25th Sep 2007, 11:15

My radiator was leaking and I changed it for a new one. now it is working perfectly.

9th Jul 2008, 06:32

I've just got a 90 model Liteace (NOT GXL) about a month ago, I happen to read all the members remarks, and I've noticed that almost all of their remarks or comments has something to do with overheating problems, with different reasons or causes. I would just like to ask some questions and hope somebody can help me on this:

1. Is it still possible for the Liteace van to experience overheating when the aircon is off or not being used on a certain trip?

2. What is its fuel consumption? (my van has a 5k engine)

3. Is it really just normal that Liteace vans are underpowered?

4. And lastly, what are the must see or watch out in as far as its maintenance is concerned?

Thanks in advance, please email me at wvgarcia_65@yahoo.com

21st Feb 2009, 07:38

I owned a 2nd hand 93 Liteace, everything works fine, but my problem is overheating. I replace the silicon oil, radiator cap & the thermostat. I observed that it lessens the overheating, but I'm not satisfied. I removed the cover from underneath the engine. I didn't know what kind of cover is that, maybe it was a cover to prevent water from splashing onto the engine... now my Liteace performs satisfactory.

29th Jun 2009, 02:32

I was also having the idea of a Lite-Ace having an EFI engine. Would it be possible?

My Lite-ace is a 94 model GXL, and I would love to have more power to it. Can I change my engine from 5k to 7k efi? Presumably an engine from a revo. Would it fit in the engine compartment? Help please. Thanx.

14th Aug 2009, 07:46

I have just bought a 93 Liteace and it is great, barring the speedo that does not work. I checked the fuses behind the drivers seat, and the black one had blown so I replaced this and the speedo still does not work. Any ideas as the mechanic wants to charge me 100 just for diagnostic?

7th Sep 2010, 23:39

Anyone who can give me a website wherein I could download a Liteace Repair Manual for free? Please help, thanks guys.

12th Nov 2010, 04:17

Hello Guys.

Can anybody tell me what the ideal psi for tire inflation of the '93 Liteace is? Thanks a bunch.

12th Nov 2011, 05:16

Hi guys.

Just to inform you that there is a Liteace club now in Manila. I have been a member of this club since Nov 2010.

Please check our website and forum in this link http://www.liteaceclub.com/