23rd Dec 2009, 00:03

Original poster for this thread... update.

Just completed 1 year with the car and odometer has 18K miles on it. No problems to report. No warranty work performed. Changed oil 3 times (once by the dealer that was free and last couple of times by myself). MPG has settled to 37mpg on the highway and 30 in the city.

Not too much to brag about anything other than this vehicle has yet to let me down.

For the last poster who was stranded by two Toyota's, can you please share what caused the vehicle to fail you? It would be helpful and beneficial for others.

24th Dec 2009, 15:30

He won't answer. Although if he was stranded in a Toyota, 1 of 2 things could have happened:

1. He got a flat tire.

2. He ran out of gas.

25th Dec 2009, 11:32

Or sludging. Engine failure or trans issue.

26th Dec 2009, 19:07

"Or sludging. Engine failure or trans issue."

Ha ha, yeah, I remember when I was left stranded due to an engine failure. Lost the cylinder 4 connecting rod. Shot right out the bottom of the engine. Oh but wait, that was in my Chevy Lumina... I guess I can't blame it however, it did have an excess of 43,000 miles on it already.

13th Nov 2014, 20:52

Original Poster Update as of 2014 Nov 13.

Mileage 77,000 miles.

Since my last post, I changed the tires to Michellin Harmony (rated for 80K miles). The car has been trouble free.

I have had two accidents though --

1. Someone bumped me from behind while stopped at a signal light. The bumper was refurbished and repainted.

2. Hit a construction drum on the highway, requiring the front bumper cover to be replaced.

Performed the "brake vent" recall, but not the sudden acceleration recall as my car was not part of the recall by VIN. Since the brake vent recall, the throttle body whistles during the initial acceleration -- annoys me a lot in summer when I have my windows down. No performance or reliability issues though.

Getting about 38 MPG on highway and 34 in the city. Still using synthetic oil; whichever brand is on sale (switched from Mobil 1 5w20 to Quaker to Valvoline, but all synthetic).

I learned the car has timing chain, which does not require timing belt change, but I will look into changing the serpentine belt around 100K or so.

Overall a good reliable car. Bought a new 2014 Prius to rotate (there should be a review on that as well).

Cheers and happy motoring!

1st Jan 2015, 01:47

Original owner and reviewer update. Mileage: 78000

Had an accident on a highway where the Corolla was hit from behind by an F150. The impact forced a secondary collision to the front.

The car is now totalled because the rear frame is damaged too severely. I have sustained no injury -- lucky.

I will miss this reliable car.