12th Feb 2008, 09:04

I originally posted here on 5th July 2005, while on my 2nd all trac wagon. I now have # 3 & 4. #3 is in as good of shape as #2. I acquired #4 when a fella walked into my job and asked who owned the gold wagon in the parking lot. My first words were "What did you do to my car?!", assuming he had hit it in the parking lot. At over 6'4", with back problems, he was having difficulty getting in and out of an all trac wagon. Did I know anyone who might be interested in it? "Yeah, me!!! Don't leave..."

The body is SEVERELY rusted (missing about 4" of metal above the wheel wells) but the engine only has 100,000 miles on it, has a new alternator, new exhaust, interior is immaculate... So as the body completely deteriorates...I'll use the parts on my other 2 cars.

26th Mar 2008, 17:50

My 89 All-Trac wagon was stolen from a trail head north of Golden, CO in early January. With over 350,000 miles on it and a few large rust holes, it was left intact on a city street and finally towed to impound. I got it back today.

The glove compartment was empty of paperwork and the face plate of the radio/cd player was gone, but the slippers and water bottle were still in the car.

All is well.

26th Mar 2008, 23:43

..On my second all trac wagon.. had an '89 for 15 yrs. that got t-boned by a dink running a red light.

Now have a '91 with a rebuilt engine.. saved lots of parts off my old one..

These are great.. good ground clearance.. has never failed me when other cars are failing their owners.

CV boots go out.. aforementioned exhaust system wear issues including exhaust manifold.. some shorting of light and ignition switches.. a little notchy going into reverse..

Good solid and dependable.

17th May 2008, 23:22

I got my 1989 Toyota Corolla AllTrac (automatic) 4wd in December 2007. It was a wonderful car and I liked driving it. However in February 2008, I allowed a "friend" to use it because he didn't have any wheels. The morning after he brought it back I needed to go to the post office, but when I started backing out of the place it was parked, it didn't seem to want to back up very well. I thought it was the snow on the ground. NOPE! When I got to the Post office and was ready to leave, it would not back up at all. I discovered that I had no reverse and no neutral. I can drive forward just fine as long as I remember not to park where I have to back up. Toyota mechanic said it looked like someone was moving forward and shoved the thing into another position (probably reverse or park). I have been looking for another transmission and have had no luck in finding one. Any ideas?

21st Sep 2008, 21:19

Bought my 1992 Corolla All-trac wagon with 85,000 miles on it. I paid $5,000 for it and it has definitely been the best automobile investment in my life. I have put it through another 100,000 miles of mixed driving and it has performed flawlessly. I guess that it did have the exhaust manifold crack but with a simple set of ratchets and $35 it is good to go. Regular fluid changes and no real abuse and I totally believe that this wagon will take me through 300,000 miles. I am contemplating selling it because my 4th child is on the way and my wife wants to use the money towards a minivan. I can tell you that if no one shows interest, it won't break my heart one bit. Absolutely one of the most reliable and functional vehicles ever. Snatch one up if you get the chance as they were made in limited numbers and decent examples are becoming more and more difficult to come by.

13th Mar 2009, 20:02

I'm Baaaack!!!

Posted twice before-5th July 2005, with a follow up 12th February 2008.

A lot has happened in the past year! I took #2 off the road: since I am trying to buy a house, I opted to wait to fix the exhaust due to $$$$$. Was driving #3 in August, when the tires shredded at 70 mph (Bought 'new'; found out they were re-treads), so I put the tires from #4 onto #3, expecting to drive it through the winter. Noticed a pool of gas under #4 in early November: fuel tank AND sending unit, only available through Toyota at $600 parts alone. So # 2 went back on the road, with the exhaust from #4. By January the alternator from #4 was also on #2 (2 & 3 both have about 175,000 miles). Two weeks later, I hit black ice on an otherwise clear road, spun out and bounced off a couple of guardrails. Garage that towed said it was totalled, with BENT FRAME, radiator destroyed, AC condenser twisted and mangled (I walked away with just banged knees),and damage to the 'mechanicals' surrounding the rt front wheel. I have an optimistic mechanic that said he could fix it: only because he had a friend with a frame-straightener who owed him a favor. While waiting to hear back from him, and thinking he was overzealous, I did what I had done many times before:I googled the car.. but this time I found one only 2 1/2 hours from me for sale, from a dealer, in great shape, and, after some haggling, at a decent price. So I went and bought it!

My mechanic was true to his word, and after taking more parts from #4, he has fixed #2, and it is back on the road!! He is now stripping anything usable off #4 and is hoping that although it LOOKS rusty on the outside, the fuel tank & sending unit will be usable for #3

And I'll still keep looking for more...

19th Apr 2009, 13:55

I have a 1992 All Trac Wagon automatic, bought "new" with 95 miles on it from a Toyota dealer in Palo Alto, CA. 17 years later no rust, no problems except for minor annoyances (CV boot being one). I didn't like the original shocks so I replaced those at about 70K miles. I just passed 214,400 miles. When I bought it, boyfriend at the time said it would go 300K miles. Mileage is pretty good, have gotten 30/mpg when gas prices were crazy. Worst was 22mpg (lots of starting/stopping). I just keep changing the oil, I use a high mileage synthetic from Mobil 1.

12th Jul 2009, 15:37

I have a 1989 Corolla Wagon DX All-Trac (auto) that I am looking to sell (or part out because a few parts may be worth more than I can get selling it around here). There is no rust on any doors, panels, or anything except for the hood (a small crease from a 5mph collision). The car has 150K and still runs well. The interior is all good as well. I have no idea what I should ask a salvage yard or buyer for this car, but I am sure other owners have been charged a lot for used windows, doors, panels, etc. If anyone has any advice on what I have here, car vs. car parts, please drop me an email at