22nd Aug 2006, 12:32

The Vibe (a Matrix with a different grill) is being offered by Pontiac for about 15 grand, which is about 4 grand less than the exact same car with a Toyota emblem. If a little "T" is worth 4 grand, then get the Matrix.

25th Aug 2006, 13:46

Yes I agree that GM has better customer service, but I think the Toyota Matrix looks a lot better. The little details and lines make up a lot of difference on the appearance.

19th Jan 2007, 12:18

You don't think a Dodge Caliber can last 100k miles?

I'm sure you're wrong on that one, so get out those socks!

Just look at the logic of your own statement!

'in fact, japanese cars are the only ones that retain some reliability nowadays'

I have read several comments saying the only good cars are Japanese, yet don't offer any proof to this, besides that a few liberal yuppies at some car magazine say Toyota's are the best! Why would a car be better just because it's Japanese? That's a lame, illogical statement, especially since you don't offer any proof to go with your claims.

19th Jan 2007, 12:21

I have had an Aveo for two years now and have no problems other than a squeaky rear seat and part of the trim has "folded" - both of which I'm going to have the dealer fix.

Now I'm not saying it's more reliable than a Matrix, but the Aveo did cost me $6995 NEW whereas a Matrix would be twice that or more.

19th Jan 2007, 13:04

Oh, please. Don't you know anything about history. Dr. Deming was rejected by the American auto manufacturers, so he went to Japan to help rebuild. The Japanese UNDERSTOOD the concepts he presented - quality, just in time, etc. And they built better cars and Detroit is where it is today.

Japan is not perfect, but if you have a quality domestic product it is because you are LUCKY, not because they are great by any means.

19th Feb 2007, 18:25

I just bought a left-over 06 Matrix Xrs. I searched the Internet for a number of hours to find an Xrs, and found one at a local dealership. I was very fortunate, these Xrs versions are in great demand. I've got over 2,000 miles on my car now, this car is flawless, and it really runs strong. This is my second Matrix, but my previous Matrix was a base model, a nice reliable car. When I drove a buddies Xrs, I was hooked. Knowing the reliability factor, and feeling the Dr Jekyl/Mr Hyde personality when the high performance cams kick in, I just had to have one for myself. There are only a few cars in its price range that are performance competitive with these Xrs Matrix/Corolla hot rods... the Honda Civic Si, the turbo-charged Neon, and the Mustang Gt. Yet all these cars are at least $4000 more, and the Honda is the only car, other than the Toyota, that is known for its consumer reliability. My suggestion is, if you can find one of these rare gems, (06 is the last year for the Xrs), buy it, you won't regret it. One more thing,...top speed according to Toyota is 134mph.

5th Mar 2007, 19:57

By the way... 2002 (2003 model year) was the only year offered with a 4 spd auto with over drive for the 180 HP matrix XRS... the Vibe GT was never offered with the auto.

6th Mar 2007, 05:40

To the original poster.

No car company will replace a clutch under warranty. Perhaps you were dumping the clutch a wee bit too much.