Mark II Grande 3.0

The car is wonderful

121 words, Trinidad and Tobago, 1 comment


Mark II Grande 2.0

This is a great and comfortable car

48 words, Pakistan

Mark II Toyota Grande 2.0

134 words, Singapore, 255 comments


Mark II Beams 2000 2.3 petrol

Stressing me

182 words, Zimbabwe

Mark II Sedan 2.0

One toy any man can't afford to live without

135 words, Zimbabwe


Mark II Grande 3.0 G 3.0 I-6 2JZ-GE

Flawless Japanese engineering

133 words, Australia and New Zealand, 2 comments


Mark II Regalia 2.0 petrol

It's a mean machine

104 words, Zimbabwe

Mark II GLX 2.5L gasoline


19 words, Suriname, 1 comment


Mark II Grande G 3.0 petrol

A great car and I highly recommend it

185 words, Uganda, 1 comment


Mark II 2.5

It is very good if you can afford it

40 words, Uganda, 1 comment


Mark II Tourer V 2.5L Twin turbo

In one sentence, if you see one of these and you like fast sleeper cars, buy it quick!

135 words, Japan

Mark II Suffire 2.4 turbo diesel

Everything I'd hoped for in a first car

107 words, Uganda

Mark II Tourer V 2.5 turbo petrol

Best choice for sedan speed freaks

300 words, Australia and New Zealand, 21 comments


Mark II Grande-G 2.0 RWD 24v Flat6 EFI


46 words, Uganda