27th Sep 2005, 11:00

I can't find a cold air intake for a 1992 Celica either. Where are you finding it?

26th Mar 2006, 11:00

There are cold air intakes on Ebay for cheap, but I can't find a header either. I did find Pace exhaust pipes at JC Whitney that are larger diameter. I did find also on Ebay the blower that blows air into your short ram air tube. I put on a body kit, peel and stick hood scoops and fender vents and everyone thinks its great.

19th Apr 2006, 23:40

Hey I have a Toyota Celica GT with a 2.2L engine and I cannot find any parts for it at all. Can you get back to me with some websites I can go to so I can buy the performance parts I need to win? Thank you for your time and my email address is cbowling1017@yahoo.com once again thank you for your time.

22nd Apr 2006, 01:32

Dream on, mustang 5.0...rsx? It's lighter weight/more horsepower. The only person you're kidding is yourself.

27th Apr 2006, 16:32

I put the header on my 92 Celica GT 2.2 engine and Pacesetter 2.5" pipes. I'm really happy with the results, it takes less pedal to get going down the road and I appear to be getting better mileage. It was an easy install, I did it all with the tire jack. I had to cut the front pipe because the front pipe was rusted too bad where it connects to the middle pipe.

5th Feb 2007, 17:03

I drive a 1992 Celica. I got it from an old man with only 60,000 miles on it and running tip top. It has the 2.2L engine and a 5 speed trans. I love it, 20+ MPG in the city, killer factory speakers, and comfy seats.

I also happen to own a 1987 Mustang, GT, automatic. It is bone stone stock, and while it is not a Road Rocket, it will RAPE my Celica in a drag race. There is no WAY in hell you beat a V8 Mustang with bolt on this-and-header-that... also, my Celica tops out right at 123 MPH limited by wind resistance.

Do you have some sort of "super-duper" 1992 Celica that has hyper warp drive? Can you sell me some of your hyper drive, please? Or is that glow from under your car just some damn neons?

Oh, and to whomever was saying their Celica kept up with a 454 whatever, HA HA HA! That dude must have been being nice to you, or he wasn't racing. Just so all of you import tuner folk know, those of us that have nice musclecars don't usually race silly kids in 135 HP rice grinders. Not worth the ticket, dude.

1st Mar 2007, 00:58

I have 2 Celicas both 2.2 engines. Though they can be pretty quick I really doubt that it could keep up with a mustang GT the numbers just don't add up. I gave mine a weight reduction of 300lbs (an equivalent of roughly 20hp) and add about 35hp with minor mods, but still I have lost to 240sx with a whopping 165hp. (And no I didn't shift wrong as both cars were AT transmission)

I raced my friend in his MT 93 Celica GT in an AT 95 Dodge Caravan because he had the same notions about a 2600lb 135hp car. It was sad when I beat him. I love these little cars, but the 2.2 just can't put out the numbers to keep up with most of the cars or minivans now days. However if you get an all-track engine for $1,900 you can beat anything up to 300hp with a few small mods.

5th Jul 2007, 21:42

I'm the second owner of a 92 Celica AWD Turbo that I bought when the car was about 1 year old. My wife drove the car for about 8 years and I have driven it since. The car has been in Colorado since it was originally sold. It is a strong running car and fun to drive. I recently had the clutch replaced and asked that oil leaks be fixed when the engine/transmission was out of the car. They missed one oil leak which the mechanic speculates may be in the head gasket. We are both reluctant to pull the unit again to chase the leak. In addition, the AC isn't working and I was told today that I need a new compressor. So I'm now thinking about selling the car. The car is clean and straight except for a bend of sheet metal in front of a front fender. I know this is a rare car that is appreciated by some. Does anybody have a recommendation of how I could determine a fair price for the car?

19th Jul 2007, 21:44

Hey. I bought a 92 Celica GT (same engine as the GTS - the 5SFE) and the car is more than I could have asked for in my first car. It has 327,000 Km and she's still running as strong as ever. The only modifications I have right now is a cold air intake I make-shifted myself out of a K&N filter, an AEM pipe I got for free from work (Toyota) and a hose clamp from Canadian Tire. Beats spending over $100 dollars and it looks like it was supposed to be there. I also have the car lowered and it handles amazing. I have on order drilled and slotted rotors and soon I plan on adding headers and a performance exhaust.

I've already beat, in a straight line drag race, a 98 civic hatchback modded with an intake and an exhaust, a Lancer modded with an exhaust, lowered and light weight rims, and a 99 1.6L Mazda Protege modded with an intake and exhaust. And a 2000 Chev Sonoma... but really, these cars aren't fast and this car needs more power. Sure it's fairly impressive for what it is, but it should have more... because more is better.

I'm an automotive technician at Toyota and as far as reliability goes, this car is damn near bullet proof. Sure the hydraulic clutch sucks because when you're racing the hydraulic fluid over heats and allows the clutch to slip a little, but other than that it's a great car to turn into something amazing.

15th Nov 2007, 23:17

I myself drive a 1990 Celica GT with automatic transmission. When I bought the car, it already came with a K and N airfilter, and a spark plug wire upgrade. The car recently had a full engine tune-up and runs excellent. I didn't buy the car for performance, but for the excellent gas mileage and reliability.I, ve owned many cars and I am proud of the Celica's capabilities. Acceleration depends on the car's condition. I have seen 0-60 between 7.6-8.3 on this car. If you want a drag car, then perhaps your money should be spent on a VR-4, 350Z, or a V8 Mustang/Camaro. I don't doubt any fact that a Celica can run with the best of them, but for $2,800, what can you really come to expect? That would be an economical, reliable ride that is surprisingly fun and quick to drive. This is coming from a guy that used to own a heavily modded S13 240SX Coupe and several high powered 3800 Series 2 powered GM products. That being said, the car is worth the price because these are relatively hard to find. I find the 6th Generation a little odd looking, and the 7th Generation lacking torque for daily driving. For the tuners out there, upgrading the brakes and suspension on this car should be the first step. You can free up power via bolt-ons such as breather mods and an under pulley kit. If you must, you can always do an engine swap. However, the latter dosen't make sense if you are indeed financially destitute.

Again, if you want 500hp relatively easy, look towards the higher priced import/domestic alternatives. If you decide to leave it stock, expect to enjoy peppy acceleration, grippy handling, and good fuel economy. Despite the Celica sales of the 90's, I think Toyota really had a home run with this product. Too bad Toyota is having problems with their new Camry V6 car (according to Consumer Report's New Car 2008 Edition).

As for the interior, the bucket seats prove to be a little uncomfortable and unsupportive.The dash presents a practical layout , with easy to use controls. The head room leaves something to be desired, as does the backseat. Then again, if this is a concern, perhaps a sedan may be a better choice. The car is relatively quiet unless it is under full throttle. Tire noise is obtrusive at times. My only main concern with this car is the wet/ slippery surface traction. Given the car's 2,700 lb weight and adequate torque, wheel spin may occur if you are not careful. Other than that, this is my second favorite car, next to my modded S13 240SX. Enjoy your rides, and don't set your expectations too high for what is financially attainable to you.