1992 Toyota Celica GT 2.2 from North America


Great Performance For Low Price


No problems yet.

General Comments:

This is a great car! The performance is great. When I first got it I raced a Honda Civic Ex, Dodge Neon, Acura Integra, and a Ford Focus and beat them all!

Since then I have added a few performance parts such as, a cold air intake, stainless steel headers, cat-back exhaust, stage 2 clutch, short shifter, and a computer chip.

Since the parts I have raced a Honda Prelude, Acura Rsx, new Toyota Celica gt-s, and a 5.0 Ford Mustang and beat them all! I just recently got my car to top speed and it was 150 mph, probably could have got 160 if had more road!

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Review Date: 30th June, 2004

13th Jul 2004, 18:49

How much H. P does your Celica have.

5th Aug 2004, 01:31

DO NOT believe you beat a 5.0L Mustang, or the other cars you mentioned... even with bolt on parts...

3rd Sep 2005, 22:22

With those parts you listed there is no way that you beat a 5 liter Mustang, unless it was driven by my grandma. they have so much more power than a Celica, its not even realistic to think that way.

1992 Toyota Celica GT from North America




The rear brakes were completely rusted out when I got the car.

Transmission fluid is being leaked.

Power steering fluid is being leaked.

Air conditioning doesn't work.

General Comments:

The car seems to handle very well, but I am very disappointed in all the leeks. The engineer said he was going to try to seal up the leeks, but what do I do if that doesn't work? Is there anyway I can permanently fix the leeks? Has anyone ever has any of the above problems, and if so how did you fix them and did it permanently help?

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Review Date: 24th May, 2004

30th Apr 2006, 15:28

You can try fluids with stopleak in them. My AC didn't work either, but I charged it up and it works great.I'm not sure if yours is R-12 or 134A. If its R-12 all you need is the fitting adapter and you can use 134A or I prefer Enviro- safe. They have 2 different types of AC stop leak, oil charges and moisture driers. Its a lot cheaper than mechanical repairs that might not last or costly ripoff conversions when all you need is a $10 fitting adapter.

1992 Toyota Celica ST183C 2 litre from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable, smart looking, good performer

General Comments:

A new battery , a new set of tyres and brake pads , are the only things my car has required other than oil and filter changes which i have done every 15000 kilometers.

I have owned over 40 cars during the last 50 years and this would be the best for trouble free running.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2004

1992 Toyota Celica GT 2.2L from North America


A great first car!!


Fan Switch (radiator) had to be replaced cause it overheated and the fan wasn't coming on to cool the engine properly.

A little oil always seems to leak after more than an hour of driving.

The air conditioning doesn't work, even though I knew this when I bought it. Although I think it just needs to be charged.

General Comments:

The Celica is just great car even though they do have some little problems, usually they are nothing too serious.

The engine is extremely tough and can take well over 250,000 miles before they show any signs of needing a new engine, only if taken care of properly.

My car handles extremely well and can take those sharp corners and turns at high speeds very easily.

These cars make you feel very, very connected to the road and they are just a dream to drive!!

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2003

19th Mar 2005, 23:21

I agree... My 1992 Celica GT hatchback is a dream to drive, even on long (6 hour) trips. With cruise control on, you get 40.5 mpg. Even without cruise and running hard, you get 32.5 mpg highway. I have had very few repairs for 120,000 miles. Everything works. That's impressive to me. Helpful tip- only buy Michelin V-rated all-season radials for this car (rated to 150 mph). You will be very glad you did, trust me. Other tires I have tried, I would classify as totally unsafe for this car.