6th Jan 2009, 13:19

I love my 2000 Camry LE; got it from a Hertz rental next to the Toyota dealer that originally sold the car.

The only problem is the dang engine light keeps coming on.

Duh, it's the gas cap...

Need to go to the computer fix it off.. twice now, no charge by people I know...

Uh does this happen to be a Toyota faulty problem?? Or the rotten gas that we are putting into our cars lately.. causing the seal to get jacked up??? Because the system is pressurized..

Just asking why Toyota wants almost $27.00 for a new cap..

Auto zone $8.99..

What would you buy??... just to be on the safer side here??

4th Apr 2009, 20:36

In regards to the different gas caps, get the genuine Toyota one. It's more expensive, but, unlike the off-market caps, it will seal properly and should solve the check engine light problem. If the light still comes on after you replace the cap, go a dealer or a mechanic experienced with Japanese cars for a diagnostic.

30th Sep 2009, 15:52

I have seen two Toyota Camrys and one Honda CRV burn on the side of the road due to cruise control, or that is what the driver said caused it.

No matter what you drive; if it quits for any reason, be sure and get out with your valuables, do not leave the drivers seat until you get the things you need. I stopped and helped three girls a long way from home who had no money, no shoes and no ID after their car burned.

If we had a $15 fire extinguisher from Wal-mart and acted quickly enough, we could have saved the cars.

13th Mar 2010, 12:10

My 2000 Camry's check engine light came on shortly after the 8-year warranty expired, so there was no recourse. I had it tested at Auto Zone as well, and it is the $800 canister. We're the original owners, and most of the work on the car was maintenance, but it looks like the emissions system on the Camrys really needs some improvements.

14th Jun 2010, 17:15

Former 2000 Camry LE owner.

Great car but...

Same problem with check engine light.

Lost the original cap and bought Autozone aftermarket cap, which led to periodic loss of vacuum. It usually happens after filling the tank. You can go to your local mechanic, tell him to run the diagnostic and clear the computer for about $20 (or nothing if he's a good guy).

You can also re-tighten the cap, disconnect the battery (resets computer chip) and reconnect.

Apparently there's a chip in the Toyota gas cap for some sort of emissions/vacuum stuff that causes the problem.

I'm shopping for a Toyota cap now and will pay whatever it costs because my parents inherited my car.

My new RAV4 has a line on the gas cap warning that failure to properly tighten the cap may (if only) cause the check engine light to come on.

20th Jul 2010, 12:53

June 17, 2010 my 2003 Camry was totaled. While driving on the highway the engine shut down. I was able to move off the highway, get out of the car and call 911. The fire department put out a fire. Everything under the hood was burned up. I had no idea a car could burn up. My car was meticulously maintained and had not given me any problems prior to that day. My daughter and I will never feel comfortable in a car again.

20th Jul 2010, 17:07

This is becoming more of a problem as Japanese car companies allow their quality to drop like a rock. Our neighbor's house was burned so badly that it had to be totally demolished and rebuilt after their Honda Accord caught fire unattended in their garage. Modern domestics are of far higher quality and much safer. I'd try a Ford or GM. We have never had a problem with a Ford or GM.

21st Jul 2010, 19:59

One burning Accord follows over 16 million Ford's. Ford's recall for faulty cruise control switches that are setting vehicles on fire in driveways and garages is still ongoing and has amounted to over 16 million vehicles. Not to mention GM's recent recall of 1.5 million vehicles for a similar issue, resulting in vehicles catching on fire. I was horrified to find out the Ford vehicle I had just traded in on a Honda CR-V was on that recall list. I'm so glad I got rid of it before it hurt or killed me or anybody in my house, had it gone up in flames. I'll never buy a Ford vehicle again.

8th Mar 2011, 13:46

2003 Toyota Camry was destroyed and burned after the engine light came on and the car lost brakes and was maintained in perfect condition. My spouse barely got out alive and was not burned, however, we were told by fire department some transmission fluid was placed in the oil. However, based on what I have read it looks like there is a defect in the Camry engines since other have had their car burn up too. We have filed a complaint and we had only liability and the car was paid off so we have a total loss.

Anyone else out there have the same problems?

8th Nov 2011, 00:10

Could be faulty installation of aftermarket stereo or other electronic devises.

4th Jan 2013, 13:27

Today, on my niece's 19th birthday, the 1999 Camry CE that I got her blew up on the highway. Exactly the same way. She heard a sudden loud noise, saw smoke, the engine seized, the brakes failed, she pulled the emergency brake and jumped from the car. She is alive. The car blew up.

Its age and mileage won't qualify for any assistance from Toyota.

Just wanted others to know so they don't think it's just them.

M.A.DUNN - Indiana (765) 749-5342 if anyone can help.

She lost everything she had in the car on her way back to school.

On her birthday.

6th Jan 2013, 14:08

Wow, a check engine light came on from an aftermarket stereo. I fused my 1500 watt stereo by the battery in my domestic.

7th Jan 2013, 16:56

Check engine lights are a gimmick to make money for dealers and repair shops. They often come on for no reason at all. It wouldn't surprise me if one came on because of a stereo, but I really doubt it. The lights generally mean nothing. The one on my wife's car has been on now for nearly seven years. No problems, no drop in mileage or performance, so we ignore it.

As for the exploding Camrys, people need to remember that Toyota has had three Grand Jury subpoenas, four multi-million dollar fines, one 1.1 billion dollar judgement against them and over 30 million vehicles recalled (thus far. It goes up almost daily). All this due to a blatant disregard for customer safety. It amazes me that anyone still buys them.

My guess regarding the above comments is that the engines simply seized due to sludging, which has been an ongoing problem with Toyota engines. I would strongly advise looking at far safer and more reliable Ford or GM vehicles. We own 6 and 7 year old Fords and a 10 year old GM. All are flawless. Even the 10 year old GM has never had a single repair.

8th Jan 2013, 10:08

Check engine light on fails inspection in my state. It can slowly clog an expensive cat. Try $800 for my GM.

You may need just a new gas cap, O2 sensor or more. I don't like my dash lit up like a Christmas tree. Please don't put black tape over it.