4th Sep 2012, 07:30

I wish they would get what a parent corporation means. It's like if you are a landlord that owns properties out of the country, and hires a maintenance staff to care for it. The maintenance staff gets a few jobs in their country. All the rents get mailed back to me. I own all of it. And the buildings too, and collect rents on top. Maybe an analogy like this may help... maybe! Apply that example to a foreign company that has ownership here. They hire some workers, pay some utilities etc and get the big check or profit back to the foreign based corporation. The foreign corporation owns it all. I doubt this example will help, but it was worth a shot.

5th Sep 2012, 10:03

What this boils down to is what workers work for what company. If you don't buy from one company, then that affects the workers at that company. Doesn't matter if they work for a foreign or domestic company. But even if we were to take an exclusively isolationist mentality and didn't buy from other countries, then that would have the effect of putting the US economy into a depression, and that would actually hurt more US workers.

Sending money overseas isn't a bad thing. Doing so means that in turn, our products are bought overseas. If we didn't buy from one another, then no new money would ever come into the country. That's why it's called international trade. There is an outright necessity to have a circulation of incoming and outgoing cash. You can't possibly run an economy in a vacuum. It doesn't work.

6th Sep 2012, 15:10

True, you cannot stop it. One of my customers with 600 employees has reduced their domestic workforce down to 1 shift as their manufacturing plants overseas have been ramping up. Same company corporate is in the United States. It's less costly with labor and benefits. In turn it affects my company and employees as well.

I see the economy as stagnant. Since you cannot stem the tide, it may help if some not all make efforts to retain some business here. People lose sight of the trickle down effect that the downsizing and shift losses causes on people like us. Other companies. Less income with less spending. Maybe you see some tremendous growth that we are missing. Did I hear it doesn't matter if you buy an import or domestic? I don't see how the balance is balanced as we speak as well. If so, nearly everything I own would not be valued so low. A lot of people are underwater, taking 2 or 3 smaller paying jobs to survive. Yes, that's growth here.

7th Sep 2012, 17:53

You a fighting a futile battle. Americans apparently have absolutely no concept of "parent companies" or basic math. That is why we are rapidly becoming a third-world country.

15th Feb 2013, 10:28

I agree with this comment, Australia was getting Accords and Civics made in Maryland USA, and also the Euro model Accords and Civics made in Swindon UK.

15th Feb 2013, 10:32

You forgot to also add that Chrysler is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Fiat.

15th Feb 2013, 10:45

Strange, my Toyota was manufactured in Victoria Australia. It has some parts from Japan, some from New Zealand and some from locally sourced part manufacturers like Bosch Australia, PBR, Monroe, Kings, Hella and Pilkington. Even the key fob differs from the US or Japanese version. It doesn't have the American style dual headlight, it has a Japanese style single bulb headlight, but the headlight was manufactured in Australia. It's fair to say that 75% of the components on this car were not manufactured in Toyota City Japan, and they even have a corporate branch here. Japanese owned ultimately, but there's a fair bit of Australia in there too, considering these same OEM suppliers make parts for Ford AUS and GM Holden.

15th Feb 2013, 10:46

But Chrysler is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Fiat Automobile; ultimately that's who Chrysler has to answer to and take direction from.

16th Feb 2013, 09:37

Why continue to post such inflammatory political comments on an automotive web site based in the U.K., & read around the world?

This is not the impression of Americans that I would like my brothers & sisters around the world to get.

16th Feb 2013, 14:36

Yes, Chrysler is now a foreign-owned company. As such it will not get any of my car buying dollars. They will go to Ford and GM.

17th Feb 2013, 08:12

Sorry, parts content and even some plants operating outside the parent owned entity, it's still pretty clear if they are foreign or domestic. Honda and Toyota are Japan owned. They get the biggest profits. If you see a Mercedes or BMW, it's German. I am sure people know that. I would love to see an American flag emblem installed on a new Toyota. Even is there is a plant down the street, it still is a Japan owned company. And they get the big profits going back overseas. They may hire people in your city, but it will never replace all the shuttered plants that closed.

7th Aug 2013, 21:12

Wow, I actually had the same problem with the speaker!

12th Aug 2013, 09:33

Unfortunately the core economy of America is affected, and creates a dependency on foreign economies. Also you are enriching their foreign governments, and their corporates reap the big profits.