1992 Toyota Celica GT-S 2.2 5sfe from Bermuda




My car has had nothing wrong with it since day one. All I needed was a clutch, and these aren't too bad to do yourself if you have a heated garage and also a decent amount of time (like a weekend). This was easy.

I've been doing a lot of research on trying to find a turbo for this engine, but it's hard to find one. If anyone knows, let me know, I'm looking to bore the 5sfe out to about a 2.8 if it's safe... still doing the research, then I'd like to get it set up on that turbo and some other additions.

P.s my dad has a 1985 Celica GT-S; this thing's crazy, rear wheel drive, and has 398 thousand miles, and is running strong.

General Comments:

This car is VERY quick. The GT-S has a few more things than the GT, and also a lot more than the 1.8 liter ST (which Yoyota shouldn't have bothered with; however it is a gas saver and reliable).

The GT-S model has a couple more horses than the GT, only like 10-15, nothing huge, and it has the all wheel ABS disk brakes, unlike the GT that only has the front 2 rotors and rear drums, so braking on the GT-S is a lot better... I know because I drive my buddy's GT all the time.

My Celica has a short ram air intake that you can find on ebay; it's just the intake for a Honda Civic 1.6 lt. You need to do a TAD bit of modding, but it works and YOU don't GET A CHECK ENGINE Light, which on the newer GT-S you do if you don't do it correctly.

Anyways, the car's interior is amazing, no rips or anything. I intend to redo it though once I get the engine and body really up to where I want it.

The Celica Alltrac is amazing if you can find one at a reasonable cost (good luck), other wise like I stated before, there is a turbo set up for the 5sfe engines; you need to do a decent amount of work and I still need to find where it is.

One more small thing on the GT-S; THE SPEEDO goes to 150 mph and I've topped out and have on it video racing a Ferrari; he destroyed me, but I topped out at 145, I have a vid on my speedo, I'll get that link up here soon.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2007

18th Nov 2009, 19:30

Actually the GT is faster than the GT-S. Both have the same engine, the 5SFE but the GTS weighs about 100 pounds more due to the liftback and a couple of other cosmetic details like wider fenders. My GT has disk brakes on both axles, I think the earlier ones may have had drums on the back.

This car is great though, it looks good, it's fast, it's reliable and it gets great gas mileage especially on the freeway, it gets better MPG on the freeway than my 1.6L engined Civic that weighs some 400lbs less. That's a win.

I'll never get rid of this car.

1992 Toyota Celica GT 2.2L from North America




My transmission blew to pieces at 190000 miles.

General Comments:

I love this car and all's I can say is Yota Power Baby!

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Review Date: 4th July, 2007

1992 Toyota Celica GT-S 2.2L 16v 4 cylinder from North America


Perfect daily driver with looks and kick, but buy the All-Trac if you want speed


Have only owned the car three weeks, these are the things I know are wrong with it:

Valve cover gasket causing a bad oil leak... fixed this on my last Celica so no problem.

Dent in rear right quarter panel. Not the end of the world.

Chip in windshield, could happen to any car.

Crack in air filter hose. Duct tape holding up well until pick up a replacement hose from junker.

General Comments:

There was no question when my first Celica, a 93, was a write off that I would be buying another of the same generation. None at all.

This car can be beaten down and take a beating like no other. Reliability flat out.

Comfortable for me at 5'7", not so much for my boyfriend at 6'4" unfortunately. Bucket seats are supportive and cushioning.

Having owned both automatic and manual transmission cars, they are both reliable transmissions. Both propel the car decently, although the manual is superior due to having two more gears. The ECT button on the automatic is great when you need a little extra from the car.

The engine is quick, but I'd like to dispel the notion that people have that the 5SFE engine is going to be fast. The car is heavy, and the engine is built for economy. You're not going to go like a rocket, but the car is pretty quick considering. My boss compared it to his 2003 Protege 5 and believes the Celica has a bit of an edge on his car, to give you an example.

The body is ahead of its time. I get compliments all the time, though I have recently had it repainted and new rims put on it, that only enhances things. The car is great looking by itself, and the body stands the test of time. Some people don't believe me when I say this car is 17 years old.

All in all, excellent car. I owned my 93 for 9 months and this 92 for three weeks. Both cars have served well, and it says something when the 92 has 70000 more kms and still runs as well as the 93.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2007