1992 Toyota Corolla DX FWD 4-cylinder 5-speed from North America


We call our car Emerson, and we love it!


Engine cracked at 100,000 miles, had it replaced with a rebuilt engine with <60,000 miles.

Besides that, normal wear-and-tear replacements of starter, battery, tires, etc.

Interior light hasn't worked in years, no matter what we did.

Just repaired a sagging headliner, one off-track window, and replaced THREE (yes, three) broken doorhandles. (We have kids. :)

Seats and interior features are still in excellent shape, even after removing and extreme-cleaning the entire rear seat due to carrying a leaky kerosene heater (I don't recommend this).

Trunk has a slight leak.

Speakers are blown so music is tinny.

Car has been rear-ended FIVE times in the school carpool line with no visible damage.

General Comments:

We love this car.

It's paid for, still gets great gas mileage, starts every time, goes great in the snow, and has given us 194,000 miles of nearly-trouble-free driving on mountain terrain.

The cracked engine was a disappointment, but our mechanic said it was a fluke uncommon to the Toyota brand. We paid a well-worth-it $1600.00 for a new engine and have gotten another 94,000 miles (so far).

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Review Date: 15th March, 2008

1992 Toyota Corolla glxi from UK and Ireland


Very well built car


Had to get a new battery once.

General Comments:

This car was one of the best cars I have owned.

I bought it as runaround, when I was living in the channel islands, I have never so much as put a drop of oil in it. it just went on and on.

I brought it to france many times to load up with wine and it never let me down. been the top model it had all the extras as well and it was a very easy on petrol returning over 35mpg.

I sold it to a Polish friend who has since drove it to Poland and back with no problems.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2007

1992 Toyota Corolla GLi 1.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


Excellent build quality and reliability


Ignition barrel is quite stiff, partially cured by spraying WD40 into it.

Needed new O2 sensor after filling up with a duff batch of petrol - not the car's fault.

Paint faded quite badly.

Nothing apart from that.

General Comments:

I paid £150 for this car, it had six weeks MOT to run. It passed it's MOT first time with no work required - very impressed with this.

Lovely light power steering, foolproof gearbox and clutch.

Comfortable on longer journeys.

Rolls a bit on corners and wanders slightly in crosswinds.

Brakes are a bit heavy.

Very spacious.

Not too much power at low revs, wakes up after 3500 rpm.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2007

1992 Toyota Corolla LXi Estate 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Very good small estate


Replaced both rear shock absorbers (dampers) at 110K miles. Replaced cam-belt at 110K miles - hadn't been changed at 60K, but still looked almost new.

Outer drive-shaft boot cracked and had to be replaced 110K miles.

Central locking doesn't work on the tailgate lock.

General Comments:

Security is laughable - locks are poor. Invest in an alarm and immobiliser.

Seats are very good and take the wear very well.

Engine ultra-reliable and reasonably willing, but sounds strained above 4K rpm. It red lines at over 6K rpm, but no-one would dare take it that high!

Fuel consumption is disappointing - around 30-35 mpg on shorter runs (3 to 5 miles) and only 40 mpg on longer ones (100 miles).

Cruises on motorway at 80 mph no problem.

No traction control, ABS, airbags, electric windows, aircon. Who cares - starts first time every time.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2006

1992 Toyota Corolla LSX Select 1.6 4 Gasoline from North America


Outstanding reliability and high fuel economy = a very happy owner


Early exhaust system failures (despite it being on the highway at least 70% of the time), but this is a known problem.

Body rust (common problem with early '90s Toyotas).

Drive axles failed twice (CV joint clicking, despite the boots remaining intact). Although, this likely could be a result of the refurbisher of the axles.

The air conditioning compressor failed because Freon (R-12) had slowly leaked out of the system - and to fix it would require a retrofitted non-Freon A/C system.

The driver's seat fabric was beginning to wear at 230,000 kilometres - but what do you expect for a 14 year old car?

General Comments:

This car has been absolutely amazing in terms of reliability. I drove the car to school almost every day and put over 20,000 kilometres on it each year, and yet the car never protested.

I cannot speak any more highly about Toyota reliability - it is simply outstanding. My car never left me stranded. If the company keeps building cars like this, my next car will definitely be a Toyota.

While the car is small, it is comfortable considering the size of the car. The suspension is very compliant, and the car does tend to wallow if pressed to its limits; but, if the car is driven the way it is intended to be driven, one would not have problems with the ride.

The 1.6 engine tends to lack low end torque, and hooked up to a 3 speed automatic, it will never win any races. It will adequately accelerate onto the highway - albeit with noise (which I think is more a problem due to the lack of an overdrive gear).

Fuel economy was always outstanding - in the six years I owned the car, very few times would I find the car's economy dipping below 30 mpg (combined highway and urban driving).

The only reason I sold the car was due to the brake lines and fuel lines, which were in need of replacement - and the bill was not worth it for a 1992 car. I would still be driving it otherwise.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2006