15th Jan 2005, 14:26

I've had the problem with the windshield frame as well.

I just can't believe that a car this reputed and after going through version can have a design issue so basic as this.

9th Dec 2005, 13:15

While I agree with the peppiness of the engine and overall feel of the car, I also have one plagued with interior buzzes/rattles. I have not kept track of the rpms when they happen, but I have quite a few.

1. Left window frame top.

2. Left window frame bottom.

3. Lower part of instrument cluster.

4. Dashboard on top toward window left and right sides.

5. Radio trim top.

And last, but not least, and the worst noise (s) of all:

6. All three of the mode selector switches (AM/FM/Disc) rattle like crazy at almost any speed. The were so bad that they covered the other ones. When I finally put a piece of electrical tape on the edge of them to quiet them, all the other ones popped to the surface.

These noises all appeared within the first few months of having the car (original owner) and are getting worse. I cannot for the life of me understand how the radio buttons being designed for a loose fit ever got past quality control.

When I bring this up with the dealer, they say they've never heard of this. Yet I can google 2005 Corolla and find this noise problem in a lot of spots on the web. I still have two years bumper to bumper. I guess I'm gonna have to get more insistent.

Is my plight an isolated incident? I think not...

1st Mar 2006, 19:17

As for the tires... they are OEM tires...

When I get my new Corolla LE I already have my local tire guy ready with brand new tires for it. I will swap out the factory tires.

They are never any good.

15th Feb 2009, 23:06

I have had issues with the trunk lid... lock is not very good, key does not go in and come out easily.

The trunk has opened on its own when I was on the highway.

Seats are not comfortable.

The CE base model is just a box on wheels, was not worth the price all.

Runs well but is the most noisy 4 cylinder car I have ever had.