1998 Toyota Harrier 3.0 VVTi from Botswana


Programme it to english language


The car has an unusual noise in-front next to the engine.

There is no manual to use. Information should be provided on how to set time and general operation of the car like, translating Japanese to english language.

General Comments:

The car is comfortable and fast.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2009

1998 Toyota Harrier 3.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A comfortable fast car with some off-road ability


Nothing so far.. Only had it a few weeks. Clock is stuck on Japanese time which apparently can't be changed.

General Comments:

Fast quiet and comfortable. Took 4 adults and their luggage on a 3 week 5000 km tour of New Zealand with no effort. Dealer provided an English manual which shows the operation of the Japanese marked stereo and trip computer. Tried it a little off-road in soft sand and wet grass. No problems. Also hauled a heavy trailer full of firewood up a steep gravel road with no slipping.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2009

13th Oct 2011, 07:01

Is there by any chance anyone with an English manual for this car in electronic soft copy that we all can share?

30th Jul 2014, 21:05

I would like an electronic copy as well please! big8baller@hotmail.com

5th Feb 2015, 13:15

Please email me the English copy as well if you happen to come across one. My email address is tatendatafaz@yahoo.com

4th Jun 2015, 08:54

Kindly send me an english language user manual as well. firstability56@gmail.com

29th Jun 2015, 14:18

Please send me an electronic copy of the manual to richardgillett55@gmail.com

2000 Toyota Harrier 3.0 Four 3.0 V6 VVTi from Indonesia


An almost perfect car - if it had better quality


Engine was sluggish and leaking slightly when I first purchased it. Had to do a full tune-up, clean the injectors, rinse the fuel tank, change all fluids & filters, and replace the gaskets.

Front doors' latches couldn't detect if either door is open. Integrated latch assembly means a lengthy ordering time and expensive work. Had an experienced electrical mechanic to open their housings and fix the internals.

Shrieking noise from below the car which was concluded to be a normal over-revving symptom by a Toyota mechanic. Had the car checked by an exhaust specialist and turned out to be a clogged catalytic converter (due to inconsistent fuel quality in Indonesia). Replaced it with a free-flow spool (greater emissions, but more power & overall Km/Lt).

Air-con motors within the dash make whirring noises every now and then. This problem is still present as no one has come up with a convincing solution.

Clunking noises from the front suspension or steering assemblies during slow & inclined cornering. No one could determine the cause.

Squeaks from the rear hatch area and rear seat bolts. Rectified the latter but not the former which is still untraceable.

General Comments:

In my quest for better comfort and space, I replaced my Suzuki Swift with this used Toyota Harrier. I've fulfilled my goals, but am now concerned with its questionable long-term quality. Being a grey-import doesn't help with parts availability either (although most fast moving parts are relatively easier to find, since those are common with Camry's).

Power is good, fuel consumption is acceptable for what it is (3 liter SUV) and the ride is pleasant. Space is abundant. Bonus for the "Four" / 4WD model is the ample grip on wet roads. Naturally, fuel consumption is slightly worse compared to the FWD model.

Its looks have aged somewhat when compared to the newer generation Harrier's but this has been helped a lot with the addition of aftermarket lights and 20" wheels.

I've been keeping up with repairing its minor faults, with many DIYs but don't know whether I'd still have the patience to do so after a couple of years. So I hope this car can behave well from now on, since I'd like to keep it for quite some time. Otherwise, I'm replacing it with something more reliable.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2008

19th May 2009, 12:27

Am having hard starting after packing car for some time. Also sometimes I lose accereration unless I press hard on the pedal in which case the car goes back to 1st gear. Any suggestions on what could be wrong? I don't wish to sell the car yet as it is very comfortable and good road holding.

27th May 2009, 00:44

Try to check your battery for sufficient current. Can you hear the starter motor running? If you do then you may want to check the ignition.

There are workshops out there capable of diagnosing the Harrier using their portable/handheld computers. How long has it been since your last tune-up? Let me know of your email if you want to discuss this further.

27th Nov 2009, 06:40

Toyota Harrier is an excellent car as far as comfort, space, road holding and power is concerned.

I however wonder why most of them that I have seen have some light on the dash board showing as if the tail light is on.

What does this light mean?

6th Jul 2011, 18:22

In my car, it means a tail light or brake light bulb has blown.

7th Sep 2014, 18:27

Yes, I just bought a 3.5 4WD 2006. On the rev counter dial there is a permanent orange light symbol like a fog light. I can't find the meaning or source of it. TPH, NZ.

26th Sep 2014, 23:19

That is most probably your rear fog lamps, as I have the same switch on my Harrier.

15th Apr 2015, 05:57

Any rear brake light bulb failing will cause this alarm; the high stop brake light in the centre rear window usually gets overlooked; check out that one.

18th Jun 2015, 13:44

You need to use 10W30 oil. Castrol Syntec would do.

Secondly, check the mass air flow meter sensor; it is located just after the air filter box. Use brake pad cleaner or carburetor cleaner to clean it out. There are 2 thin wires inside of this small unit; when it gets dirty the vehicle loses power and acceleration. You may need to replace this.

And change the fuel filter, that should help.