1984 Toyota Corolla DX 1.3 4 cylinder petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Indestructible beast


Absolutley nothing has ever gone wrong during the time I've had it.

General Comments:

This car is awesome. It is my daily driver as I have a Skyline as my weekend weapon.

OK I'll be honest, I thrash this car.

I've never known a 1.3 litre car to do 120km/h in second gear.. with 3 gears to go!!! I've owned 1 litre cars to 2litre cars, but honestly... I don't know how Toyota did it, it just rev's out!

Most cars if you drive them hard will use gas like there's no tomorrow, but this one doesn't, I once put 10 litres in it and drove it hard.. very hard, but still managed 90 k's before the needle reached the same position!!!

I paid $500 for it - and its been the best $500 I've ever spent!

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Review Date: 19th March, 2003

1984 Toyota Corolla GT Coupe RWD 1.6 Twincam 16v 4-AGE (Hi-Torque) from UK and Ireland


Just ask IAN!


The engine detonated thanks to me not checking the oil level, and screwing it in first gear to feel its "throttle response".

The brakes pads needed replacing after 5000 miles, but I didn't replace them so I needed new discs as well.

The drivers seat broke, but I just put a spare tyre behind it so I didn't need to buy a new one.

The rear seats got destroyed off the tyre I used behind the driver's seat, and a lot of rot appeared in the driver's side sill, but I fixed it by stuffing crisp packets into the hole and painting them the same color.

The diff started to clank and bang after me trying to to do donuts with 6 people in the car on bone dry tarmac, and also because I never changed the oil!

General Comments:

My Toyota Corolla GT Coupe 1.6 16v RWD TRD 4-age ae86 is awesome! It has a Blitz induction kit and a 4-branch manifold with a full Janspeed exhaust and a Blitz radiator cap.

It can do 0-60mph in less than seven seconds, because it ate my friend's mk2 Golf GTI 16v off the lights, and all the way up to top speed, where I kept going until I limited at 145mph! It's quicker than a Honda Integra b-16a VTEC 0-60, and an Impreza wagon WRX STi couldn't pull away from my TRD coupe!

The only car that could pull away was a Lambo Diablo on Dame street in Dublin, and a BMW 330ci.

Otherwise she's unbeaten... Just ask Ian!

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Review Date: 29th January, 2003

21st Dec 2003, 15:02


I'm glad I cam onto car survey now, this review was so informative and is a great help for future reference.

I will certainly go out and buy myself a twin cam now after reading this review.

Thanks car survey and keep up the good work.

Bernard McGonagle



1st Feb 2005, 07:57

Actually, the B16A unit WAS first used in the late 80's Integra 3dr coupe, and, due to the success of this car, this astounding engine was subsequently put in the EF Civic badged as 1.6iVT (in Britain) and the Civic Revolution X Coupe (more commonly known as the CRX VTEC), then in 1992 it got 10 more bhp, evolved into the B16A2, and lived happily ever after. JDM KING...? I don't think so...

19th Oct 2005, 17:56

That may be true for the Euro Hondas, but look here. Sorry to burst your automotive bubble, JDM KING, but the Honda Integra XSi came with the B16A in Japan. And don't bother telling people that Acura doesn't exist in Japan, everyone already knows.

1984 Toyota Corolla DX 1.6L gasoline from North America


Cheap and ugly, but fun


Windshield wiper arm broke in pouring rain, sending the wiper blade flying off the car. Not easy to find a replacement that fit right at the junkyard, but it was cheap when I did.

Power steering started leaking and squealing, chronically, until I refilled it with Valvoline Dexron III with Seal Conditioner. (cheap fix)

CV axle was bad when I bought it, replaced it, and it works fine.

Oil, ATF, PS, and differential all leak (mostly slowly)

Engine pinging, mostly alleviated by running 90 octane (which also has the benefit of giving me extra power, enough to cruise at 85 to 90 without difficulty, and hit 100 if I have to/want to.)

General Comments:

AGILE AS A BICYCLE. It can make a U turn in two lanes. On asphalt, It can take turns at speeds no other vehicle I've driven could, and if it had less body roll, would probably be up there with a lot of sports cars. It can stop from 60 in a little over 100 feet.

LIGHTWEIGHT. I drove this thing onto snow machine trails, snow packed down enough to walk on, but which would get a lot of 4x4 trucks stuck. And I managed to turn around and drive out. It just didn't sink in.

It got over 40mpg on a 6 hour highway trip. (Drafting motorhomes and SUVs... it only did 35 mpg on the trip back with less traffic)

I am 6 foot 1, and this car fits me like a glove. 6 foot 2 inchers, stay away.

However, front wheel drive always has sucked, and always will suck on ice.

Also, KEEP THE TIRE PRESSURE BALANCED... in a car this light, every little asymmetry gets turned to vibration.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2002