8th May 2013, 14:27

Toyota has recalled more vehicles than any car maker in history. Why people keep buying these death traps is beyond me.

10th May 2013, 22:36

The only Toyota that I have owned was my first and last. It was a 2009 Camry purchased brand new, and traded in a brief 3 years later due to the poor fit and finish inside and out, and many mechanical troubles.

Reliability surveys in situations like this are useless.

11th May 2013, 21:01

Most reliability surveys are not very objective, and I never allow such surveys to affect my decision to buy a car. One of our current cars has a "much worse than average" reliability rating. We've owned it for ten years and 117,000 miles, and it has never had a single repair. Of course it is a domestic.

15th May 2013, 20:29

The Ford Focus is the Number 1 selling car in the world as of 2013.

16th Aug 2013, 20:30

Original Reviewer.

Ignoring the above comments. Personally I don't actually care what the real best-selling car in the world is. I like the new Ford Focus, but still wouldn't buy one right now. I need real reliability, and Ford has plenty of recalls going on right now too.

My Corolla now has just over 97,000 miles. I have had no issues all summer. I drive only 30 miles a day during the summer (no summer classes, I pretty much only drive to and from work, which is much closer to home).

I had the set of BBS winter rims painted a bright metallic silver. I mounted the Altimax HP's that were on my factory wheels on them and it looks awesome. The bright silver wheels compliment the dark grey paint beautifully.

Can't remember if I already updated that I installed a new stereo system. No crazy subwoofers or anything like that. Just a new set of MTX 6x9 speakers in the rear and some new Kicker front speakers along with a Kenwood head unit. The head unit has the USB and AUX input jacks I was really looking for. The stereo system sounds amazing. Puts the stereos in all our other cars to shame.

I will be starting school again in another 2 weeks. I expect around 130,000 miles by this time next year. Oh, I forgot to mention: I've averaged 40 MPG all summer. I think I've maybe filled up 6 or 7 times all summer. Can't beat that.

17th Aug 2013, 09:22

"Ford has plenty of recalls" and Toyota never had any? They are the leader of the pack.

17th Aug 2013, 12:20

Look at a new Mazda 3. Far more amenities, and when you finish college, trade for a Mazda 6. We have a total of 4 in our family; all 2011 and newer. Great mileage and you won't have to buy an aftermarket radio. The Touring rides better too, and avoid Toyota's massive recalls.

17th Aug 2013, 14:55

Fords do have "real reliability". My 2002 Grand Marquis was virtually flawless at 140,000 miles. On the other hand, my 2009 Camry was the worst car I had; it was trash at 60,000 miles.

20th Aug 2013, 12:28

Actually Ford has had the world's best selling car for over two years now. I don't think the Corolla ever held that spot. It's too poorly built and many people have switched from Toyotas due to them holding the record for the most recalls in automotive history. Toyota has recalled more cars since 2007 than Ford has built in its entire history since 1903. People obviously have forgotten the massive court-ordered recalls Toyota has had since 2008.

21st Aug 2013, 15:48

I left this site for a while only to come back and see the same comments as before: Someone makes a post about their Toyota or Honda, and lo and behold the same comments are still here: Anti-import comments based on nothing, or comments that are not in any way tied to the actual review. We live in an international world. Deal with it. Let people buy what they want, and leave them be.

22nd Aug 2013, 09:57

It's also a great awareness site, that is a tremendous asset on upcoming car purchases. Let the chips fall where they lay. If I shop for a new Toyota and find numerous consumer issues of engine sludging, trans replacements and the like, I want to know beforehand. As an informed consumer, you're also a wise consumer.

I also do not care where someone turns a nut and bolt. It's the corporate that approves the design. If it's a lemon, I don't blame the city where its built. I work to hard to walk blindly in a car dealership without being analytical on my car purchases.

23rd Aug 2013, 11:45

The comments being made to intentionally put Toyota in a bad light, are because of an agenda that is based on an overall dislike of imported cars that is not helpful to anyone, and especially when the aforementioned comments are blown about 3000% out of proportion, or based on unrelated anecdotal stories. It's easy to do research. Just read your various quality and long term reliability surveys. Easy.

24th Aug 2013, 08:17

No agenda here; we have mixed ownership. It's unfortunate the word import even comes up as far as Toyota massive recalls and issues we have had. This is major mechanical stuff, not loose trim. We have had issues with Hondas as well, especially transmissions. My pick, if you feel it's picking on imports, is the new Mazda 3 Touring and the Mazda 6. We also have had great luck with new Fords. Until Toyota improves their quality, there are plenty of other imports and domestics to choose. 2014 models are happening soon. No more Toyotas for us for a good while.

24th Aug 2013, 11:07

A lot of people seem to have an obsession with buying cars from foreign companies. They act as if they are being personally attacked if anyone dares to bring up facts (and they are facts) about foreign cars. You'd have to have been living on another planet not to be aware of Toyota's massive problems and the Honda/Acura transmission problems. In addition to supporting American industry, buying domestics is simply a smarter choice. Maybe decades ago a few foreign cars might have been pretty well built, but now domestics are far better built. GM even outsold Toyota in JAPAN last month. That says a lot.

24th Aug 2013, 22:00

In regard to Toyota. I rented a new Corolla a few months ago and drove it about 450 miles. I found the seats very uncomfortable, And the wind noise to be very loud; the radio had to be turned up high to be able to hear what was being said. I know in the past Toyota has been a reliable car, but I think Toyota has to get back to building a more quality product...

25th Aug 2013, 09:33

I am not against imports unless they are lousy. If you have bad luck, it seems you are labeled anti import. There are more imports than Toyota that you can buy. I realize people spend a lot of money and get defensive so they don't seem a fool. To me it's foolish being silent. I consider it nicer to admit the problems and help someone else.

26th Aug 2013, 16:15

Like I said, most Toyota's are reliable etc. This particular Corolla I rented must have been made on a Friday ha ha. I believe every car manufacturer makes good vehicles and the odd dud.

27th Aug 2013, 12:10

I have been following the "Buy American" movement and am very excited to see so many Americans switching to products made by American companies. Even young people, who are generally clueless about cars, are buying American. More and more people are realizing that buying foreign hurts all of us. The entire editorial comment section of my daily national newspaper today was filled with letters praising the "Buy American" ideal. I never buy any product without researching it to find one made by an American company. Anti-American is becoming a thing of the past.

28th Aug 2013, 08:27

I do not have an issue with imports and domestics in the same household. But they need the following or we are not buying new.

#1 High visual appeal.

#2 A joy to drive with outstanding handling characteristics.

#3 Reliable, not cheaply constructed with rattles, cheap poorly designed seating, and road noise evident into the cabin.

#4 Nice amenities and advanced features.

Stripped down for fuel savings only is disappointing to drive just for the cheap fuel running cost. It's worth it to own a very nice car to truly enjoy driving. Not just the pump mentality, with a back breaking, bone jarring, lane skipping, fuel miser.

4th Sep 2013, 01:39

A 1.8l Toyota Corolla can do a 30 ft. smoke show off the line?

Yeah right, these pathetic vehicles are no more than a roadblock to all domestic cars that have real engines.

4th Sep 2013, 08:02

If the oil isn't changed, it can smoke for miles!