1987 Toyota Celica GT 2.0 4 cylinder. from North America


Cheap, reliable, quick, and very fun


After one month, I had to replace the starter and the battery connectors as both were bad. Three months after I bought it, the clutch had started to give and without warning the car overheated and blew the top of the radiator as I was sitting in the McDonald's Drive-Through. I ended up replacing the clutch, radiator, head gasket, spark plugs, thermostat, and other parts, but recently I sold the car for 200 bucks as I had not the time or money to fix it.

General Comments:

Older Celicas like this will run for 200K to 300K if taken care of properly. The one I owned apparently was not. When I bought it, it had no oil or antifreeze. But besides that, when it ran, it was very quick and very fun. I really loved the handling, even though the struts were shot. Believe me, compared to my mom's Grand Voyager, this thing handled like it was on rails.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2004

1987 Toyota Celica GT-S 2.0L 16v Twin Cam from North America


Cheap Performance


I am re-submitting my review, 13 months after I purchased the car. My previous review is entitled "killer looks and the driving characteristics to go with it."

Needed to replace 16 year old spark plug wires.

Replaced cap and rotor.

Replaced all 4 brake pads.

Driver's side emergency brake shoes have worn out.

Flex pipe disconnected from catalytic converter. Now that was loud!

Purchased new rims and tires.

Sometimes burns a little bit of oil, but nothing serious.

Air conditioning no longer works

Cruise control has a vacuum leak, but I disconnected and removed the cruise control.

Second gear sometimes pops into neutral from a 3rd to 2nd downshift as you let out the clutch.

Light surface rust in all wheel wells. Nothing serious.

One minor accident, cost $1500 to replace driver's side fender, repair crack in the bumper and a new headlight unit.

General Comments:

I have lightly modified the engine since I bought it. I have added a Pacesetter 4 into 1 header for a Celica GT, but modified it to fit the GTS. I have also added a Vibrant Performance aftermarket muffler, NGK silicone spark plug wires and polished the exhaust ports and put in a K&N drop in filter and drilled holes in the air filter box. For 135hp, and now modified, approximately 150 or so, this is a very quick car. I can beat V6 Ford Probe GTs with it.

My suspension and steering is all stock and the car handles great, but I do think a triangulated strut bar in the front would greatly help under hard cornering.

Seating is 2+2,however as I am 5'10" and must drive with my seat as far back as it goes, that leaves about an inch and a half for leg room in the back. Front seating on the driver's side is very comfortable, and the lumbar support is great. The passenger seat, in my opinion, is very comfortable, but there is not enough side support, as it feels like it is too open, and could use lumbar support as well.

The driver's seat is awesome, I will not trade it for an aftermarket racing seat. The car, due to it's size is hard to get in and out of, as it sits very low.

There are not many aftermarket parts available for it. There are headers, exhuast systems, springs, struts, cam gears etc, but there is a very limited selection. It seems like many more parts are for the lower end model GT, instead of the higher performance GTS.

In conclusion, the 1996-1989 Celica is an ansolutely wonderful car to drive. It is quick, has great handling, is very comfortable, gets good gas mileage (around 550km from a 60L tank running on 94 octane),parts are cheap and for a 16 year old car, it still has style.

I think this car has been one of Toyota's best efforts.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2003