1990 Toyota MR2 N/A 2.0 Litre from UK and Ireland


Ferrari looks, and a fast car for 2,000 Euro!


Engine started to overheat right after purchase. Then suddenly drops right down to zero. Don't understand the problem. I've heard that a proper coolant change might help, as airlocks can occur if system has not been bled properly. I wonder if it is the thermostat or maybe the car needs a new radiator. Maybe someone might have had a similar problem... Any feedback would be appreciated, thank you.

General Comments:

I've always wanted a Toyota Mr2, Mk2 since I was a kid and I finally got one. It's a 1990, metallic blue U.K. model. It's a great looking car, and boy does it shift!

It's got 17 inch alloys, which makes for dramatically improved grip. People thought I was crazy trading my Fiat 03 in for a car that was 13 years older.. but now when they see it, they are asking me where can they get one!

I am definitely not disappointed, and the driving experience is fantastic!

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Review Date: 1st March, 2010

1990 Toyota MR2 Targa 2.0 na from Australia and New Zealand


Should have bought one years ago!


Rear lights & front indicators getting cloudy; have already replaced front units with clear items & looking for good set of rear replacements.

Other than that, nothing. I looked for a great MR2 & got one :)

General Comments:

My MR2 was bought from an enthusiast who had taken very good care of it. Rays wheels from Japan, body kit, rear strut brace, great stereo (quality, no need for crappy sun woofers!), tinted windows, alarm, induction mods etc.

This car is just amazing. Whenever I approach it, the louvres on the engine cover hint at the fun within. The seats are superbly comfortable, the gear shift a simple flick action, instruments & controls well laid out. It just feels a special place to be. Everything works, both ergonomically & functionally. Every time I'm in it, I cannot believe it's almost 20 years old. It feels more like a well cared for 2000 model.

Mine does not have power steer, but effort is fine. I prefer it without as the steering is very alive in your hands. This is not a car to just waft along in, although it is far from tiring to drive. It requires a certain delicacy of input; sudden movements of the wheel can get the tail wagging... This is a proper car for someone who likes to drive well & for the car to respond to them.

The ride is incredibly supple for this kind of car. Performance is pretty good, but the real performance is in the handling & the MR2's ability to beat other cars point to point.

Is it practical? Yes. It'll take the drive in peak hour if you must (but why would you!), as well as being a fun car for the weekend. You can do some shopping in it, but best if you have another car. I have a Suzuki Baleno for that purpose; why would I want to leave the MR2 in a shopping centre car park?!

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Review Date: 24th April, 2009

27th Jul 2009, 10:54

Well, have replaced a few more bits & pieces in the name of 'upgrading'. Just took it to my mechanic & was waiting for at least a few things to be wrong with it. But a mere $200 later for a major service left me gobsmacked!!! This is a mid engined, 19 year old sports car! The car has been extremely well looked after, I admit. But so was an Alfa Romeo Sprint & Rover SD1 I had a few years ago & they kept trying to make me bankrupt. This car is testimony to Toyota engineering; they just got it right with this car. I heartily recommend you buy one while there's still great ones out there. As you know, as the price drops, the car will fall into the hands of people that won't look after them...