21st Apr 2007, 21:35

"I have never known anyone with problems with a Ford" or "The Camry's v6 is slow". Well I own a Ford and a Toyota. I have not even hit 80k on the Ford and have already spent 5 grand in repairs in the last 18 months. And yes pretty much Ford's are crap in my book.

My Toyota has 190k with no major problems other than repairing worn out parts. Need I say more. Do not believe in what some people post on this site.


The V6 is quick, and is the same engine that was put in a Lexus es300.

22nd Apr 2007, 11:11

Yeah, just ignore all the independent road tests.

As for speed, you obviously do NOT understand who the target market for the Camry is. It's NOT the fast and furious crowd.

And I guess you've driven the majority of SUVs that have been on the roads for over a decade, most of which are SLOWER than the Camry. That plus a ton of other cars.

22nd Apr 2007, 17:42

Don't you just LOVE comments like 13:02 that talk about "independent sources" that back up all the false performance claims for the turtle-slow Camry, then refer you to a TOYOTA website!!! Yep, nothing like those "independent sources"!!!

19th May 2007, 08:46

Its all about the dealership you buy from. Some are great others downright stink. All I can say is good luck with the Fusion. My dealings with Ford have been rather poor, and I would never recommend anything from that company. They might have improved their products, but customer service is poor.

21st May 2007, 00:26

The old Toyota 3.0 is not especially fast and I could outrun it with my old 3.1 Beretta even if the Toyota engine has 20 or so more hp. Don't know why they've managed to make this one so slow since on the paper this car should be able to outrun a 12 year old Beretta. I guess weight is an issue here too. The 4 pot I'm not even considering it's just plain dangerously slow especially with 4 adults in it. Only reason to buy this is good mpg. An old Corolla is faster.

But the new Toyota v6 I've heard is real fast. The new 3.5.

21st May 2007, 16:59

Watch Camry sales take a nosedive as the Ford Fusion and Saturn Aura are discovered by the public. After evaluating my neighbor's Camry my only comment is that Toyota designers may be sipping a bit too much Saki with their Sushi!!!

31st May 2007, 10:43

I think you are the gentleman who added a comment to my Camry review, and I wanted to add that I appreciate your support. People seem to be very emotional over cars on this site. I'm actually amazed that the moderator allows some of the rather rude comments. I tend to agree that most of these fanatical comments must come from either employees of Toyota or some teenage kid who likes to provoke arguments. In looking over all the different cars on here it seems obvious that one of the worst is the Camry. I'd think those people who own these cars ought to know more about them than anyone else, and like you, I have found mine to be very disappointing, especially in the area of performance. Quoting sales brochures and magazine articles may be all well and good for the arm-chair car fan, but it isn't very comforting when you're bending the floorboard on a Camry trying to merge in front of a large and fast-moving truck.

1st Jun 2007, 19:03

I am 20 years old and have driven domestic cars and many Japanese. I have clocked over 150,000 miles on all of my vehicles put together since 16 and I have to say that people forget what the Camry is for. It is for getting you from A to B in a solid package that is affordable. Unfortunately they may have slipped a bit once they introduced the new for 2007 Camry. Most of those 2006 Camry reviews are really the 2007 models I believe. Another thing people do not take into fact is that every month the Fusion is out on the road the more it is losing its appeal and is losing it value, and getting more and more rebates on the windshield when new. I am not a Toyota fan, but I do know that they sell more and more Camry's than any other mid size car. I personally maintain a fleet of 5 Honda's and while they are not holy and divine, they are quite reliable and are able to clock 250, 000 miles without major repairs. This is my take on this whole car war and I hope it helps get my opinion out clearly and concise with my own experiences thrown in on my Honda's.


1st Jun 2007, 22:11

Fact: Most people who buy Camry's get the 4 cylinder model.

And, since a V6 Fusion costs about the same as a 4 cylinder Camry, most people are going to buy the V6 Fusion, THEREFORE, ON AVERAGE, a Fusion will beat a Camry.

And as far as the comment about laughing because Ford is having problems, what is the matter with you?! How can you be happy about an American company going downhill?! How many times do I have to repeat this: American automakers STILL employ 8/10 automakers in the US, even with Toyotas factories here where they DON'T allow labor unions and WON'T join the UAW so they can pay people measley wages, such an UPSTANDING COMPANY!! I'm hearing more and more that the quality of American cars is now competitive, and I think that the tide is slowly changing.

2nd Jun 2007, 05:39

22:11 Yes, a SIX!! cylinder Fusion will out accelerate a FOUR!! cylinder Camry, what in God's name is your point? Good 'fact'. Come on, buddy, don't write in with stuff like that!

2nd Jun 2007, 06:32

Someone has a Honda not a 2006 Toyota Camry and has clocked a lot of mileage. I have owned a couple Mercedes Benz in the past and can also make similiar high mileage comments but it is also not a 2006 Camry. The fact that Honda is a Japanese manufacturer does not indicate that all models/years across the board are virtually identical. I am hoping my new domestics are less trouble than my imports. To date they have been already.

2nd Jun 2007, 10:40

Competitive with a Japanese car built 5-8 years ago. Haven't you heard that the new features they are adding into the new domestics have been in Japanese cars for almost a decade.

Seriously, the only place I have heard about a domestic car catching up is from Bob Lutz's mouth. In the media they say that Hyundai is catching up. In my recent issue of Motor Trend they said that the Sentra was coming close to clipping the Civic. The Sentra is not made by an American company so you lost that bet.

The truth of the Fusion is that it is losing its appeal everyday it is on the market, and it's just getting more and more rebates. I have heard from many creditable sources that the Fusion did not even do any damage to the Camry or Accord sales, nor did it even hurt the Sonata sales. This was in Motor Trend, and I don't think they are lying or trying to brain wash us like you think.

If I wanted to drive a Fusion, I'd go rent one. There you have it...