10th Apr 2007, 10:41

One drive in a Buick and one drive in a Camry is all it takes to decide which is best. The Buick is a smooth, solidly built luxury car. The Camry is a cheaply made transportation appliance.

10th Apr 2007, 10:53

Way to support those Canadian workers! And remember the domestic buyer's logic - the more foreign-made Ford, GMs, or Chryslers you buy, the more Americans will be employed somehow.

10th Apr 2007, 18:46

08:26 Do you really need to ask why people buy Camry's? Look at their track record; I don't know exactly what year the Camry first came out, but I'm guessing about 20 or 25 years ago.

Since then, they've proven themselves over, over, and over again as being a rock solid reliable, cost efficient low, or NO maintenance automobile. Anybody who says otherwise doesn't know what they're talking about.

How much performance do you need? The V-6 Camry is MORE than adequate, while also giving you reasonable gas mileage. It's not SUPPOSED to be a high performance car, so don't expect it to act like one. But, I'll tell you, it gets up and goes pretty well.

You want performance? Find a twin turbo Supra. That car will get the hair on the back of your neck standing up and your heart pounding. That car performs so well that the only thing holding you back is your own driving skills.

There is no better choice in the Camry's class than the Camry. The Accord is the only other that can compete for the money.

10th Apr 2007, 19:44

Anyone who thinks the Camry is GOOD needs to read the 2006 Camry reviews.

10th Apr 2007, 20:56

I live in Minnesota and prices for a five year old Camry are over 11,000 dollars, even for a base CE sedan. Accords cost more here I think. Where do you live? I mean I was looking for a car out of state and I would love to get a good deal on a 5600$ five year old Camry. You cannot be from Detroit because my family lives there and still pays top dollar for their imports... You probably mean a 10 year old Camry is worth 5600-7500$ dollars... I can buy that.

11th Apr 2007, 08:38

Yeah, 0 - 60 in 7.5 seconds means the Camry is really a dog. Amazing the amount of disinformation these pro-domestic people will post.

11th Apr 2007, 09:04

<<Anyone who thinks the Camry is GOOD needs to read the 2006 Camry reviews.>.

I did. They are littered with endless lies and mistruths like the V6 Camry is slow (0 - 60 in 7.5 is NOT slow), has endless recalls (do some research and you'll find the truth), that domestic cars never break down and are perfect (contrary to what the real world KNOWS), and that Toyota is "going out of business".

And Ford, that paragon of quality according to ALL the posters on the Camry boards, has just revealed that EVERY GT 40 it made is defective - EVERY single one. This is car that costs $150K and is supposed to be the pride of Ford's fleet. And this is SERIOUS - the half shafts in the engine might come loose, disabling the vehicle on start.

But, in typical Ford style, Ford has NOT issued a recall or even a technical service bulletin since the problem is "not a safety hazard". Yet the cars might fail on start. Hilarious, and MORE proof that it's buyer beware when you buy a domestic vehicle at ANY price.

11th Apr 2007, 09:08

First Camry came out in 1983 as my parents had a first year model.

11th Apr 2007, 17:18

I just looked at a privately owned 2002 Camry LE V-6 that had 81,000 miles and was in good condition. The owner was asking $7500 for it. That's about average for one that old here in the Sunbelt.

17th Apr 2007, 21:19

09:04 obviously isn't up on his performance statistics for Camry. The 2007 Camry might do 0-60 in 7.5 seconds (provided it doesn't blow the transmission before hitting 60). The 2006 V-6 Camrys, however, took nearly 10 seconds to get to 60 and were some of the slowest V-6's made (even slower than the 4-cylinder GM compacts).

It's also HILARIOUS that all those bad Camry reviews are "lies" while the few bad Ford reviews are "the truth". I suspect driving an inferior car such as a 2006 or earlier Camry sort of messes with the mind a bit. There is a great solution for such maladies: It's called the Fusion. Besides the people who got stuck with the Camry on these reviews, I know of several Camry owners here who have dumped the lemons and bought new 2007 Fusion V-6's. None of them are disappointed.

18th Apr 2007, 13:02

This poster needs to explain how 0 - 60 in 8.3 seconds suddenly is "nearly 10 seconds" for the 2006 V6 Camry. Kind of like Ford builds "nearly quality vehicles"

Here's the proof, from an independent source:


20th Apr 2007, 11:04

I'm the original reviewer who sold this car and bought a 2007 Fusion. The Fusion is twice the car the Camry was and is much faster. I don't know where people are coming up with these 0-60 times for the 2006 V-6 Camry, but they are totally bogus. Mine took nearly 10 seconds to get to 60 and my friend's 2001 4-cylinder Oldsmobile Alero would beat it easily from stoplights. I think most of these people have obviously never owned or driven a Camry or a Fusion. Before posting some of the ridiculous comments I see here, you should at least drive a Camry and Fusion. I've owned both now and I know for a fact the Camry was slower, less reliable and a real headache in the time I was stuck with it. I wish people who have never owned or driven a certain make of car would not make untrue statements. I was misled by this kind of false information and ended up losing a lot of money finding out the truth by actually owning one of the lemon Camrys. I'll never buy another Toyota or believe anything I read about them.

20th Apr 2007, 21:02

To comment 11:04: I've kept up with your review of your lemon Camry as well as your great new Fusion. I can certainly identify with you, having owned both imports and domestics and knowing from personal experience that domestics are better overall.

In spite of the fact that there are almost TWICE as many favorable Ford owner reviews than Camry owner reviews, you still see comments about "all the bad Ford reviews".

I agree that the people making the anti-domestic comments are probably younger people who fall for ad hype more easily, and have never even ridden in a Ford OR Toyota for that matter.

A quick perusal of the reviews will quickly confirm that there are many more favorable domestic reviews than Camry reviews. The Buick LaCrosse, Pontiac Grand Prix and Chevy Impala are a few of the many examples. Far more favorable reviews there than negative ones.

As for performance, I haven't the slightest idea where people come up with these ridiculous performance figures for the pre-2007 Camry V-6's. They are one of the SLOWEST cars on the road. I've beaten several kids in V-6 Camry's EASILY with my 2001 Twin-cam 4 cylinder Pontiac. ALL of GM's 4-cylinder cars are much faster than the older V-6 Camry. I've driven friend's Camry's and can tell you that no car I've ever driven has been any slower. I've driven the Highlander V-6 (a Camry with an SUV body) and it was so slow that merging onto freeways was a hazard.

Like you, I regret that people who don't even own and probably have never driven a particular car persist in making ridiculous and untrue claims about them. I've never even KNOWN anyone who had problems with a Ford, yet young people who have never even ridden in one post comments about all the "bad Ford reviews" and how "all Fords are crap". I'm sorry that sort of misinformation cost you so much money on your lemon Camry. And yes, there are a FEW good older Camry's, but all in all there are far more GOOD Fords. Keep spreading the word, and I have no doubt that your Fusion will prove to be an even better car than your Taurus, which went nearly 100,000 miles with no problems.