2004 Toyota ECHO 1.3 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Absolutely fabulous! I love this little car. Does everything I want and more


Replaced 2 tyres at 30,000 kms. Otherwise, nothing has gone wrong!!

General Comments:

Perfect runabout, comfortable, reliable, handles well, quiet, very economical!

Drove Auckland to Wellington (680) kms each way and used only 1 1/2 tanks of petrol! Very comfortable on the corners.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2010

2004 Toyota ECHO LE 1.5 VVT-i from North America


Perfect car!


Changed the water pump under warranty at 114 000 km; but this again it was my fault.

I left the car outside at a temperature of -25 C for about 24 hours and I put it in the garage afterwards, but I didn't wait for the engine to warm up. Consequently the drastic change of temperature (from -25 C to +21 C) caused some metallic component of the water pump to expand and the coolant started leaking.

General Comments:

I own the 5-door hatchback model and this car is simply perfect! It is really really reliable (the so well known bullet-proof reliability of Toyota) and really really fuel-efficient. The Echo is really cheap in maintenance since all the parts are easy to access, they don't cost you a fortune and the car has a timing chain instead of a belt.

In really cold weather (-15 C to -20 C) I've obtained an average of 7.5L / 100km. Stats Canada show 6.7L in the city and 5.4L on the highway; but these are only theoretical numbers calculated in PERFECT driving conditions.

The front and rear seats are very comfortable and really high. While driving you have a very good visibility of the road. Trust me, the fact that the speed indicator is in the middle of the dashboard is really not a problem!

The car is small but inside it feels like a Camry or a Corolla. Toyota put a lot of storage spaces in it. I was able to fit a couch in the hatch!

The only things I didn't like about it is the fact that the suspension is maybe a bit soft, since you tend to bend a lot in stiff turns; the engine can be noisy since it has a timing chain and not a belt; the ventilation tends to be really noisy also when positioned at the highest power.

The rest is pretty OK. This car is perfect for a student or for anyone who is looking for a simple fuel-efficient and reliable car to drive around the city, or get from point A to point B in safety and lower costs.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2009

16th Mar 2009, 12:08

How much did you pay for it used? I'm trying to get an idea of how much it's worth. Thanks!

18th Mar 2009, 20:53

Well I bought it at 113 000km, it's a manual 5 door with no AC, and the dealer asked $6995 for it, but I got it for $6000... which is really an EXCELLENT price!

2004 Toyota ECHO from North America


Best car on the market, and with the economy the way it is, the safest bet of cheap transportation


Needs a new fan belt.

General Comments:

This car rocks. I had a black sleek '95 Pontiac Trans Am that I absolutely loved. BUT it was in the shop every other day it seemed, and as the years went by and the gas prices got higher, I found more and more reasons not to go anywhere.

I then bought a '96 Toyota Paseo to boot around in; I loved it but it was small, and I was worried about getting into an accident, which I did. A minor one, but it was a write off and I got 4,000.

So I didn't want to put my Trans Am back on the road, and I decided to get either a Corolla or an ECHO. I had had enough with 2 doors and getting people in and out, and decided a 4 door was in order. I searched Craigslist and was just about to buy a Corolla when I saw this 04 4 door sedan Toyota ECHO listed. I couldn't believe that I got it down to 4,500 because it had 164,000 kms. The car had come from Nova Scotia, and the couple who lived up north would come back and forth from there to Vancouver so it was basically all highway anyway. Now, for the Americans, this is NOT miles.

It was also a standard (transmission) and I love that. I have had the car for a few months now and love it more and more. It does need a fan belt, but that is not affecting anything.

The car is CHEAP CHEAP on gas. Did I mention cheap? Maybe because it's standard it gets even better gas mileage. I filled it up the other day - $22.00. I thought there was something wrong with the pump and the attendant came out and tried it and said that my tank was full. I was shocked.

There are so many little compartments to put things in, and they are all hidden away in nifty places.

The car only came with a basic CD MP3 system, but it kicks butt. I burn MP3s off Limewire and boot around town with my booming stereo.

The seats are SO comfortable and the headrest is perfect. My lower back has prblems, but these seats don't cause it a dent.

The dash has a little blue thermometer which goes on when the car is cold, and if the car is hot it would show. This car never overheats.

Driving is smooth, tight, and easy to maneuver around. It doesn't have a lot of power so I am glad I got the standard, but I get what I need and that is fine with me.

There is no tachometer and I think it should have one. I don't care, but for those who need one, I believe the '05 has it.

I notice the reverse gear doesn't always go in smoothly, and I don't know what that is caused by, but someone said maybe it needs to be synched. Who knows?

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Review Date: 13th December, 2008

19th Feb 2009, 14:29

Hey I have a 04 Echo hatchback and I noticed the same thing about getting it in reverse gear. It is really a normal thing and nothing needs to be adjusted. In any car it is harder to get into reverse but the Echo also has the SIMPLEST gear box there could be. Although it is written in the user manual (check it if you have it) that if you have trouble getting into reverse then you should put it back to neutral, release the clutch and then try again. I honestly tried doing this and it doesn't seem to work on my car so I have found my own trick. If you can stick it in reverse, release just a little bit your clutch and it will get in. Try it and write me back if it worked :).

Thx, and hope this was useful.

30th May 2009, 19:23

Regarding problems with getting the Echo into reverse gear: My Tercel did that too--for 21 years and 360,000 km. Ha.