1982 Toyota Corolla GL 1.3 petrol from Pakistan


Stylish, cheap, reliable and a classic


Side windows of my car are loose. I hate the noise when the window is rolled down and I close the door.

It is a common old liftback problem, I hope I get someone to fix it for me.

Dashboard cracks, I met a person who reconditions the dashboards and he will make it brand-new.

Driving seat was broken from the foundation, I got it fixed.

General Comments:

This model has been my childhood fantasy car.

Its looks are great even if I park it with a brand new Corolla I still find it more attractive.

The only problem I see in this car is with its side windows, these windows are pillar less and therefore with the passage of time their alignments become faulty. Otherwise it's an all rounder, and time has not really done any serious harm to it.

These cars were built to last, I know this and I therefore only buy old cars, they never let me down.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2008

6th Nov 2008, 12:29

I have an '82 Corolla here in Thailand with the same little 1.3 liter OHV engine. Great little car and I love it, but it does have an awful clattering noise when I first start it up. The oil light stays on during this clattering, usually for about 10 seconds, and then everything is fine and smooth. It worries me though.

30th Sep 2009, 03:47

Well I have the same problem of the oil light staying on for say 7-8 seconds.

Changed the original oil filter with the latest oil filters of Corolla 2002-2005, which is much smaller in size, but has the same circumference and size hole, and the problem of the oil light is gone.

Technically speaking the light indicates a weak oil pump. But since in the case of these 4k engines I think this is normal.

I have the car since 1988 and the problem is there from always, which I have recently corrected by using a small filter.

30th Sep 2009, 17:02

Wow, original poster here.. Thanks so much for your advice. I'll try to get them to do that next oil change. It's also somewhat reassuring to know that this problem is commonplace. Perhaps it doesn't mean my engine will be destroyed in a matter of months!

Anyway so far the little car is soldiering on, though during rainy season it has developed another small problem - the passenger side floorboards get filled with water when driving for any length of time or at any speed in the rain!

9th Oct 2009, 12:09

I'm sorry, I posted just above that I was the original poster - I'm not, I was the first replier. Anyway, today I did as you suggest and put in the smaller oil filter from the newer Corolla, even though the people at the shop disputed me a lot, saying it wouldn't fit, wouldn't seal, etc. As it turns out it seems to have fit/sealed OK - I've checked for leaks twice today.

However it doesn't seem to have ended the oil-light-and-rattling-sound at startup.. it may have reduced it slightly though.

1982 Toyota Corolla 2 door 1.8 3TC from North America


Great college car!


No A/C.

General Comments:

Very smooth running car that is quiet ad reliable. Toyota just makes them better and better!

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Review Date: 30th May, 2006

1982 Toyota Corolla Wagon from North America


Never quits, extremely reliable


Water Pump failed a day after I bought the car.

General Comments:

Great great car. It was high mileage when I got it in Seattle and I did a lot of driving in it. The only times that it didn't start was when I left the lights on. A wagon is the best way to go for sure, I used the car for everything. Camping, moving, commuting, whatever. Gas mileage wasn't great, only about 20 miles to the gallon compared to cars these days, but extremely reliable for an old car. I would definitely buy another.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2006