2008 Toyota Harrier 2.4 from Singapore




Nothing at the moment.

General Comments:

The car is really nice to drive. Though the pick-up is not the fastest around, but it is so comfortable when it cruises, and the changing of gears is seamless. The driving height is very nice, and you have a good view of what is happening on the roads.

I have owned and driven 5 different cars before, and the Harrier is definitely the best I have driven. Thumbs up!

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Review Date: 7th December, 2012

2006 Toyota Harrier 240G 2.4 petrol from Malaysia


Reliable, good, and value-for-money


1) The ABS and brake light on the dashboard lit up from time to time. Getting that sorted by the authorised service dealer.

2) Front cupholder sliding mechanism is stuck.

General Comments:

The Harrier is a comfortable and luxurious SUV, and my passengers have had nothing but praise for it.

I previously drove the Camry 2.4, and the Harrier feels roomier and has a more commanding ride on the road in comparison.

Acceleration is spot-on, and fuel consumption is okay for a big size SUV.

This SUV is very quiet inside, and the built-in sound system is above average.

Lots of aftermarket optional items available, and it shares parts with the Lexus RX.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2011

12th Jul 2012, 00:11

I would appreciate it if someone could advise me on the VDU (visual display unit) system and computer in the Harrier. They're in Japanese. I'm not sure how to change the language to English?

9th Sep 2012, 15:01

It's not possible to change the language of the Toyota Harrier into English. However, the features are very similar to the Lexus RX 300.

17th Jan 2013, 09:35

How can I translate my Toyota Harrier VDU (visual display unit) from Japanese to English?

Please, I need a reply to this email - holyface05@yahoo.com

28th Jan 2014, 10:11

Please send the specs of your car and the photo of your visual display unit to santosabudihardjo@yahoo.com. I'll try it.

4th Oct 2015, 08:22

I'd like to read some instructions in English. The Harrier is OK. I like the car very much. Where can I get an English manual?

21st Sep 2017, 12:01

Hello, my name is Dennis Pfumelah and I own a 2004 Harrier new shape. Yes it's true you cannot change the language on the VDU, but you can have it translated into English by an application called Google Translate available on the Google Store. It is self-explanatory and I found it very useful. You can whatsApp me on +263 772 219 705 for more details.

2004 Toyota Harrier 240G 2.4L inline-four from Tanzania


One of the greatest SUVs out there


So far nothing has gone wrong with this Harrier.

General Comments:

Fun to cruise around with, although it is quite underpowered, since the engine is the same as the Rav-4.

The interior is very luxurious with a reverse camera, TV, and DVD player. The ride height is also good, and it corners quite well.

Installed a bigger exhaust pipe, and the sound generated is very cool. Don't try competing against the 3.0 or 3.5 Harrier, as this one doesn't stand a chance.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2011

22nd May 2015, 12:38

I think it was too early for you to post a review about your car saying that it is 'One of the greatest SUVs out there'. You have used it for just a bit more than 1000 km.

1999 Toyota Harrier 3.0 from Uganda


Perfect and very comfortable


I have driven my car from August 2010, and just noticed in January the engine light was on. Sometimes this goes on and off, but now stays on longer.

Today, the A/T Oil temperature came on and off. Starting the engine is now difficult, and it keeps going off. Sometimes the steering wheel becomes hard and engine suddenly goes off.

I have parked the car because I fear it may suddenly fail, and where I am there are no good mechanics.

Please help: timsrobert@yahoo.com

Otherwise, the Harrier is cool!

General Comments:

Excellent to drive!

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Review Date: 27th February, 2011

22nd Mar 2011, 02:06

There is a garage along the road to Bwaise, before the flyover. It's called Autoscan, it is on your left hand side as you head towards the flyover, they will sort it out for you, they have auto diagnostics tools etc. You can call 0712624638 for directions.

12th Mar 2012, 11:32

Hi. Is it possible you can find out about the gearbox trouble? I have a Toyota Harrier, and I seem to be having trouble with my gearbox. I have replaced it three times, but the same thing happens every time I replace the gearbox.

I live in Zimbabwe, and there are not much options left for me to take.

23rd Nov 2013, 22:38

Try this mechanic Jeff on 0772204559. He is very good with Toyota vehicles.

26th Apr 2015, 20:33

Thanks. There are a number of very good Toyota mechanics in Harare, including good auto gearbox technicians that can help you to pinpoint what the problem is with your gearbox. I guess a place like Mr Cruiser should be able to fix that; if not they can refer you to other good places. You can find Mr Cruiser along Harare drive near the old Redan fuel station in Marlborough.