1992 Toyota MR2 GT T-Bar Turbo 2.0 16v Twin Can Twin Entry turbo from UK and Ireland


Superb Value for Speed. Do not do long trips though


Roof seals leaked, Speed converter did not like the Traction Control, am now having to run in KMH.

General Comments:

The car is gorgeous..

Its sleek with bodywork like new and it gives Impreza's a run for their money. £4300 for a 20000 mile import with Bimta Certs etc..

Compared to a supposed "GTI" 8v Golf you will know what GT really means.

Insurance costs are crazy for such a high performance car.

Golf 8v GTI £600/year

MR2 Turbo £673/year

Same excess, same legal cover, 9 years protected no claims. (Adrian Flux)

The only down side is comfort.

Having gone from a Colour Concept Golf with heated leather seats, this car feels cramped, almost like your laying down which does feel odd. Indicator stalks being on the right as in all Toyota's is a pain, but I suppose I will get used to it. The dash is very "plastic" and finding a replacement for the stock double din stereo is proving to be hard and expensive.

I am not going to comment on reliability as I have only had the car a short while.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2005

20th Dec 2006, 07:11

I have now owned this car for 2 years.. and boy is it reliable.. Had the cam belt changed shortly after I bought it along with the aircon belt and alt belt as they were squealing.

The only thing to go wrong in 2 years is the front side light has a loose connection.

Tyre wear is amazing.. I have only just changed the rear tyres after doing 20000 more miles. So don't believe all you hear.

Still have not changed the stereo, but fitted an expander and an MP3 input onto the back.

Car has never missed a beat and was Dyno plotted at 211bhp. not so bad for a 15 year old car, I think it just needs a little tuning to get it back to the full 221bhp as standard.

As for the comfort. I love it.. I was wrong in saying it is cramped, it's an amazingly nice car to drive on long journeys, the center console is great to rest your arm on, all the controls can be adjusted to suit.

All in all I love it.. the only other cars that could tempt me away are an RX7 Type R, Supra 3,0TT, Soarer 2.5tt.. but that's only because they have back seats.

If you get the chance to own a good one.. buy it.. you won't regret it.

1992 Toyota MR2 gts (j) Turbo 3s-gte 2.0 DOHC from North America


Definitely a go fast car!


At 5000 miles, sleeves blew causing really bad compression in number two and four cylinders.

General Comments:

This car was purchased because a friend had one and was talking a lot about it. Mine happens to be heavily modified with a.020" overbore and titanium sleeves with port and polished head and TRD metal head gasket. I run a ct20b turbo at 18 psi and punch over 300 to the wheels. She flies with power to spare. The specifications from the factory are unbelievable, but with an upgraded turbo, intake, exhaust, throttle body, and boost controller, this thing flies. I have yet to be beaten on a real track with turns because the suspension is to die for. This is a pretty fast car at a whopping 11.9 sec @ 118 mph in the quarter mile. Haven't been able to top out yet, but the speedometer has tacked out. Very nice car for the money and very easy to modify if you have the time and patients to maintain the vehicle. If I could find another, I would buy it in a heart beat.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2005

4th Jan 2005, 06:57

This car only has 4500 miles on it?

Would the 4/10 reliability rating have anything to do with that?