27th Sep 2004, 22:26

To the above comment:

You're not going to get much pull over 80 anyway from a NA 4 cyl. Bolt-ons might help a little bit, but forced induction is the way to go if you want any kind of top-end.

3rd Oct 2004, 19:38

You don't need body mods for your 91 CELICA just get yourself a gt4 bonnet and front bumper (UK spec) some nice 15inch alloys and bob's your uncle.

11th Oct 2004, 22:26


I'm thinking about importing a 1991 Toyota Celica gt4 from japan, and I am wondering what would have to be done for it to be street legal in the United States?


3rd Jan 2005, 07:44

There is a 3sge N/A 2.0 liter. I believe they were Japan and Europe only. Also, a BEAMS vvti 3sge came out for the IS200 (japan only). If you're in the US, they never came out with them for the Celica or MR2.

16th Feb 2005, 04:56

Here in Australia we have the 3SGE. You have to import the 3SGTE from Japan. You Americans are so lucky :)

9th May 2007, 00:36

To the guy who says first gear is sluggish. I have no problem with first gear. Maybe you're not launching well.

You also said your car gets 17 miles to the gallon. That is definitely low. Check your tire pressure. If it's low, this can kill gas mileage and power.

After reading all of these comments on 5th gen Celicas, it has occurred to me that half the people here have no idea what they are talking about. Everyone is saying that the 2.2 needs a turbo. It really doesn't to go fast. Clutchmasters make an amazing flywheel. It really kicks in at 4k where it shoots to the red line. And when you're flooring it, your RPM shouldn't drop below 4k if you're driving good.

I have had my 92 GT for a year, and I think this car is amazing for a 92 with only 135 hp.

And to the guy who said only 90 hp gets to the wheels; yeah, maybe it's that you don't take care of the car.

To those of you out there who want to do anything to your cat; don't. These cars run worse without them. A cat isn't something you really need to do anything to on your car. A turbo really isn't the only thing you can do. Turbos are sweet, but they aren't the only option. You just have to look around for parts.

I just wish TRD still made parts for this car. It just seems like they completely stopped making anything for our cars. My friend found like the last set of TRD brake pads in Cali. The place he got them from said they just chucked a bunch of them, because they didn't sell. It's sad to think they just trashed a bunch of TRD parts. I even looked in Japan for TRD parts, and a bunch for this car are no longer made. The two things I wanted from TRD for my car were the kevlar clutch and short shifter. If anyone knows where to get TRD parts, please hit me up at dan11teen@yahoo.com. One website I found some good parts on is sportcompactonly.com.

31st May 2007, 14:04

I just bought my son a 92 Celica GT for his first car and this car is sweet to drive, 24 mpg with gas prices going up it's a keeper. To me the car is fast enough for a 16 year that just got his license of course he's already talking about making it faster. My point is when I was his age I wanted the same thing to make my car faster and guess the car I had...75 Toyota Celica GT now those were nice!

6th Sep 2007, 17:25

Hi, I just bought a 91 Celica GT. I'm new at this car thing and don't know much. I've read all the comments and everyone is saying completely different things. I just want to know what simple mods could I make to my car to make it go faster?? Please someone who knows what they are talking about let me know... Shooter1154@aim.com... Thanks.

23rd Sep 2007, 18:45

Hey guys I just posted the comment above and it took me a while, but I JUST realized that I had the numbers wrong...Shooter1164@aim.com. Anyone with any ides please let me know...thanks.

22nd Oct 2008, 20:14

Hey guys, I have a 1992 Toyota Celica with a 2.2. I race it in dirt track racing. I was wondering what are some good things to do for horsepower? I can't have a turbo.

20th Oct 2010, 20:48

I have a 92 Toyota Celica ST that has the 1.6 liter, and I race it on a 1/4 mile dirt track. What can I do to get more out of it? It has to remain as stock as possible. I am looking to upgrade to a 2.2, because I just don't have the top end to keep up with the bigger 4 cylinders down the straightaways. Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you!

2nd Jan 2013, 10:47

I own this exact vehicle. You could drop $3,000 into the little 4-banger engine and you're still not going to outperform a 5.0 Mustang. It has around 130 horsepower. It's generally an economic gas sipper for a form of reliable transportation, not a race car.