23rd Oct 2009, 14:44

Yes they are comfortable, but when you look at ride, noise level, level of support in the seats, they are not my first choice for a cross-country trip. Thus I personally would not score them a 10. Also in performance if a Corolla is a 10, what would a high performance car score?

Again, nice cars - as much car as most people might need, but more of a 6 or 7, than a 10 in my book.

6th Nov 2009, 18:22

Well, looking beyond these minor matters, just want to add that this superb vehicle saved my sister's life this week, in an accident which resulted in the Corolla going over the road edge and rolling upside down below. All the safety features (massive air bags, etc) unleashed, she was wearing her seatbelt, and apart from hurting afterward in every imaginable way, she walked away without severe harm. Truly a miracle.

When I queried the tow company as to why the roof hadn't caved in, further trapping her, they replied that these cars are superbly built and highly safe; more than most in this class. So, she is awaiting settlement from the insurance company and then heading straight to Toyota for another of the same!!

Positive TEN points all around for the 2009 Corolla 1.8 ~~!!

30th Aug 2010, 16:57

It's interesting to see someone say a Toyota saved a life, rather than ended one, considering all their safety issues. There are many reviewers on this site that insist every Toyota built in the last twenty years is a death trap. I feel very safe in my Toyota Echo.

30th Nov 2010, 23:00

Update - original reviewer. My Corolla has now 21k miles and still doing great, and not a single problem, just recalls. I still love and recommend the car. Thanks Toyota!!

17th Mar 2012, 15:40

Original reviewer: 36800 miles and 3 years later, my Corolla is making a sound from engine. I took the car to the dealer and they say that it needs a new A/C compressor... cost $2,700 in just parts to repair. This is just crazy in a car that is only 3 years old... Toyota, I am losing faith...

18th Mar 2012, 21:52

Holy cow. $2700 for an AC compressor? On a Mercedes, okay. Is that what they fixed? I am waiting and seeing what I'll have to fix on this car. So far nothing since I bought my 09 in early 08 when it first came out. Thinking with the first major repair like that, I will move on to another car.

2nd Apr 2012, 20:41

Original reviewer: Total cost of the A/C repair was $3,800!! I spoke to Toyota, and they paid $3300 and I paid the rest. I am glad I did not have to pay for the whole thing, I still think that it should have not gone out...

30th Jan 2013, 23:42

Original reviewer @ 47,200 miles. The engine is making a grinding sound at cold start up. Took it to the dealer and they are replacing R & R camshaft timing gear assembly. Really not happy about this. Next car will be a different brand.

31st Jan 2013, 11:38

Try a new Mazda 3. I took a 1600 mile round trip and it rode great in the Touring version. I think the tires and wheels were a big factor. Very easy to speed inadvertently in it on the interstate. Lots of amenities too. It also rides much better than our Honda EX as well.

31st Jan 2013, 23:06

Toyota should have stuck with timing belts. It seems that they have been having some problems with the chains, and you would think that the chain would be much more durable.

1st Feb 2013, 09:25

My Mercedes sedan cost 5k to fix the air conditioning. Granted, it had 150k on the odometer.

1st Feb 2013, 12:20

Just wondering if you would still give the Corolla all tens, and if not - what would the scores be now?

1st Feb 2013, 17:29

In the latest New Car Buyers Guide, it has a "cool facts" line after the review of each car. After the Corolla review, the "cool fact" stated is that it finished dead last in the small car comparisons.

2nd Feb 2013, 19:23

The current model Corolla was a has-been when it came out a decade ago. However, it is one of Toyota's best sellers, so I think they are leery of messing with success. The car serves its purpose as an elderly or college student's car well. If I had a small family, I would consider one myself. It's dead reliable, and it's been out for a while so all of the kinks have been worked out. Actually, it's one of the best values in the US car market.

4th Feb 2013, 14:24

I agree that the Corolla is a good car for basic point A to point B transportation. And it sells well because it is cheap. In my area the Corolla is being advertised well equipped with an automatic for less than a bare-bones stick shift Chevy Sonic. It is a good value for those care nothing about style, comfort or performance.

21st Apr 2013, 16:48

Original reviewer @ 49,200 miles.

The engine is making a grinding sound at cold start up again. Took the car to the Toyota dealer again; they state that the car has a short in the starter. It seems like the dealer is having trouble diagnosing this sound, and is just part replacing. Took the car to a different mechanic and they also stated starter. The starter is being replaced and it seems that I got a new camshaft gear for no reason, but hey it can't hurt.

To answer a previous question I got, I would not give the car 10's any longer; more like a 5 for reliability.

1st Jan 2014, 17:26

Original reviewer. At 58,000 the car takes off and shakes… The clutch seems fine though. All I have driven is manuals, so I know how to drive... I officially now hate this car.

3rd Jan 2014, 12:00

Once you have a Toyota, you never go back to one. That's our families thought.