1985 Toyota Celica GT-S 2.4L 22REC from North America


A soon to be classic import sports car!


I purchased this car knowing it had a blown head gasket. Two months after the gasket replacement, it threw the #4 con-rod. Now with a new long block, it purrs like a kitten.

Blown muffler, replaced after purchase.

The front speakers are hard to replace.

Gas shocks shot when bought. Replaced with some nice KYB adjustables.

Some moron hit my front left turn signal marker with a shopping cart, it's one part... 75 bucks a pop.

General Comments:

For those of you who know anything about Toyotas, you know of the 22R's bomb-proof reliablity, especially the F/I model. Lots of torque and nice gearing makes it fun to hunt Hondas and red misting fits of e-brake slides.

The wheels are the classic double four spoke mags, which I have had many offers for, and really, the car doesn't look great without them.

The seats are amazing, with incredible bolstering. The fabric grips nice and with more adjustments than I know what to do with, they're good for REALLY long road trips.

This car is a great alternative to the Supra, or Celica Supra depending on the year. Being that this is the last year Toyota made a RWD Celica, and the fact that people tend to beat these cars, it is really hard to find one in good shape that someone is willing to part with. If you do find one with little or no rust, get it. It's sure to take a place with the 240Z as a classic, high performance import sports car!

Long live the Celica!

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Review Date: 7th June, 2001

4th Oct 2002, 22:35

Hi I own a 1984 celica GTS BLK 3d hatch back, In mint cond! You can see my car in the OLD CELICA CLUB 82-85 Lic# BADGTS, WA<ST.I really do keep this baby in the garage.

19th Jan 2003, 09:56

I have an 85 GTS since it was new. Engine has 240000 plus with no failures. (changed oil and filter "every 300O" miles). Very little rust. Keep in garage. Have got many parts cheap at the local junk yard. Most of those cars have less miles on the odometer. Had auto trans rebuilt and repaired drive shaft with u-joints found on the net. Recently replaced the left side of the drivers seat where I wore getting in and out of the car. I am 53 years old and will probably keep car forever. The only part of the car that does not work exactly right is the cruise and I am determined to fix correctly.

1st Sep 2004, 02:16

I recently purchased a 85 Celica GT-S convertible with 162,000 miles from the original owner in near mint condition for only $1600.00.

No one can believe the condition of this car. I replaced the plugged exhaust system and did a tune up.

She purrs now!!

I own 4 toyota's all with 22r or 22re motors. These are the most dependable and durable 4 cylinder motors I have ever seen.

Sure wish they would have stayed with the rwd cars.

8th Jan 2009, 23:22


Purchased my fourth Celica about a year ago with a frozen crank shaft and bought a engine a few weeks ago to put into it. Most people that know me think I'm crazy because I'm such a Toyota fanatic. My first was a white 82 gt with gt-s appearance package. Put about 220k on it till someone cut me off and wrecked it. Next was a red 84 GTS with high end blk leather seats. Traded that in for a Blk 85 GTS convertible. Then bought a 91 SR5 4x4 ext cab truck Sold the convertible to my brother for down payment on my first home. I have had the truck for over 11 years now with 311k with no rebuild and still runs smooth. Two years ago I purchased a Dark red 94 Land Cruiser. And now my wife is hooked. She hardly lets me drive it. Took me a while to find my current Celica It Had to be a 85 Silver GTS hatchback. Can't wait to fully restore it.