29th Oct 2007, 15:53

My family has owned one Toyota. It was not a bad car, but nowhere near as good as the Fords we have owned. It was also a very boring and plain car.

28th Nov 2007, 00:19

Why is it that no one ever bothers to compare the 2003-2006 Camry reviews with the 2003-2006 Taurus reviews as has been pointed out repeatedly?? That should end the argument. Taurus has way more positive reviews... PERIOD. End of argument. That high a level of denial can be rather expensive to say the least.

31st Jan 2008, 22:33

To the original reviewer: Didn't you write a 2008 Fusion review after giving your Camry to your daughter? I thought that was you, but then your 2008 Fusion review just disappeared. Did you remove it, and if so why? I had commented on it and on your wisdom in renting a Fusion before making a decision on buying one, and I'm curious as to what happened to you Fusion review.

1st Feb 2008, 14:24

I have been in the market for a midsized car and recently test drove a Camry, Accord, and the all new Malibu. I agree with the automotive press that the Malibu is decades ahead of the Camry and Accord. Perhaps Toyota could reach an agreement with GM and GM could provide "badge engineered" Camry's based on the new Malibu design!

1st Feb 2008, 14:32

The best selling vehicle in America for over 20 years has been a full size truck. The Ford F Series is the vehicle you should buy based on your logic. It sells the most so its the best. What is the warranty on your Toyota? What is the warranty on GM and Ford? I'll take a superior ride, handling, performance and warranty, than being herded into bland potato-shaped vehicles. Everyone has an opinion; I prefer not being bored. I expect great vehicles to enjoy driving. I prefer sporty cars and trucks...domestics.

26th Mar 2008, 11:07

Having just finished reading the latest edition of Motor Trend, I continue to be impressed with how far ahead of Camry and Accord the Malibu really is (as well as the top-rated Fusion, of course) and it appears that GM is on the brink of becoming the maker of the world's fastest and most luxurious car as well. The new Cadillac CTS with the 550 horsepower V-8 is faster than comparable European luxury/sport sedans, handles better and is far more reliable (some Mercedes models now being rated as "MUCH worse than average in reliability).

I live in a very upscale area and I see more high-end GM cars, trucks (such as the Cadillac truck) and SUV's every week. GM is definitely on a roll. I also noted that Motor Trend pointed out that Japan is currently catering to an aging population, and is currently putting out cars that are boring and uninspired, such as the Camry and Accord. I totally agree.

27th Mar 2008, 23:09

A correction to comment 14:32: The F-150 has NOT been the country's best selling truck for 20 years. It has been the country's best selling truck for a full THIRTY ONE years. Get the facts straight. We might mistake you for an import fan!!

28th Mar 2008, 15:26

Over 20 years is being both modest and accurate. I test import and domestics am a fan of neither only what offers the best warranty features driving enjoyment and amenities. That clearly indicated domestics again in our family in 2008.

28th Mar 2008, 16:45

Many of my friends have also owned late model Camry's and have had nothing but problems.

3rd Jun 2008, 16:28

I can't help but feel that fully 75% of the comments here are from people who never have, or never will own a Toyota or any other non American brand vehicle. Most of the claims that Toyota quality is bad seems baseless, while many of the praises for such lackluster new cars like the Fusion and Malibu sound too similar to the commercials and magazine articles. It is easy to simply parrot commercials back, but you're not going to convince me that GM or Ford have yet to produce the equivalent product.

This is nothing more than a bunch of people who've been irate over Toyota's dominance in quality, and its legitimate legacy of building highly reliable products.

Lastly - the Fusion is made in Mexico on a Mazda platform. The new Taurus is based off the 500, which was a sales failure and later simply re-badged as a Taurus. It is based off of a older Volvo platform. There is nothing inherently American about either of these cars. If you want to do some flag waving for American workers, then how about wave them for the thousands of US workers putting Toyotas together with a large quantity of American made parts in KY, IN, TX, and CA.