1987 Toyota MR2 16v from Netherlands


Absolutely worth every penny you have got


Stock boxes blew up (both)

Oil Leaking (Causing to much RP M's)

General Comments:

I am a single young man, that enjoys driving real fast, using the same car everyday. If you fit the same catogory, then this car is what you should buy. I didn't like the exterior design at first (i founded it to be very blocky) but I got used to it. I blew up the stock front panel boxes (i think their 10 watts or so) and I'm looking for new boxes that have a higher capacity right now.

This car is super fast! I take corners that have a warning for 80 km/h with a whopping speed of 140 km/h with ease. That was when I first had the car.

People that don't need speed, have no reason to buy this car. With this Japanese muscle car I have beaten BMW's / Mercedes / Honda cars and even a Volkswagen Corr-ado. I must add that I have the the car tuned with more horsepowers.

The only things I don't like about the car are the stock boxes, the insufficient space in the trunk / front and worst of all; the compartment between the seats. This is very awkwardly placed, cause when I needed to reach my sunglasses (that we're in that compartment) I almost made an accident.

The problem with the stock boxes is somehow overshadowed, because I bought the car from someone who had made some major adjustments to the car; it has a electronic alarm which shuts the doors automatically, 6 boxes, tuning and electric / adjustable mirrors and the radio antenna comes out automatically. I spray painted it in its original fire red color again and I had the rims sprayed in gold color.

I am very proud of my car. This is my fourth in four years (!) and I'm never going to lose it, until I have a family. This car blows my last car away in every way, except for comfort. The MR2 seems to make a lot of noise when driving at high speed (i took it up to 160 km/h next to a beach road)

I find the Toyota dealer service to be vary lackey in the Netherlands. I had my engine repaired (because of the RP M's) got my receipt. Two weeks later the engine did it again, and they didn't wanted to repair it for free. I complained a lot at the dealer, and eventually they repaired it for free :)

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Review Date: 4th August, 2004

1987 Toyota MR2 NA 1.6 DOHC from North America


Superior Bang for the Buck!


The 02 Sensor went out. Easy to replace - took about 20 minutes.

The suspension was pretty worn out so I replaced it with bushings, struts, tie rods and springs. It rides beautifully.

Stock clutch finally went at around 115,000 miles - replaced it with a Stage 2 clutch capable of 300 RWHP.

General Comments:

Having owned a 91 CRX Si in the past, which was truly a fun car to drive, and quick, I must say that the Toyota MR2 beats it in every way.

Not only is the car slightly faster, but it handles likes it on rails. Thanks to the fact that it's RWD, it easily out handles 99% of the FWD cars on the market. I used to Auto-X my CRX, and I can honestly say that consistently turn out better lap times in my MR2.

This car is absolutely amazing to drive - it really puts the fun back into the road. It's got an almost neutral weight distribution, redlines at about 8,000 RPMs and runs a 16.0 on the 1/4 mile. I think the stock 1/4 mile times are slower, but I made my own intake and got exhaust. However, the main attraction to this car is it's sheer handling capabilities. You have to drive like an idiot to have this car get away from you. It is perhaps one of the funnest cars to drive. If you have never driven one, you simply can't understand it.

To go along with the performance, the car is super reliable. I've heard of these things lasting on average 200,000 miles and some up to 400,000 miles! My MR2 has about 122,000 on it right now, and it runs like it's right off of the line.

As far as performance options go - there are loads available. Mainly in the suspension department. There are some engine modifications available, but mostly for the true sports enthusiast, such as cams, pistons and motor mounts. There isn't a lot of aftermarket "Honda" type support like I saw on my CRX - such as paying $300 for intake that offers 5 HP, or loads of ugly bodykits and wings. To really give the car a kick you can get it supercharged for around $1,000, or drop a 20 Valve DOHC In-line 4 called a "Blacktop" which boosts it to 170 HP.

My only complaint about the car is the lack of space - BUT THIS CAR ISN'T FOR ECONOMISTS. This car is for sports enthusiasts who enjoy driving as fast as they can. It can also get a bit noisy inside the cabin on the highway.

Other than that - this is really one of the best cars EVER made. And all for a price that anyone can afford.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2003

12th Apr 2009, 16:17

I had an MR2 from new in 1987. It was a fun little car, but I had quite a few problems with it. Nothing really major, but things like the engine light came on at about 25000 miles and stayed on. Took it to my dealer and after a 1000.00 dollar bill, they were still unable to determine the cause.

I drove the car for the next 5 years with the engine light on. It must have been a faulty sensor because the motor seemed fine. It made it difficult to sell when the time came.

The trunk never worked from new, had it repaired 3 or 4 times, but it would always break down again within a few weeks, I finally gave up on it.

Lots of other similar issues kind of turned me off of Toyota, and I have not owned one since.