14th Oct 2002, 11:13

My 93 Toyota Landcruiser has 192k mile on it at this time, and it runs like it did the day I bought it. I have always put synthetic oil in it, every 4500 miles. Literally no other maintenance has been done. Once I did the transmission fluid change after 75k miles and the technician said "transmission fluid was very clean, but it is a good thing that you changed it any way." I plan on driving it for a very long time. Asheesh.

31st Oct 2002, 23:05

I have a 1993 that I bought brand new and its been a great running vehicle. The only major problem so far is that the original front brake pads didn't have the warning tabs and I ate through the front rotors (after I heard the grinding noise). Its got 50,000 miles on it and major components are all sound. I take it hunting and have taken some pretty step trails with it. I also had it in snow and locked the center and front and rear to test it out. All tires spun and got me out of some deep snow... but can only go like 5 mph with everything locked. Not sure what happened to yours, but I'm still as happy with my purchase now as the day I drove it out the lot. Are you a second owner? Maybe the original owner didn't perform proper maintenance on it. By the way, I had the transmission pan cleaned and it doesn't use a filter at all. The magnet strips on the bottom capture the metal shavings and you just have to silicon a new gasket on. Run Mobil 1 synthetic in transmission and Mobil 1 10W30 year round.

15th Dec 2002, 11:45

I own a 1993 Toyota Landcruiser. This full time v8 engine is a beauty. It has 230k miles on it. It might seem like a lot, but trust me these types of cars are made to last. Recently I changed the radiator because of the fact that it had a leak, wasn`t really to much dollar$. I only feed her Castrol Syntetic Blend. That way my engine is always running clean. I wouldn`t trade my cruiser for any other car. She`s a BEAUTY.

13th Sep 2003, 10:56

You are probably a second owner. My first time hearing such complaint about a Land Cruiser. As long as you give them proper servicing, they usually last for sooooo long!


23rd Nov 2003, 12:12

I just recently purchased a 93 Landcruiser. When I purchased it, it had 180K miles. I have most of the paperwork from the dealership that it was serviced at and seems to have been taken very good care of. I am hearing a popping in the front end when I drive, but all else seems to be in good working order. I am trying to determine how many more miles I might get out of this vehicle. If anyone has any info, please let me know! Thanks a bunch!

2nd Jul 2004, 12:31

With the issues that you are having it sounds like it was used and abused. The items you wrote about are typically the most reliable parts of a cruiser. I know many people that own 91-98 80 series cruisers, and the only ones with problems like you describe are vehicles that have seen extreme use and little or no maintenance done.

4th Oct 2004, 16:54

I own a 1994 T/L. I am the second owner. The L/C now has approx. 170,000 miles. The car started making creaking noises on the left front side when the weather got cold during a left turn. We took too many mechanics, including Toyota service departments and no one could tell us the cause of the noise. The right tire would usually got black smooty debri on it and started leaking black oil. We recently found out that the knuckles are worn and bruised. The differential specialist advised us to sell the vehicle because the knuckles were attached to the differential and if even if we bought a used differential, there would be a possibility that it to would possibly be damaged. He advised us that even if we spent thousands to reseal the knuckles, that after six months they would probable leak again.

15th Mar 2006, 16:23

I bought my 93 LC with 180k on it. It has only needed a fuel injector replaced, valve cover gasket and regular maint. I have driven 35k on it and is currently running great. I guess it helps that I'm the 2nd owner. Nonetheless, I plan on replacing the engine at some point and need advice as to what some of my options might be (rebuild the engine vs. new one). If anyone can help please post suggestions.


18th Dec 2007, 23:33

I have recently purchased a 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser. The smooth/solid ride inspires confidence. I've owned several vehicles, from a small 1982 Toyota Corolla to a 1979 Chevrolet heavy duty 3/4 ton pickup. This vehicle inspires the most confidence.

This vehicle consumes gasoline at a fast pace, as fast as a Suburban or full size American pickup. However, owners have known about its abysmal mileage since its inception. Also, the last owner of my particular vehicle ignored some maintenance issues that needed attention. Fortunately, I do my own work and can avoid the high cost of labor, and the very high cost of factory new parts, relative to their lesser models (4Runner, etc.).

Mine was purchased for off-roading play, and has factory electric locking differentials.

If you're looking for mechanical advice on these vehicles, check out the enthusiastic owner's forums at www.ih8mud.com. It's been a wealth of information for me, telling me the cure for common vehicle ailments, and warning of common failure points. True, the site is off-road oriented, but their mechanical wisdom is deep, and the environment is friendly.

11th Jan 2009, 20:02

I have a 1994 L/C with 180,000 on it. I do a lot of the maintenance myself. I just replaced both oil pans gaskets, timing chain, gears & all new gaskets & o-rings, new front sway bar & bushings.

I have owned this L/C for 6 years now. Maybe someone can help me with this one. I'm at a stop sign/light & I pull out making a hard right or left turn, I hear a loud knocking noise coming from either the right or left front depending on which way I'm turning. Anyone have any suggestions??

E-mail me at fun2clect@yahoo.com.

Thanks, Myles.

6th Oct 2010, 10:50

I ran into this forum by mistake again, and realized that I had put a comment on it in 2002. Well, I am still driving my 93 Toyota Landcruiser. It has over 300k miles on it now. I have had no major or minor service issues with it yet. I plan to drive it for a long time. Asheesh.

10th May 2011, 09:27

It sounds like CVC joints???