine all over creation and it's treated me fairly well.

25th Nov 2006, 16:07

2000 Camry XLE.

I purchased this used, off lease in 2003 with 33,000K. The dealer changed the 4 wheel brake assembly as I mentioned vibration while test driving. Toyota paid for a complete brake job under warranty. Later, after I purchased the Camry, the rear wheels were out of alignment while getting a normal 4 wheel alignment and later that year, a seized front left caliper had to be replaced after warranty expired while at the dealer. Toyota quoted 460.00 Canadian for caliper I said, "Put on the after market part for 225.00." The brakes are fine for 3 years now.

Yesterday while doing a pre winter cleanup, I noticed severe tire wear on both rear tires, on one side of each which had only 50,000K. I always do a normal check on tires. They needed to be replaced. We don't drive on extremely rough roads up here ever or had any big accidents or struts replaced.

I had another 4 wheel alignment at 84,000K today. The front tires are normally 40 percent worn.

The back wheels were measured -21 out, on the alignment machine. The company I deal with is the best around. He checked all the nuts for alignment adjustments and found nothing abnormal while I was standing there. He can't understand how that happened.

Has anyone had the same problem? I enjoy it. One of the best cars I've ever owned even with these above issues.

11th Sep 2007, 21:09

My check engine light came on at 61000 miles. I read one person wrote that a tight gas cap solved the problem and others said they had the cannisters replaced. What is the really problem when check engine light comes on? Where can one find a tight gas cap? Any help or comment is welcome.


21st Nov 2007, 10:43

My 2000 Camry CE caught on fire the other day. No warning - heard a pop - brakes did not work and the car burned up. It only had 86,000 miles. No one had worked on it and it had been maintained. Any others having problems with a fire. Thanks.

28th Feb 2008, 19:12

My 2000 Toyota Camry CE caught on fire on 2-26-08 and was totaled. It appeared to have suddenly stopped as I was exiting the highway and started to smoke.

1st Mar 2008, 14:19

Car fires can be caused by any number of things, from electrical shorting to fuel leaking. Our neighbor's Honda Accord caught fire in their garage and destroyed much of their house.

12th May 2008, 19:25

My '91 just had it's muffler replaced and leaks fixed. Strangely the gas smell stayed. One day as I was driving it these quiet noises came about and the driving became weak. Smoke started to come out of the engine (front) but the people behind me said that they saw tons of smoke prior, but they didn't know it was from my car at the time because it was so much they'd thought it was construction work or what not.

So I stopped the car, took keys out and ran for my life in case it would blow up. Called the fire dept. The thing caught on fire and the whole front is as good as burnt toast. What to do?

17th Jun 2008, 00:09

I just bought a 2000 Toyota Camry LE, this will be my fourth Camry in all.

I first started off with a '97 Camry LE that gave me trouble 8 months later. It went to 5 different service departments including the Toyota Dealership. The problem was unresolved.

I traded it for the new body style @ that time which was an '02 Camry LE. Never had a problem with that one.

Later on I purchased an upgraded version of the '02 style I had, which was a 2006 Camry LE. The '06 I kept for 8 months no problems whatsoever. (wish I would have kept it).

I had the new '07 Nissan Altima w/PUSH BUTTON START and CVT TRANSMISSION. I will never purchase another PUSH BUTTON START nor CVT TRANSMISSION equipped vehicle again. (it's a pain in the butt).

So back in March of this year I traded my '07 Nissan Altima on a 2000 Camry LE, at the local Toyota Dealership the Camry only has 41,000 miles on it. Also it is in superb condition. I plan on keeping this car til it falls apart.

One more thing; I put 20" wheels on it and a mega sound stereo system with 2- 12" subwoofers in it. This car is an eye-catcher to all ages!! Toyota's are the best!! That's my opinion. You gotta remember all of this stuff is MAN-MADE, regardless of the quality.

29th Aug 2008, 23:58

In July 2008, our 2000 Toyota Camry LE caught fire and was destroyed on the highway about 15 miles from the origin of a return trip home of a few hundred miles. Spouse described bump sensation and white smoke from beneath the hood, at which time spouse stopped the Camry on the highway shoulder. Smoke suddenly became black, and spouse hurried out of car. Spouse observed flames below engine compartment. Spouse was unable to retrieve any possessions from the Camry before the Camry caught fire entirely, windows blew out, and the vehicle was destroyed. Toyota Camry had been serviced about a week before the trip. Comprehensive insurance covered the vehicle loss but not most of the contents.

6th Sep 2008, 15:24

I have a 2000 Camry LE and the check engine light has came on several times and each time I had to replace the gas cap. This time the check engine light is on and I was told I need to replace the EGR valve and Charcoal Cannister that will cost $1100. Is this a defect in all 2000 Camry's? I have never had to do any major repairs, but the engine light is always coming on..

11th Oct 2008, 20:55

I have a problem with my push button start. I literally have to press the start button with the remote for the engine to start.

Also if the remote gets lost, how can I start the engine other wise?

Can anyone advise me on these issues?