1992 Toyota MR2 GT Turbo - REV2 2.0 Twin Entry turbo from UK and Ireland


Super Car performance and luxury for pocket change


Suspension bushes have perished, but they are 14 years old.

Clutch slave cylinder is on its was out, £30 but a nightmare to replace.

Clutch thrust bearing is on its way out.

Leak somewhere in the boot.

Door seals are malformed and cause huge amounts of wind noise.

Driver side sub woofer is blown.

CD player will not work.

Windows rattle when closing the doors.

General Comments:

If you can afford to only have two seats, want something that feels like its worth a fortune and only pay a tiny amount for it (£4000) then import an MR2 turbo from Japan.

The acceleration is brutal, 0-60 between 5 and 6 seconds and it makes such a nice noise.

Get a GT and not the GTS as the interior is better, half leather seats, T-Bar. It's a little heavier, but you would not notice the difference.

Some people say this car likes to spin, but I have NEVER accidentally had the back end even slip on me. So don't believe the boy racer rumours.

Also don't think you cannot commute in this as I have done it for a year and my back has never been better as the seats are so comfortable with a A1 perfect driving position.

Air-con is an old CFC gas system which is a pain to refill.

Car stereo system is pretty poor.

One thing I would say is to stay away from high mileage modified vehicles. I got a goo low mileage Rev-2 (225bhp) example with only an exhaust and induction kit and am very happy.

Insurance was not too bad for a 27 year old and his fiancee.

I would recommend this car to anybody.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2006

1992 Toyota MR2 GTS Turbo 2.0 Twin-Entry turbo from UK and Ireland


Great Engine, Great Looks, Good ride, Good price TOYOTA


Somebody punched my mirror and broke it.

Nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

The Mr2 Gts Turbo is a Great Car.

Its proper Quick, but be advised you will have to either Rev up to 3000+ on First And let Go, Or Allow Revs to go up to 5500 and higher to truly enjoy the engines power.

Handling is good and responsive, but I wouldn't say that the wheels are telling you exactly whats happening it still feels a bit hmm.. Softened

The cabin is very Cool Spacious Low And tight As a performance car should be..but It Lacks some soul like most japanese cars.

Mine has many useful options like Traction Control which is essential because this car would go into slides provoked or unprovoked and ten times more in the wet.

Being Mid-Engined be advised that simple services like changing plugs or oil filter might take double the time depends on the mechanic.

A LOT! of rattle and noise going over 80Miles quite disturbing that and I don't know if it applies to all mr2`s, but mine (With Recaro Seats) is hardly comfortable for long rides, but hey it's a sports.

The car is Proper Fast though if you are after speed this could be what your after under 6s 0-60 and a very good top end as well T-Top roof leaks just a bit under very heavy rain.

Hardly any space to put anything in the cabin unless you are a very flexible guy (Buy one and youll see why)

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Review Date: 6th March, 2006

1992 Toyota MR2 GT Turbo 2.0 turbo from UK and Ireland


Cheap to buy rocket with looks to match


Needed the water pump replacing because it was leaking. Turned out to be a fairly major problem because the Crankshaft pulley didn't want to come off!

Timing belt replaced at the same time.

Rear caliper seized.

General Comments:

I bought my MR2 Turbo a couple of months ago. The previous owner had looked after the car well, but didn't drive it much so there were a few things to replace and service when I first got it.

Large bill for the work done (£1000) because of the crankshaft pulley.

Now it's done the car runs sweet.

Starts first time, every time, and purrs like a pussycat until you unleash the power.

My car has a HKS induction kit, 5" Zigen exhaust, Forge dumpvalve and is running uprated boost.

When you plant the throttle there is a sound like ripping cloth and you are propelled at fantastic speeds towards the horizon.

It's a very, very quick car with the boost turned up.

Uprated suspension gives my car a very bumpy and hard ride; I actually hit my head on the roof going over a bump so don't expect to be going over speedbumps in one of these at any more than walking speed.

Make sure you have good tyres on the car or she will try and kill you in the wet when cornering.

MR2s are famous for spinning like the old 911s, because they are mid-engined once you lose the back end the chances are you are going to crash!

All in all a very fast, great looking drivers car on the cheap.

Apart from fuel costs, I can burn through a tank of fuel (£40) within 150 miles! And as these cars are imports they have to be run on high octane fuel like Optimax or Super.

Still what do you expect from a car that can slay Scoobies and Porsche Boxsters that costs a couple of grand!

Finally pop-up lights are still cool!

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2005