1986 Toyota Celica GT-S 2.0 from North America


I got the bad-nice car


Bad engine noise.

Exhaust manifold practically fell apart.

Doors don't shut tightly.

Rebuilt the transmission twice.

New alternator.

New thermostat...

I think there are more.

General Comments:

This car is so good looking, new paint, I wish it would have been a better car, but the problems just keep coming. I think either the previous owner hot-rodded it too much, or I got the bad one out of the bunch. Cause I know Celicas are generally reliable.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2002

1986 Toyota Celica GT 2.0 2SE from North America


Toyotas are way overpriced new, but for a few hundred bucks you can't beat an old one..


Alternator went at 175,000 miles.

Rear fender wells have some rust.

Radiator went at 160,000 miles.

Idler arm went at 185,000 miles.

General Comments:

I bought this car for $800 and it has been great. I bought it to get the fuel mileage and save on wear and tear on my 4x4 truck.

This car starts like new, and handles wonderfully.

Would not hesitate to pick up another regardless of the miles. Gets 33 MPG and will hit 90 MPH with no problem.

Counting repairs, new tires, and everything else, I have put about $1500 dollars into this car and have gotten 40000 miles and it's still going.

On the downside, it leaks oil like a sieve... Thank goodness for Wal-Mart and their cheap oil.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2001

15th Feb 2005, 08:18

I have recently bought a 1986 Celica GT from a buddy of mine and I have to say I was a little bit worried when I saw the mileage: 185,000. Then I took it for a test drive and found out that it was still an awesome car and still had tons of snap. I plan on dropping a new engine in it in a year or two to give me a little more to work with.

1986 Toyota Celica GTS 2.0 gas from North America


Best designed car ever


Alternator needed a rebuild at 198,000kms.

Slightly rusting fenders since owned.

General Comments:

I have concluded that this is the best car on the market today. It is economical, reliable, sporty, and it handles like nobody's business.

The options compare to a late 90's vehicle and it is so versatile. I managed to fit two full size mountain bikes into the back of it with the seats folded down.

Sure it's old, but it last forever.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2001

27th Jan 2002, 02:29

I've got a car the same and was wondering how much more power it's got than your old CRX, and what your CRX was eg. its engine.

24th Feb 2004, 14:28

I am a tall person and cars with enough room for me are rare, I love this car, my dad got it for free from a yard sale and it didn't run. However with some work I found out what was wrong with it. It wasn't taken care of by it's last owner. I plan to keep this car for years to come.

20th Jan 2006, 14:44

I recently bought my 15 year old son an "86 GT-S for $1,000.00 from the original owner. Has every available factory option, was dealer maintained, and had only 179,000 miles (60,000 miles on a rebuuilt). My son and I have had a blast "building" this car, let me tell you! Performance header, new ignition, performance fuel-rail, new front/rear suspension, and new Toyo radials (keeping the stock wheels). This is the funnest, best handling car I have ever driven. Currently, I am trying to buy an "86 Celica GT from a local garage, who just doesn't want to let it go. Who could blame him?

1986 Toyota Celica GT 2.5 from North America


A good deal


Battery died.

Passenger-side windshield wiper fell off.

Passenger door stuck shut upon purchase.

General Comments:

For a 15 year old car, it doesn't have too many problems.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2001

7th Jun 2001, 01:23

A FWD Celica with a 2.5L engine? Where did this car come from? Was it cobbled together? How does it handle? If that is a custom built, I want one!

Email back @ faster200@yahoo.com.

13th Jun 2001, 13:11

I think the 86 Celica GT came with the 3S-FE engine, which is 2 liters.

14th Jan 2002, 15:38

He's right, it was the first year of the Front Wheel Drive 2.0L engines.

10th May 2003, 07:26

I bought my 86 gt for $270.00 with 215000 miles on it. This is my 7th celica and my favorite so far. I have to say that it is true you just can't kill the celica motor. But one question for you where can I get a distributor cap for under $45.00??? so far not in Oregon


21st Feb 2005, 11:12

I bought an 86 Celica GTS for $500, and it is was a great buy. I had to install an alternator, put a new muffler on and get a new bellows. I do need to work on the overdrive though and no one seems to know where the computer is located.

6th May 2005, 13:22

Hey guys I have an 86 Celica GT Coupe with the 2.0L SOHC engine. The ECM or ECU is located under the ashtray, under the carpet and below some foam. This message is for the person wondering about where the computer is for the O/D tranny. I replaced the ECM on my car and corrected the stalling and bad behavior it was causing. I hope this helps!

One more thing - Celica's rock! It is often more pleasing to drive than my 2002 Honda Civic. Weird, but true. Peace Toyota-heads!