2007 Toyota Matrix XR 1.8 from North America


Awesome car!


Just bought the car, and the only thing that has gone wrong is the trim along the driver's side roof lifted off the roof. The dealer covered it at no cost!

General Comments:

I had a 2005 Chevrolet Uplander before I purchased the 2007 Toyota Matrix, and I am very happy with switching from Chevrolet! I needed a car that was able to hold 4 adults and was decent on fuel. I looked at several different cars and some SUVs, and nothing really fit what I wanted until the Matrix.

The size is awesome; I am a very big man (6'2", 330lbs), and even with a sunroof, I fit just fine. I can even get in the back seat behind my driver's seat position, and I fit!

I have to admit that the doors seem a little tinny, and there is a bit of road noise, but it's OK.

When it got cold here in Calgary, 40 below, I found it took a very long time to heat up. I took it back to the dealer and was told everything is fine.

I do have an appointment to check for a buzzing in the dash, but I just turn up the stereo and ignore it.

This car is awesome. Chevrolet should take some pointers from Toyota and produce a decent car for the money they charge! My last two GM cars both needed transmissions, and both were under 100,000 miles; not good. I hope this car lives up to the Toyota image of a very reliable car!

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2012

2007 Toyota Matrix XR 1.8L VVT from North America


Stylish low cost package with great versatility


Changed the air filter, the original was still with the car.

That's it!!

General Comments:

Great versatility with seats folded down.

Dry handling is great with low profile 16" tires -- next winter I will switch to skinnier winter tires to control the excessive spin in the snow.

Controls are a bit awkward (window controls, emergency brake lever), but the interior is very snug and comfortable.

Fuel economy was a little disappointing -- average is 25 MPG in a 75% city / 25% highway mix. It's showing signs of improvement with the warmer spring temperatures.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2009

2007 Toyota Matrix RX 1.8 Liter DOHC from North America


This is a great, reliable, sporty car!


There have been no mechanical problems with the car whatsoever. There was only one issue of the bottom side molding lifting, but that was caused when I scraped a curb too closely. My local dealership made the minor repair at no cost to me during my 5000-mile service visit.

General Comments:

This is my second Toyota vehicle. I had previously owned a 1999 Corolla CE, and was EXTREMELY happy with it. But after I got married, I started to seriously need a vehicle that had more room for transporting items, furniture, and groceries. I wasn't necessarily looking for a full SUV, so I decided to check out the Matrix. I purchased the Matrix XR in April 2007, and I've never looked back!

First and foremost, it runs and drives like a dream! It shifts smoothly, and handles like a car, despite its larger size. The gas mileage is very good, also. The only expenses I've had are the costs of regular service visits.

My favorite feature in this car is the fold-down rear seats. This is not a super large vehicle, but there is ample room for transporting anything you can think of (within reason). The floor of the "trunk" portion of the car, and the backs of the rear seats are finished in hard plastic molding, which I love. If something spills or falls, a quick wipe-down with a wet cloth takes care of it; no more smelly or stained car carpet!

The upholstery on the seats is fabulous and very comfortable. The XR comes with seat upholstery that is far superior to that of the base model (I compared both), and gives a beautiful sporty look to the interior.

The fit and finish of the insides of the doors and dashboard are very nice looking and durable. I especially love the way the dashboard glows red at night; it looks stunning against the black dashboard and metallic accents. The heating/cooling and radio controls are very intuitive and within easy reach.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2008

12th Jan 2008, 15:42

The Matrix is one of Toyotas best and most versatile vehicles. Before buying my present new car, I really gave a lot of consideration to the Pontiac Vibe (the Matrix sold by Pontiac). I would have bought the Vibe because of the absolutely awful reputation for bad service that Toyota has here, compared to the excellent service of the GM dealers (who are regarded as better than the Mercedes dealers in our area). Hopefully you have good dealer service in your area. I also love the fold-down seats and the very useful cargo area. The gas mileage is also very good.