1996 Toyota LiteAce GXL from Philippines


Nice car.. handy, easy to maneuver in turns..


I just bought a Toyota Lite Ace...

I have some problems with overheating, but I think my mechanic is doing great solving it... he tweaked my spark plugs and it is doing great, but I know that it is not yet perfect...

My power is okay, just a little tweaking on the air intake...

General Comments:

I maintained the standard tires, and fitted it with roof rails and racks.. it really looks nice and cute...

I use it to drive to my office every day, and drive my family twice a month on long drives looking for beaches here in Manila, Philippines...

I would love to correspond with other Lite-Ace owners... email me at frontlinemedia7@yahoo.com

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Review Date: 30th September, 2009

10th Jun 2011, 11:04

I also have a 96 model Toyota Lite Ace, and have a problem on its carburetor; one of the jets broke, and my mechanic has a hard time removing it. He recommends that the carburetor be sent to the machine shop, where the jet in question be removed. I am thinking of changing the whole unit - I mean the whole carburetor - do you think this is a nice idea, and if so, where can I get a good used carburetor, if not a new carburetor? Thanks.

22nd Apr 2013, 08:37

My mechanic had the same problem, and he got me a surplus carburetor, and it looks good. The engine feels so great... so I suggest you buy a new one. I paid 1800 for that.

1997 Toyota LiteAce Noah 2.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A great compromise between a big car and a minibus


The fuel economy has decreased slightly after having the cam-belt replaced. Don't know why.

General Comments:

This is the Liteace Noah Fieldtourer van/people mover sold in Japan and imported as second hand.

I brought the van as a part people mover and part camper as I took out the rear seat and installed a shelf that forms a bed, big enough for my boys to sleep in when camping. It performs both tasks fantastically. Also tows the trailer with quad bike without any problems. The van is tall and narrow but this does not alter it's almost car like driveability and being up high is a plus in traffic. The responsive two litre engine and auto makes driving in traffic stress free and highway driving is without any problems, passing at 100kph being quick and simple.

I had the cam-belt replaced recently and while the power is still there, the fuel economy has dropped from 11.4 km's per litre (27mpg) to 10.6 km's per litre (25mpg). Even this is better than others in it's class so I'm not complaining to much.

All in all, I find it difficult to fault this van and recommend it to anybody who needs to move 6 to 8 people without being to 'agricultural'.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2008

10th Apr 2008, 02:34

The timing belt has 'teeth' around it, and maybe when the new belt was installed, the teeth weren't lined up correctly with the cogs it runs around. If I were you, I'd get the timing checked out; this could be slightly out if the belt wasn't installed correctly.

26th Apr 2008, 04:58

I had a diagnostic check and it showed OK, with no error codes, although I must admit, there is a faint detonation sound under some load conditions. I'll try a timing light.

4th Aug 2009, 06:06

Just wondering if you imported the car yourself or bought it from a japanese import dealer based in Australia.

16th Jan 2017, 14:07

I have a Toyota LiteAce van. What is the proper size of the tire?

23rd Jan 2017, 09:14

Yes. I would request the manufacturer to continue making the same kind.

1993 Toyota LiteAce LX 1.5 gasoline from Philippines



Not-so-cool air-con.

Frequent timing adjustments.

General Comments:

Lite Aces are very sturdy and reliable vans. My father bought this van when we were still kids and what a van it was then. It was very stylish and comfortable. 10 years after, he gave me this van as my first "car". I love this van and I intend to keep it until I can buy my own car and have my own family. But then, I usually have these problems with overheating, poor air-con (which they say is because of the overheating problem), and frequent timing adjustment. I had the aircon condenser fixed under the middle part of the van so as not to burden the main engine compartment with its heat, I also installed another auxillary fan (4 all in all), had the alternator changed to accommodate the additional electrical load, used good quality engine oil, had the tubes and hoses changed, I drain the radiator often like once every month, bought good quality radiator caps, and put coolant... but I still experience overheating when there is traffic. The van can take 30 minutes in traffic, but longer than that, the temperature starts to heat up. I usually turn off the aircon for 5-10 minutes to let it cool down.

I hope some of you guys can help me with this problem. I read that removing the thermostat helps. Give me an idea. Thanks!

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Review Date: 6th July, 2007

15th Jul 2007, 22:34

I have the same LiteAce model and had the same problems before. My suggestions are, remove the thermostat and buy an 'original' radiator cap from Toyota. I used to use different expensive caps, but still the van overheated, but after I bought an original cap from Toyota around PhP700, my overheating problems, cooled away...