29th Jan 2011, 15:29

I had a new All Trac in NYC, and traveled all over - Vermont, Canada, down to South Carolina - did fine. Kept it for 13 years, had a rebuilt transmission put in, which was its downfall. After 270,000 miles, finally had to give it up, and have been sorry ever since that day. Tried other cars, but now looking to find one again. Probably have to travel across country it looks like to bring one home to PA snow country.

17th Jun 2011, 02:34

I'm glad people like you exist, because you use car review forums the proper way. Plus that's what people really want to know all about the life of the car; ya know, the real stuff, not just some short review, a real review. Anyway, thanks again


8th Jul 2011, 14:22

I'm glad I came across this site. My grandson recently became the owner of a Toyota Corolla (not sure of year and anything else). All I know is that the engine doesn't turn. From what I've read, it looks like this might be worth my investment. Any suggestions??? My email is george.torres@1199funds.org

Thanks for your help.

17th Apr 2012, 16:24

I just lost my Toyota Corolla All-trac wagon to a 16 year old girl that failed to yield my right-of-way. My baby was totaled and I'm in search of another. Can you help!? My email is smafeather@gmail.com

Thanks... I loved my car!!!

6th Feb 2015, 19:27

The '89 Crolla All-trac is a GREAT car. Mine has 403,193 miles on it . Bought it used in 1990 with 167k on it. Everything on it still works, passes emissions every 2 years, in Maryland. I think the body will go before the engine. Have replaced only the water pump, radiator, belts, 1 alternator, rear axle & brake lines since then. With regular maintenance it's a horse of a car.

7th Aug 2015, 19:46

I have a 89 Toyota All Trac. Best car I ever owned.

At 403K plus miles it still has lots of power, the auto trans is still good, 4wd still works, heater will run you out, and the A/C still works.

No smoke on start up or any time.

Radio still works.

Only replaced radiator, alternator, 1 water pump. All lights still good.

Body is a rust bucket! But I LOVE this car, it has seen me thru 20 odd years of driving to and from my job, vacations, and just daily trips. Passed emissions last year.

If you have one, keep it! They last forever.

I live in Maryland

15th Dec 2016, 06:45

Have an auto electrician check the voltage regulator and lead HV resistance.