1st Aug 2007, 06:37

It honestly sounds like the problem is more with your dealer.

I owned a 2004 Toyota Echo (recently traded it) and had the brakes replaced after about 55k. The dealer alerted me to the problem right away. Now I can't vouch that the brakes prematurely wear out, as mine was a stick shift that was driven quite hard.

1st Aug 2007, 13:06

We have a 2003 echo with 75k kms and just replaced the front brake pads. Although they were not badly worn, they had begun to squeal.

So far it has been a great car with no repairs other than minor maintenance things, like fluids, pads, and tires. The tires that came with the car are junk according too many reviews. 70k kms on a light car when it's rated for 110k is terrible.

10th Aug 2007, 10:40

I have a question...

Has anyone had the problem with rust and the front brakes?

When I turned my wheels to the right I would hear an awful grinding noise. Toyota took the wheel off and found rust build up behind the rotor (?) and had to take it off and the noise stopped. Is this typical. I have a toyota echo 2005 hatchback. I have not had my brakes done and am at 74,000 kms.


31st Dec 2007, 19:39

Yes I had a similar problem with my 05 echo sedan, My wife took it in to the dealer and it was rust built up on the front rotor's. They replaced it on warranty (Only about 25,000 kms). I haven't gotten around to asking them if is something that is going to keep happening.

4th Feb 2008, 03:31

Give me a break, a moneypit? A fan cable & unknown front end part being bad immediately after purchase, sounds like a simple warranty repair, even at a bad Toyota dealership. And front brakes after 64,000 sounds reasonable, from what I've seen 50,000 is average for front pads. When the pads wear out there's supposed to be a loud screeching nails on chalkboard sound, and as long as the car stops there should be no crashes. Even with the pads worn out, and the loud screeching, I'm sure the piston would gouge into the rotor and stop the car too.

Toyota Dealerships can be a real headache and problem, but luckily the cars are still quality. And brake pads are like $150 to replace, is that all for your "moneypit" in 64,000 km's? Sounds like a good deal.

PS. if you drive any car into an average Brake Shop, they'll tell you to replace the brake pads, doesn't matter if they're worn, 50%, or like new, my brother took his toyota to a tire & brake shop and they tried to sell brake pads, even though we looked ourselves and they were almost a centimeter thick still.

24th Apr 2008, 11:45

I own a 2005 Toyota Echo and just had to have the brakes replaced at 29 000 km. My car isn't driven very much as it's basically used as our secondary vehicle. I also own a Toyota Matrix and have been much happier with it.

13th May 2008, 20:40

Echo 2004, 94000 km

Front discs and pads replacement done.

Normal maintenance always done.

100 km a day to work and back for the last 4 years; car runs great.

Will definitely buy Toyota again.

27th Jun 2008, 09:08

I have 136k+ on my Echo... replaced the front pads at 86k, the rear shoes at 120k. I drive 750 miles/wk on this little car, with the majority being hwy miles. The only problem, other than "normal" maintenance costs? The "check engine" light came on at 135k...only because I inadvertently knocked a vacuum hose loose! Sounds to me like the original post only goes to show poor driving habits as opposed to a quality problems with the Echo!

14th Jul 2008, 17:54

We have a 2004 Echo hatch, standard transmission, sitting at shy 61,000 km.

Back at 55,000 km, the brakes were half way. One of the belts had to be replaced in that service, as well as the spark plugs, however those were overdue according to the service guide. Not the dealer, the service guide in the manual.

The tires are looking to be replaced in the next few months, but hey, the car is 4, and it hasn't left the city as much as the other car, changing maintenance intervals, with a balance between calm driving and moderate driving. She's a reliable beast.

And when you lose a hubcap, find a scrapyard. Spent $10 for one. Beats $100 from the dealer for a set of four.

29th Aug 2008, 16:53

So it's a money pit why, exactly? Because you had to put brakes on it once?

7th Nov 2008, 08:41

I have a 2003 Echo and love it! I have a problem though and don't want to get ripped off at a mechanic shop without knowing what it "could be". I changed my oil over on Sunday (now being Friday) so I'm not sure if this caused the problem or not. My "check engine" light came on this morning. The car is running fine. No odd clunks, sounds, vibrations, smells..nothing. Drives like it always does. Any ideas?

14th Nov 2008, 16:07

I owned a 2004 ECHO until July 2007, and my brakes had worn out completely by roughly 52 000kms.

I was a little taken that both disks and pads were finished (confirmed when I asked to see them), but then I realized that I'd driven on them quite hard, for 37 months straight.

The brake-wear on my previous car was the same, and I know to expect it on my current car (a Toyota Matrix).

The other thing I recognize is that parts of any car which are not warrantied are not top-of-the-line (especially in compact, economy cars). This is especially relevant with things like breaks and tires, and must be kept in mind when doing regular maintenance and regular driving.

5th Feb 2009, 17:23

2004 Toyota Echo, I have had this car for about two years and beat it pretty bad, put well over 150kms a day on it and it still runs and drives like the day I got it.

Bought it at 60000kms, and it now has over 180,000kms.

I have owned all sorts of cars from different manufacturers, and this little car is the most reliable cars I have owned. 52mpg and simple oil changes are all I get and give her.

Love it, and will probably upgrade to a Yaris soon..

23rd Nov 2009, 05:31

I have to disagree. I have an 2004 Echo, have owned it since new, always have regular services. I'm still on my original brake pads, front and rear, and I have done 114,000kms and I drive the car quite hard..

I swear by Toyota. This one is my third one. I've had a Rav4 and a Kluger.. wouldn't buy anything else...

23rd Nov 2009, 18:47

The Toyota Echo is a good car, I had one as a company car and I have done possibly everything you can think of to break it. It was manual, I could change gears with no clutch, gave the engine absolute S***, which included cold start ups then straight valve bouncing. I took it circuit racing; brakes held on fine, engine screaming. The car got so much abuse over 2 years, and it still started up with one click every morning. Only problem? Had to change the interior light bulb.

26th Nov 2009, 02:15

I love my 2005 Echo, too. I got a good deal and bought it used in 2007 with 60000 km on it. It now has close to 100000 km on it. I've had no mechanical problems with it, including the brakes. I'd like a Yaris for my next car. I'm unaware of any negative top ten list that the Yaris has ever made.

29th Jul 2010, 12:36

Has anyone had problems with a screeching sound that happens when you start the car and also sometimes when the car is switching to the 2nd gear (it's an automatic)? It's an awful sound - I may have it for a week or so then it disappears sometimes for months. Of course each time I've taken it to the mechanic it doesn't make the sound. Any ideas? Otherwise my Echo 04 has been a great car.

26th Jan 2011, 18:25

How can the whole car be bad because your dealer did not check the brakes properly and tried to rip you off? Blame the people who dealt with you rather than the car. Also, how can this be a money pit when you only had to replace your brakes? Probably cost you $100.

27th Jan 2011, 18:46

Luckily, I've never had any problems with my 05 Echo, including automatic transmission. However, my 98 Suzuki Swift automatic would often stall when shifted into drive or reverse, and it made a loud clunking noise. I took it to two dealerships, and of course it wouldn't stall then. They never repaired it. All I remember is being told something about solenoid gears if I can remember. I suppose that doesn't help you much.

1st Apr 2012, 05:37

The screeching sound is the fan belt. It needs an adjustment.