2004 Toyota ECHO 1.5 I4 from North America


Zippy and maintenance free


Gas filler neck is rusted.

Muffler is shot, expected with a car of this age.

General Comments:

Amazing. Not a terribly popular car, but I'm not sure why. We recently sold a Ford Taurus, which had approximately the same mileage on it, and it was on its way out, everything was breaking down. The same could be said for the Fortwo, which was a nightmare on wheels.

We bought this, and I love it. It feels new, aside from a squeak in the back seat. Everything is solid and smooth, and even when driving quickly and aggressively in cold weather, it averages under 6L/100km, which increases as the weather warms.

When parked next to other cars, you'd never guess how roomy and comfortable it is to drive. With the manual transmission, it feels very quick in everyday driving -- the performance of a car should be measured in day-to-day fun, not wide-open-throttle (at which the Echo is still quite good).

The tall seats, big windows, light and accurate steering and peppy acceleration make it easy to drive, and the seats are extremely comfortable for long distances. It outdoes our Focus in all of these areas.

On the other hand, the tall body makes it tippy, and catches gusts of wind, which at only 2000 lbs can be a little unnerving.

If you're willing to sacrifice a bit of weight, you'll be rewarded with long-lasting brakes, quick acceleration and excellent fuel economy.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2011

12th Apr 2011, 17:27

The Echo's 1.5 litre engine is very durable and fuel efficient. It's the same engine in the Yaris. My Echo's been trouble free since the day I bought it. The Echo did well everywhere, but the U.S. Gas was cheap when it was introduced, and it looked too different (ugly) for buyers. Americans don't like small cars. It also didn't help that Toyota sold it with the center mounted instrument panel. It's irritating until you get used to it.

2004 Toyota ECHO 4-dr Hatchback RS 1.5L inline 4 cylinder from North America


They got this one right


Changed driver's side headlight @ 64,000 km.

Changed front brakes & all 4 tires @ 125,000 km.

Changed front passenger wheel bearing @ 150,000 km.

Changed serpentine belt @ 190,000 km.

Changed front driver's wheel bearing @ 206,000 km.

Clutch is starting to slip @ 206,000 km.

General Comments:

Smallest 4-door car I could find in Spring 2004. I have the RS package (leather steering wheel, alloy rims, nicer seats/fabric, spoiler). I changed the stock speakers at the front & added 2 6x9" speakers in the rear parcel shelf.

Manual gearbox still snick-snicks nicely & mechanically - throws are a little long, but no rubbery feel.

Mostly highway driving (hence long life on tires & brakes).

I avg 5.3 L/100km in the summer. I got better mileage on the original Michelins than on the Firestones I have now. I get 6.1 L/100km in the winter on Blizzaks.

Fits into spaces other cars can't. Small cars really are awesome.

Notable cargo includes: a fridge, 3 guys & 3 hockey bags, an armoire unit, 2 BBQs, 2 bicycles... yes, it's surprising how much stuff I fit in this car.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2011

31st Jan 2014, 15:24

Since I originally wrote this review, I have changed the clutch at 245,000 km.

The heat is still hot, and the A/C is still ice cold.

I just hit 250,000 km, and the car drives like new.

Starting to get some rust dots (too small to be called rust spots) underneath the stone-chip protector clear plastic film on the leading edge of the hood.

2004 Toyota ECHO 3 door 1.3 Litre from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap to run, and great around town



General Comments:

The only minor complaint I have with this car is that is seems to wear out front tyres quickly. I have 100,000 Km on the clock, and I have had to change the front tyres twice now, and also the back once.

The brakes are brilliant (unlike other posts here suggesting the brakes don't last). When I was changing the tyres at 100,000, the tyre man showed me how much "meat" was on the brakes... wow they had 90% left. Perhaps other people who are going through brakes very quickly should drive a little more gently, and not wear out their brakes as quick.

I am intending to keep the car for at least another 50,000 km, to see how the clutch holds up. I normally get 180,000 out of a clutch, so it would be good to see how long the original clutch in this car lasts.

I would have liked a bigger motor in this vehicle, the 1.3 Ltr is just a bit under-powered.

My friend works for Toyota and he has advised me not to sell it. In 10 years the local Toyota dealer has not seen one Echo come back to the yard on the back of a truck. There had been heaps of Camry's come back, and the upgrade to the Echo, the Yaris, is meant to be an absolute junk of a car. The general comment from the people at Toyota is that the Yaris contains the parts that were not good enough to make it to the Corolla, and therefore the Yaris is not as good as the Echo or the Corolla.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2010