LiteAce Noah 2.0 petrol

A great compromise between a big car and a minibus

207 words, Australia and New Zealand, 5 comments


LiteAce GXL

Nice car.. handy, easy to maneuver in turns..

113 words, Philippines, 2 comments


LiteAce GXL 4WD Wagon 2.2 turbo diesel

Check carefully before you buy. A bit of a bargain though not cheap to run

578 words, UK and Ireland, 5 comments


LiteAce van[camper conv] 2ltr diesel

Want another when this dies!

36 words, UK and Ireland

LiteAce GXL 5k

16 words, Philippines, 156 comments


LiteAce LX 1.5 gasoline

233 words, Philippines, 9 comments

LiteAce GLX 5K. 1.5 cc

The Lite-Ace is a very practical, reliable, durable, simple, useful and low maintenance vehicle

280 words, Philippines, 5 comments


LiteAce Wagon 1.5

I love this car

196 words, Philippines, 2 comments


LiteAce Toyota 5K

Reliable family car

119 words, Philippines, 3 comments

LiteAce Lite Ace 91 5K

The car is a great value-for-money, too bad they already stopped its production

69 words, Philippines

LiteAce KM36 1.5 petrol

Durable, but high fuel consumption

343 words, Malaysia, 7 comments

LiteAce GXL 1.5 5K

76 words, Philippines, 78 comments


LiteAce GLX 1.5 gasoline

Don't rush it. Keep calm and let the throttle do the work

477 words, Philippines


LiteAce KM20 3.8L Holden V6 Manual

A comfy van, and the new V6 gives it lots of go

346 words, Australia and New Zealand, 3 comments