19th Dec 2011, 21:39

"This is my very first car" "it is the best car I have ever owned"... all in the same review. Couldn't anyone say that truthfully? I mean if it is all you've ever owned, it would have to be the best, no matter what, right?

Seriously though, slow down. You are very unsafe to be driving fast in an old car like this. I hate to see young kids racing around thinking they are invincible. All it takes is one lightning quick mistake and you are done in that car. It is old and will crumble like tin foil on impact.

Stay slow... you've got a long life ahead of you to enjoy.

29th Mar 2012, 09:18

I have the same model. Even now, running it in Australia, it is amazing. It's the second car I have ever owned, and it has been reliable. I drive around 150 kilometers a day, and these people bagging that they're old; I drive it through the hills of Adelaide every day, down 100 kph roads, and the handling is supreme. The people that are whinging have obviously never driven one. I have never broken down, and never been in an accident; stupid people cause accidents, not racers.

26th Feb 2013, 17:21

I owned a beautiful 77 Celica GT. Great Mustang styling. I quit buying them as the 80s design was the pits. I switched to the still Datsun 280zx in 82. It would be nice if Toyota redid their 70s Celica design again today. Like the domestics have, such as the sharp Challenger. If the drivetrain could be reliable, it would be a great car to buy again.

19th Dec 2013, 21:35

Yes I agree, it is great car; good handling and reliable.

21st Dec 2013, 09:49

It's amazing the logic of what some call a fast car. The speedometer reads 115 MPH, but it took 3 minutes to get there. But 115 MPH is fast.