3rd Jan 2013, 15:21

American car buyers still seem clueless to the damage done by spending their buying dollars on vehicles built by foreign-owned companies. Not only do the profits go to Germany, Japan or England, but we taxpayers pay more each year to subsidize these companies than all the loans (which have been repaid) that have ever been made to GM or Chrysler. And these tax subsidies are free gifts. Not one penny is ever repaid.

In addition, Ford and GM are building far better cars than any foreign manufacturer. Just look at Toyota: Three Grand Jury subpoenas, four massive fines and a 1.1 billion dollar settlement since 2009 for neglecting their customer's safety. Domestic manufacturers issue recalls without being forced to by the courts.

3rd Jan 2013, 20:43

I shopped a 2012 Corolla, drove in it and tested it. Very, very cheap interior, bad fit and finish, and it had absolutely no get up and go. Also, the engine is very thrashy and loud. What a disappointment... it's very sad how far Toyota has fallen. I won't even begin to mention the decontented and cheapened 2013 Camry.

4th Jan 2013, 11:35

If we cry "Uncle", will you stop posting the same repetitive propaganda? In my opinion your biased rants are diminishing the true value of this site. Which by the way was supposed to be about owners reviewing their cars. Not about people shoving isolationism down our throats.

4th Jan 2013, 15:05

There was actually a story on the radio a few weeks ago I listened to. It was pretty fascinating. It talked about the state of auto manufacturing in the US, and how it's greatly changed in regards to import brands that are made here.

At this point, we manufacture more than 60% of the Japanese cars sold in this country in the USA. We also actually export close to 16% of these cars to other countries. We also make a lot of Japanese engines that are then shipped back to (drum roll) JAPAN.

Japanese automakers spend 10's of billions of dollars every year in the US, buying parts from US parts manufacturers. Perhaps re-read that statement: They buy parts from AMERICAN companies. As in a lot of the Japanese cars you buy in the US are actually riding around put together with American parts owned by American companies.

The most "American" car - as in the car that has the highest percentage of American-Made parts holding it together is the Toyota Avalon, with around 90 PERCENT of it actually made - not assembled - but MADE in the USA. The most American truck you can buy is... you guessed it... The Toyota Tundra, which is made in Texas and is made out of over 80% American made content. The domestic competition? Well... we're talking only 55% in one brand at this point. The rest of course is all imported.

Japanese, Korean, German, and American automakers all have a major presence in the US and make their cars to a larger and larger percentage. Toyota has built many plants and employs 10's of thousands of US workers in them.

There is a reason for all of this. First of all, Legislation was passed some time ago that required Japanese car manufacturers to produce a certain percentage of their products here. Ironically these same requirements weren't given to the US manufacturers, which is now why so many of them are actually made in Mexico, Canada, Korea, and so on. The other reason is that shipping heavy parts has gotten to be too expensive. Thus it's cheaper to simply make what you sell where you sell.

As far as Toyota's falling quality, well it's sort of funny to say this, being that as of just last month Toyota along with their other divisions were placed in the No.1, 2, and 3 most reliable top spots out of all other auto manufacturers. Have they had recalls? Sure. Please name me ONE automaker out there that has NOT had recalls. It's not about the recalls. It's about the overall quality and reliability of the product. Of course these recalls is used as some sort of thinly veiled excuse by those who clearly have an agenda to bash imports, no matter how good they are, or how many facts prove that they're wrong.

But in any regard, these are the facts, and this is the world we live in. It's a global economy. Get used to it.

4th Jan 2013, 17:04

Every review I have read of the 2012 Corolla ranked it dead last in comparisons with other compact cars. I couldn't agree more. It is poorly built and antiquated in design. Considering Toyota's dismal record for safety, it is probably a very unsafe car as well.

5th Jan 2013, 08:04

Oh, thank you for someone saying this! There are a few people who have come to haunt this site. The hijacking of reviews, the pointless arguments, the repetition of one-dimensional opinions has sadly degraded a site that I once truly enjoyed and looked forward to participating in. I finally had to request that one of my reviews, which I had spent several years adding updates to, be removed and another locked when the "seagulls" (because they fly in and sh*t on everything) swooped in with their snarky comments and trashed what had been for me a labor of love.

Please, won't you people stop ruining this site for everyone else?

5th Jan 2013, 21:30

If you look at the title of this review, you'll see that it clearly invites critical comments. Not every Toyota owner is totally happy with their car.

6th Jan 2013, 07:36

Curious if you have noticed the stagnant economy and amount of people jobless. The biggest profits leave here and go to Japan, Korea etc. Do you like it enough to be used to it?

6th Jan 2013, 12:13

Critical comments are one thing - political rants and a flawed understanding of basic economics is something altogether different. Can't we agree to base the comments on cars that we have actual experience with, rather than making these blanket statements such as this brand makes junk, or all of this country's cars are great etc. You get the idea.

Speaking of my experience with the Corolla, it has been very positive, and if didn't require a vehicle with the ability to drive off-road and in all weather conditions, I would have no problem owning one.

6th Jan 2013, 16:05

The U.S. government (in other words us taxpayers) give away more money in government subsidies and tax exemptions to foreign car makers than all the loans made to GM and Chrysler since the 80's. And all the loans have been repaid with interest. The free gifts to foreign car companies will never be repaid. So every Toyota and Honda bought by U.S. citizens is another several grand out of our own tax money. No wonder we have a debt problem. Too bad American car buyers don't seem to understand the importance of supporting U.S. companies. The "Global Economy" propaganda has worked well in creating yet more economic myths. You can't support foreign companies and benefit your own country.

7th Jan 2013, 07:23

My last word on this, because I find myself getting sucked in to exactly what I complain is happening on & to this site.

First of all, using the word "foreign" is a good indicator that this thing originated not long after the stone ages.

Secondly - Please study basic economics, for it is your argument that is biased and based on inaccurate propaganda.

Third - Once again & finally, can we stop this back & forth banter and stick to REVIEWING vehicles, otherwise perhaps it is time for a "troll" or "spam" button, so we don't have to have those offensive comments show up when trying to read about cars (as opposed to others' political views).

I too am saddened that many of my legitimate reviews have been taken down from this site, even though they were accurate reports of my experiences in owning both imports & domestic vehicles.

Sadly, as a retired/disabled person who has been a car enthusiast for much of his life, I find myself spending less time on this site due to the activity of some people. I used to enjoy the comments following reviews, some were done with great humor, others were very informative, however lately I find far too many mean spirited agenda driven nonsense, and this is a shame.