1982 Toyota Corolla 2dr Hatchback Delux 1.8 3TC from North America


Reliable workhorse. Wish I could have kept it as a memento


Exhaust, starter, battery, and alternator replaced ONCE each, but that is expected for a car with 20+ yrs of faithful service. It also gives you a warning if these items go.

Regular service items: air filter, oil and oil filter change, trans. oil change, tires.

Yes seats are badly wore now.

General Comments:

Sure it didn't have amenities like power windows or gobs of horsepower, but it always fires up when called upon. Had to donate it because I've moved on to a Nissan S13 and could not afford the insurance and taxes to keep 2 cars. However the Corolla will always be remembered as my first car that has taken me through high school and college. Was still running when I donated it. It was practical and can haul a sizable amount of cargo. Was sad to see it go.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2003

1982 Toyota Corolla DX 1.3 petrol from Philippines


As reliable as one true friend


Rust started to show on the rear side during the second year.

General Comments:

The car is durable and reliable.

Fuel economy is great.

However, the cabin is cramped and the air conditioning is not cold.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2002

8th Jan 2009, 20:42

I do have a 1980 DX Corolla Liftback and must admit the engine's very strong.

22nd Sep 2009, 10:07

I have just caused the repair of my DX 1983. All the rusty parts were removed, and almost 8 sheets of 16-galvanized steel were used. It is worth the work and expense. It's durable and parts are available, especially the 4k engine. I prefer to use it against than my other newer model cars.

1982 Toyota Corolla Wagon 1.8 (3TC) from North America


Its cheaper than Anna Nicole Smith!


I replaced the starter soon after I bought the car. It took 1.5 hours and cost less than $70. Installation time included removing and replacing the exhaust manifold... in the rain. It was a piece of cake and my girlfriend now thinks I'm a mechanical genius.

General Comments:

This is a very simple, reliable, cheap and fun vehicle. It hauls my 100 lb golden retriever every day, chirps a tire going into 2nd gear, and still gives me 31 mpg. Can you ask for more from a twenty year old economy car?

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Review Date: 16th August, 2002

11th Nov 2003, 23:04

I just recently bought an '82 Corolla two door sedan from a friend for $150... she seemed to think it was dying. We took it home and gave it a little tender loving care (not even a full tune up), and she's running pretty well! We're having alternator problems due to some rewiring done to the car before, but as soon as we can find the right plug and get the stock alternator back in, we'll tune her up and she'll be hopping and bopping all over my town. I bought this car for almost nothing and now it's made me happy!

6th Oct 2004, 00:24

My light blue 1982 four-door Toyota Corolla Hatch-back Station Wagon runs great after 22 years of good service. I have driven through college and law school and am thinking about keeping it even after I work in a fancy firm and make good money... the car just goes, and goes, and goes. Everything works in it and the occasional repairs are inexpensive and pretty simple.

26th Aug 2006, 14:22

First of all, I don't need help with my grammar and punctuation, let alone spelling. I, just yesterday, purchased a 1982 Corolla for a whopping $300.00. So far, it is working great and I enjoy reading all these customer reviews of the Corolla. I expect the same to occur here. I'm just disappointed that it was bought for my cousin. I just hope I'll be around long enough to get to drive it for the remainder of the miles. It only has 158K.

Thanks for the, all positive, remarks.

22nd Mar 2009, 19:30


I have a great 82 Corolla (2 door)... It has kept me happy through college for four years and 2 years of high school..

However, I'm have alternator problems and I am wondering if you guys know what kind of alternator it has?? Does it have a regulator??